April 17, 2017

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Homemade Guacamole in bowl

Homemade GuacamoleI was inspired to learn to make my own homemade guacamole when all the places charge extra usually .75 cents to $1 for a little bit of guacamole! Why not make your own?


Chicken Ala King in bowl

Chicken Ala KingA healthy chicken recipe with vegetables and milk in it. This is the right menu for the whole family especially with your kids. I always try to cook what's best for my little ones. You should try this at home and share with your friends.



Eastern Bee Balm (Monarda Bradburiana) - plant with several light purple blooms

Eastern Bee Balm (Monarda Bradburiana)This variety of Monarda has the common name, 'Eastern Bee Balm'. Its typical range covers the central and southeastern U.S. The blooms are said to be fragrant. Mine are not. However, the leaves when crushed do have a rather strong medicinal scent. Not unpleasant, though.


Mr. Mourning Dove Checks His Surroundings

Mr. Mourning Dove Checks His SurroundingsI put out lots of seed for Mr. and Mrs. Mourning Dove. They're raising a family and need the nourishment.


Silkie Bantam - 7 Weeks - closeup of bantam chick

Silkie Bantam - 7 WeeksWe had a beautiful sunny day this weekend and decided to let our new chicks out for the first time, to enjoy the grass and sunshine.


White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from Clothing - before and after photo

White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from ClothingHave you ever run a t-shirt through the wash without removing a sticker that was stuck to it? It can be a real pain to remove the adhesive that is left behind, especially if it also goes through the dryer. Here is an easy way to remove that unsightly mess from your clothing!


Bobby Pin Thumb Piano - finished piano

Bobby Pin Thumb PianoMy daughter needed to make a musical instrument for her 7th grade science class that had at least 4 notes. I remembered that she had made a neat little thumb piano years ago at a craft fair. She made a new one and it is perfect!


Homemade Strawberry Collars - collar around base of plant

Homemade Strawberry CollarsStrawberries love lots of water. At the wrong place and at the wrong time, it can cause a proliferation of the Mycosphaerella fragariae fungus which can ruin a crop and do serious damage to the plant. The plants usually recover, but the harvest can be lost.


Mod Podge to Preserve Play Doh Creations - ribbon through circle of Play Doh with a bee sticker

Mod Podge to Preserve Play Doh CreationsI like so save some of the Play Doh creations we make. When the finished product is relatively small and not too thick, it saves great when covered with two coatings of extra glossy Modge Podge. It takes about three days for the Play Doh to dry and three days per coating of Modge Podge extra glossy.


Black Sex Link - 6 Weeks - closeup of head and eye

Black Sex Link - 6 WeeksThis is our Black Sex Link on her first adventure outside this past weekend! They are starting to get pretty stir crazy in their brooder box, but the weather isn't nice enough for them to move quite yet.


Easter Egger - 7 Weeks - closeup of chick's head

Easter Egger - 7 WeeksOur new girls had a wonderful first adventure outside this weekend! We have at least a few more weeks before they can be out for any length of time, since the weather is still usually quite chilly and rainy.


A starfish next to a shell on the beach.

Beauty of the Sea (Starfish and Shells)I saw this cute starfish as it crawled by where my friends and I stayed for a picnic today. It made me want to take a picture of it along with the shells scattered around. The simple colors of these sea creatures are the true beauty of the sea.



What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?What is the breed of my dog?


What Is This Houseplant? - potted plant

What Is This Houseplant?Last week, I was given temporary custody of this guy while a co-worker is on vacation. This plant has bloomed several times over the past couple of months (little white flowers) and now all the leaves are falling off! Even the little babies seem to be dying now. A gentle touch makes them pop right off.


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Removing Tree Sap from a Tent?How do I get sap off my tent? What do I need?


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Buying Trader Joe's Many Cloves Garlic Sauce?I want to buy Trader Joe's Many Cloves garlic simmering sauce. It comes in a 18 oz. jar. Where can I purchase this product?


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House Training a Pit Bull Puppy?My Pit Bull terrier is 1 month old and he likes to pee everywhere. I go to school and I only see him in the afternoon and at night and on the majority of weekends because I'm at home. My uncles and I wanna train him to be an inside dog and be potty trained, but he pees and poops everywhere.


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Kenmore Top Load Washer Won't Drain or Spin?I have a Kenmore top load washing machine. The wife was washing a load of clothes and it stopped on the spin cycle because the spin light was on and did not drain any of the water. What could be the problem?


