January 2, 2019

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A sign that says "Plan a great theme party plus save big $$$$"

Host A Great Theme Surprise PartyNo matter what the age group, everyone loves to come to a great theme party. However, they can cost a fortune to host. Check out this frugal but memorable theme and trust me your guests will have a blast and it will be the talk if the town for years to come.


A pair of yellow kitchen gloves, doubled up.

Double Your Kitchen GlovesI buy my kitchen gloves at the Dollar Tree. They never have a size small and they don't last as long as the other brands.


Plastic tubing cut into small sections to be used as a nasal breathing insert.

DIY Nasal Breathing InsertThose adhesive strips (to help better breathing) didn't work for me. I made my own devices instead. This is heavy rubber tubing from the hardware store; I use 5/8 inch diameter. Cut, with scissors, into approx 1/4 inch circles; you can get quite a few from 6 inches of tube.


Rubbing salt and pepper shakers end to end to facilitate pouring.

Salt and Pepper Shakers Working TogetherI saw this tip on the internet and would have never guessed it. The bottoms of the salt and pepper shakers have a rough edge which can be used to get the salt and pepper out with little effort. For pepper, just gently rub the bottom of the salt shaker against the bottom of the pepper shaker and watch what happens.


Cricket (Chihuahua) - wearing a pink neck cuff with pom pom ears

Cricket (Chihuahua)I kept her from a litter that my other dogs had. She was the little runt baby. She loves to be around my neck in her fleece bag that I made for her.


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Vanilla Chips to Flavor CoffeeYou crave a flavored coffee, but have none? Drop a teaspoon of white vanilla flavored chips into HOT black coffee and stir until melted. Wow, beautiful color and great taste. Who knew?


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Lint Roller PickupUse a lint roller on your carpeted steps in between your regular vacuuming.


A business card holder being used as a iPhone stand.

Business Card Holder as a Phone StandPhone stands average $10 or more. Here's a phone stand hack that I recently discovered and love because I only paid less than a quarter. Use a business card holder like below as a phone stand or smaller tablets.


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Tighter BowsAfter making all the loops you need for your bow twist the bow instead of the wire holding your bow together. This makes a much tighter and fuller bow.



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Good Slogan for a Home Care BusinessI plan on starting my home care business soon. I believe I'm gonna go with Complete Compassion Home Care. Do you guys think it's a yay or nay? Also I'm looking for a good catchy slogan that would go nicely with that name. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Shelf Life of Bubble BathWhat is the shelf life for the bottles of bubbles? How long do the bubbles usually last in the tub and is there a specific amount I need to use?


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Dye Transferred from Jeans to Red DressMy red dress got black dye on it off of jeans. What can I do to remove it? I really like my dress and it was new.


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Home Repairs Help for Low Income HomeownersI'm a grandmother and took custody of three of my grandchildren. I'm needing some assistance with central air conditioning and a few other repairs. I was wondering if there are any organizations that would be able to assist in something like this. I live in Kansas, in the Johnson Co. area.


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Ideas for a 14 Year Old Girl's Birthday PartyMy birthday is in January and I wanted some ideas for a party. Last year I did roller skating which was lots of fun. My mom told me we couldn't go to the mall and I didn't really want to go ice skating. Any fresh and fun ideas that don't cost a lot would be perfect.


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Making a Christmas Ornament Display StandI could swear I've seen a handmade ornament display. My little 40 inch tree is full of rust. I have had it since I was 13 yrs old; I'm 55 now. I hate to let it go, but it keeps going crooked. Anyway I'm thinking I could make a display stand and put those specific ornaments on it.


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14th Birthday Party IdeasI need your help. My birthday in in February, basically a month away! And I don't have a party planned. I can't do anything at my house and I've already had parties and roller skating, ice skating, and bowling. I like the hotel idea, but I'm not sure my mom will and I'm inviting a lot of people.


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Having Dental Work Done Without InsuranceI have some pretty serious teeth, mouth, and gum issues with no dental insurance. It's affecting my life in numerous ways. Any advice is more than welcome and will be taken in and processed.


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Cat's Abscessed Tooth BurstMy 20 year old cat had an abscessed tooth. The vet wouldn't operate. I had them give her a shot of Convenia and pain meds. The tooth has now burst. What can be done? She isn't eating.


Identifying a Brown Bug on the Bed - small brown bug

Identifying a Brown Bug on the BedI've found a few in my bed room and didn't think it was a big deal until I saw one next to me on my bed. Anybody know?


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?What can I make with cream cheese, instant pudding, Lorna Doones, and pineapple bits?


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West Bend 4065 Bread Maker Locking Up and Not KneadingMy bread maker, a West Bend 4065, is locking up and not kneading. The motor is trying, but the paddle won't turn. This has happened before. The belt is not broken. Do the gears need oil/grease? I have had this unit many years, but it only gets used 1-4 times a year. I would like to use it more.


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Micro Sized Black Jumping BugsI live in an apartment on the ground level. Water had started to seep through in the corner of a particular wall when it rains by the front door. Tonight I looked over there and noticed these tiny micro black dots. I leaned in for a closer look, and only some were slowly crawling. I tried to wipe them up and they started jumping.


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Substituting Pancake Mix for Bisquik When Making DumplingsHow do I use Hungry Jack buttermilk pancake mix instead of Bisquik for drop dumplings? It's too sweet!


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Best Paint for Melamine BoardsWhat kind of paint is best applied over joined white Melamine boards used as a countertop? Should I use epoxy, appliance epoxy, enamel or acrylic paint or paint used for a dry erase board?


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Identifying an Antique Doll MakerDoes anybody know an antique doll maker with the mark of P.P.?


White Portion of a Two Color Cotton Hat Turning Yellow - purple and white hat

White Portion of a Two Color Cotton Hat Turning YellowI have a half purple half white starter hat, the white half has started turning yellow. I would like to know what I could use on the white side to bring it back to white that won't affect the purple colour if it ran into it?


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Electrical Outlet and Hall Light Not WorkingI have one outlet in a room that is not working. My daughter used a blow dryer and it stopped working. Also now the light in the hall is out. I checked GFCIs and none were tripped, but I reset them anyways. I checked the electrical box and none of the breakers were tripped.


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Caring for a Dog with ParvoI have a 11 month old Husky and he has parvo. I took him to the vet last night and he was given meds. I bought the 1 in 9 shot this morning. Is it safe to give him the shot with him having parvo?


Identifying a Bump on a Dog

Identifying a Bump on a DogMy German Shepherd is about 1 1/2 years old. She has this bright pink lump that has a small scab on it. Ii doesn't bother her at all when I touch it, but I'm kinda worried about it cause to me it doesn't look like a spider bite. I'm not sure. I couldn't get a good picture since her fur kept getting in the way.


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Buying a Treadle Sewing Machinel've been looking at buying a treadle sewing machine and have seen one, but I haven't heard of the brand before. Can anyone help me with any information about a U.S.A machine?


Value of a Henredon End Table - light wood colored two drawer end table

Value of a Henredon End TableI have an end table with the name "Henredon fine furniture" on the inside of one of the drawers. It also has the "plant 2" and the number 41-5303 stamped on the bottom. It is in pretty good shape with no scratches or nicks.


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