July 18, 2018

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Button wall hanging.

Making a Button and Fabric Wall HangingThis delightful wall hanging carries a thoughtful message and uses fabric covered wooden discs and buttons to support the sentiment. This is a page about making a button and fabric wall hanging.


carved white stone pendant, similar to a cameo

Repairing Lava Rock Jewelry?Repairing cracks in stone jewelry can be difficult. The solution will depend on the type of stone, porosity, and color. Here are a couple of ideas for repairing lava rock jewelry.


A card holder in black and white beads.

Personalized Beaded Badge HolderThis is a fun project to make for yourself or other professionals who routinely wear a badge at work. You can include their name, position, and interests to make it really personal and special. This is a page about making a personalized beaded badge holder.


Rainbow twine wrapped bottle.

Wrap Around Rainbow Twine Bottle CraftUsing a recycled bottle you can create this attractive bit of decor, using colored twine, decoupage glue, and then adding a clear acrylic finish. This page contains a wrap around rainbow twine bottle craft.



Top of baby's scalp

Waxelene for Cradle CapWaxelene is a petroleum-free vaseline alternative. I used it with both of my kids for diaper rash and other skin problems. Recently, I used it on my daughter to help with her cradle cap and the cradle cap completely cleared up!


A cardboard package to store tortillas in the freezer.

Freezing Tortillas Without BreakageWhen I buy tortillas, I may not always use them right away, so I freeze them to keep them fresh and in one piece as the day I bought them.


Watercolor Roses Birthday Card - finished card with pink glitter foam frame

Watercolor Roses Birthday CardBring out the artist in you when you make this beautiful watercolor birthday card!


Adding hot water to the coffee grounds in the French press.

How to Brew the Best French Press CoffeeI managed a famous coffee shop for a long time, so you can trust me with these tips! I adore my French Press because I don't need to buy any coffee filters, and I get the whole full-bodied taste of the coffee beans without removing their essential oils.


Piggy Bank with Money Separator - finished piggy bank

Piggy Bank with Money SeparatorTeach kids to be thrifty and save their extra coins or paper bills by making their own piggy bank. To expand their interest in this matter, add some creativity to it so that they will be more excited to save.


A white strip of Velcro over a lint covered pair of pants.

Remove White Lint with VelcroI accidentally threw my husband's dark pants and other dark clothing into the front load washer that I didn't realize, or see that I already had white towel rags in there already. I wasn't even looking, I just took a "hug full" of his dark clothing, threw them in the washer, and started it up.


Matching Game Made with Water Bottle Caps

Matching Game Made with Water Bottle CapsWith a magazine and bottle caps, you can make a matching game - fun for children to play. If your child is older you can use more bottle caps and so forth. This would be a nice little game to bring on the airplane too.


Under the Sea Kids Craft - finished artwork

Under the Sea Kids CraftHere is a fun summer craft for the kids! Use a paper plate, an old toothbrush, and watercolor paint, and make a nice artwork of a fish swimming somewhere in the ocean.


Two slices of bread with butter.

Reviving Stale BreadBread without preservatives gets stale very quickly. Sprinkle the bread with a few drops of water and microwave for 10-15 seconds. It will taste very fresh.



Growing Cactus from Pups - grafted cactus

Growing Cactus from Pups?I bought a few cactus online recently. I was told that I wouldn't be able to grow any more from the babies (pups) as they are single stem cactus. I was told by the suppliers themselves.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Can I Re-dye My Hair?About a month ago I bleached my hair twice and dyed it green using Splat. The color is now a brownish green. Would it be safe for me to dye it red now?


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Roof Installation for Senior Citizens?My husband and I are seniors. Our son paid for roofing material, but can't afford to pay for labor to have it installed. Is there any kind of free help out there? I can furnish food and water or tea.


Name for Handmade Jewelry and Mehandi Business - beautiful drop earrings

Name for Handmade Jewelry and Mehandi Business?I am trying to find a good name for my home business. I make handmade jewellery using silk thread, pearls, kundans, chains, crystals, and beads.


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Name Ideas for a Homemade Food Business?We are two middle age women starting a home based business selling casseroles, egg and bacon pies, shepherd's pies, etc. We will also deliver and be buying fresh from the farmers' markets.


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15 Week Old Weaned Kittens in Heat Nurse on Momma Cat?I have 4 female cats that never been pregnant. They are not spayed and when they go into heat they want to nurse on our mother cat. They are 15 weeks old weaned kittens. Is this normal?


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Frigidaire Not Making Ice or Dispensing Water?I have a Fridgaire ffhs2611lbra. There is no water to the ice maker, I replaced the water filter. I do not have water coming out to fill a glass.


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Husqvarna Doesn't Always Start?MY pz5426 Husqvarna has problems starting. When I turn the key 10 times it starts right up. The problem is it will not start all the time 1 out of 10 times I turn the key and nothing. I have replaced the starter, solenoid, and ignition.


Avocado Tree Losing Its Leaves Early - brown leaves on tree

Avocado Tree Losing Its Leaves Early?My 15 year old avocado tree is losing its leaves too early. It is July in Southern California. It has lots of avocados on it, that are about half way there and the leaves are dropping like it is post season. They are brown and yellow and hundreds are falling.


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14 Year Old Relationship Advice?So I have a boyfriend at 14 and originally my parents didn't know and now they do. We've been together for 2 months now. Sadly we will be going to different high schools and they are rival schools and there are ways we can still hang out and stuff. I really really like him and he feels the same.


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Identifying Very Small Black Biting Bugs?I have tiny black bugs on the wall underneath the window they crawl on the bed. They don't have blood when squashed, it's almost impossible to squash them though cause they are so small. They are soft, very hard to see, but they bite. They don't seem to leave marks though.


Value of a 1934 Webster's Dictionary - spine

Value of a 1934 Webster's Dictionary?What is the value of a 1934 Webster's New International dictionary of the english language second edition unabridged hard cover. G. & C. Merriam Company. Printed in Springfield, Mass. USA?


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