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Front Load Washer Will Not Drain and Spin Properly?My Maytag Neptune front load washer model # MAH8700AWW started by not draining well, getting a Suds error code and then a ND error code for not draining and spinning with any amount of clothes in it. We checked the drain. It only drains and spins out the water when there are no clothes.


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Wiring Carrying Low Voltage with Breaker Off?What could cause the wiring in my house to maintain a low voltage current when the main breaker is turned OFF? We have unplugged all of the surge protectors, cable boosters, computers, microwave, etc. that may have a capacitor allowing for potential bleed-back.


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Dealing with a Physical and Verbally Abusive Spouse?I have a well paid husband and a 2 year son. I'm 26 years old and unemployed. He often abuses me verbally in little arguments and always says go back to your home (divorce). Today he hit my son accidentally and also hit me very hard so that I almost fell, just because I didn't come when he called.


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Feeding Pet Roly Polies?I have a hole group of rolly pollies and I want to know what they eat. If you can answer that it would be very nice.


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Mallard Duck Left Nest?A duck built a nest in the bush by my front door. I had someone come over and aerate my lawn. The machine was loud, and scared the duck away. I just found out 10 minutes prior that the duck was in the bush. My intention was not to have her scared from her eggs, will she return?


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Replacement Glider Chair Arms?I recently won a Stork Craft glider with ottoman at an auction. When I opened the box, the arms were missing and the upholstery covering the seat is trashed. I plan on calling Stork Craft in the morning to price replacement arms, but does anyone else know where to possibly find them?


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Identifying and Removing a Bad Odor?How do I eliminate a bad odor that came out of nowhere? A few days ago we came home and my house smelled like death and melons. We thought it was the trash. This morning the odor has worsened.


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Finding Free Furniture?I need help finding free furniture. I need everything. I am a single mom with a teenage son. We have nothing. I also need help finding low income homes in a decent neighborhood.


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Re-dyeing My Hair?I've dyed my hair and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I've read online that it's not safe to redye your hair because it may damage it. But since redying it isn't healthy can I do a semi-permanent hair coloring 2 days after I've dyed it?


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6 Week Old Puppies Not Eating or Drinking?My dog had a litter of pups 6 weeks ago Saturday and now a few of them are not eating or drinking water. We dewormed them and one pooped worms and is doing fine, but now the other 2 males are getting sick. Any advice before I call a vet?


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Using Homemade Weed Killer?I have read about using a mixture of vinegar, salt, and Dawn dish soap to kill weeds. Is this mixture safe to use around trees or raspberry canes?


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Rummy Rules?When discarding to the discard pile, the card creates a meld. Can someone call rummy and pick out the cards that make up the meld or do the players wait till their turn and have to pick up the entire discard pile up to the card that makes a meld?


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Name Ideas for a Pediatric Dental Setup?Can you help me with the name for my pediatric dental setup?


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House Trained Dog Started Peeing Inside?I have a male Border Collie age 4. For the past few weeks he has started weeing outside my daughter's bedroom door then runs downstairs. Yet other times he always goes out the back door when he needs to. Any ideas why it's always the same place and he won't just go out?


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Puppy Pooping Inside?My puppy is 8 weeks old. I feed him and give him some time, then take him out to potty. Outside I walk with him and let him run around. He pees OK, but it can be 20 minutes waiting for him to poop. If nothing happens I bring him inside and then he poops! What do I do to change that?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is my dog? It is supposed to be a Chihuahua.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I'm 35; my mom died at the age of 60. Can I get survivor's benefits from SSI?


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Living Room Paint Color Advice?My living furniture is black. I have burgundy curtains and oak floors. What wall paint color would best fit?


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Value of Ashley Belle Doll?How much is the Ashley Belle doll Patricia worth?


Disposal Not Working and Drain Clogged - disposal tag photo

Disposal Not Working and Drain Clogged?My disposal has not worked for months. It stopped moving or even making noise. The reset button doesn't work and a hex wrench doesn't seem to fit on this model (I've used it on previous models). Also, the water will not drain. Sometimes I can get it to go down to a certain point, but not all the way.


Identifying a Plush Toy - bear wearing green and gold football uniform

Identifying a Plush Toy?Any information on where this plush toy is from would be very helpful.


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