February 4, 2019

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No Sew No Glue Ribbon Wreath - finished wreath hanging on a door by the ribbon bow loop hanger

No Sew No Glue Ribbon WreathThis very simple wreath can be done in a matter of minutes. You only need a foam wreath, ribbon, and 1 straight pin. Because it is not glued, your wreath can be changed out for different looks and the ribbon can be saved for other projects, keeping this project very thrifty.


Repairing a Broken Dish Drainer - repaired silverware holder

Repairing a Broken Dish DrainerI bought a new dish drainer from Wal-mart and after washing the dishes, I noticed that part of the plastic hook on one of the silverware holders was broken. The hook has a lip on it which holds it on the wire drain rack. The hooks are fragile.


A bowl of Italian Wedding soup with meatballs, pasta, escarole and other veggies.

Week 5: Italian Wedding SoupThis week's recipe is perfect for a snowy afternoon. Italian Wedding soup can be made with a variety of ingredients but usually has a base of meatballs, pasta and escarole, a bitter leafy green. If you can't find escarole, try substituting with kale, spinach or another bitter green.


Simple Wine Cork Trivet - under a bowl

Simple Wine Cork TrivetThis is fun, quick, and with supervision, a great kids' craft.


Rocketship Valentine's Day Gifts - two finished rocket gifts

Rocketship Valentine's Day GiftsMy toddler and I made Valentine's Day rocket-ship gifts for his classmates. The school doesn't allow candies or sweets, so we thought this would be fun to make and give.


Blueberry Yogurt
Loaf Cake

Blueberry Yogurt Loaf CakeThis is a simple and healthy alternative to standard cakes because no butter is required. You can easily pair a slice of this loaf cake with coffee, tea, or milk. To sweeten this cake up, you can add a nice glaze on top, whip cream or glazed fresh berries.


Create Bouncy Curls with Cardboard Tubes - long curly hair

Create Bouncy Curls with Cardboard TubesI flew up to visit my parents recently and realized I'd left my curling iron at home. Before I got the chance to even contemplate buying a cheap curling iron at one of the local shops, my thrifty mum suggested I make use of a big bag of toilet paper tubes and wrapping paper centers she had put aside for crafting.


Tic Tac Toe Game - no winner

Tic Tac Toe GameAre you hosting game night? This is an easy and free tic tac toe game anyone can make!



Is My Puppy a Chiweenie? - light brown puppy

Is My Puppy a Chiweenie?The shelter said he's a Chihuahua mix. He looks like a Chiweenie to me.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Disabled Homeowners?An employee from Daniel Parks Roofing came to my house on January the 30th and gave an estimate for a new roof the cost will be 10,500. I don't work; I get disability because I'm on dialysis. Are there any grants or loans that I can apply to for help.


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Three Way Wall Light Switch Issues?What do I need to change on a three way switch so that both switches can be used to control the lights? Right now both switches have to be on for the lights to work.


Information on a Murphy Rocking Chair - armless rocking chair

Information on a Murphy Rocking Chair?I have a Murphy rocking chair #109 made in Detroit. I cannot find any information on this. I have been told this is my great great grandmother's.


Is My Dog an American Bully or a Pit Bull Terrier?

Is My Dog an American Bully or a Pit Bull Terrier?I really wanted to get my son a pup for Christmas. My neighbor has an American Bully that is short to the ground and stocky, with a nice size head.


Value of a Philco Tabletop Record Player and Radio

Value of a Philco Tabletop Record Player and Radio?I have a 1940s Philco 78 record player/am radio tabletop model. I am wondering what it is worth. I am not sure if it still works. I do know it needs a needle for the record player.


Value of Mersman End Tables

Value of Mersman End Tables?I have 2 Mersman end tables #118-42. What are they worth?


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Butterick Sewing Machine Only Runs In Reverse?I received my Butterick EB6100 sewing machine yesterday and set it all up. Then I tried a test run, it only runs in reverse. How do I reset it? Could it be the stitch settings?


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Unseen Biting Bugs?My husband and I live in his company's semi because we lost our home through no fault of our own. So, this being the only place we have to go I'm desperate. We, mostly me, have been getting bitten, day and night, for nearly 6 months now. We have never seen anything.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter turns 13 on March 6th, but we are doing the party on March 9th. And I have no ideas for a party. She is really girly and doesn't like sports. Any ideas?


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Throw Rug Stuck to Floor?I have a throw rug on my kitchen tile (not sure what kind) floor. It is stuck and I can only get the corners to pull up a little bit. It looks as though the tile will come up with the rug if I pull very hard. What do I use to get this rug off the tile without damaging the floor?


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John Deere L108 Won't Start?I've replaced the starter, the solenoid, changed the oil, spark plug, and filter. But it still just clicks when I turn the key over. Given the clicking has gotten a lot fast since I've changed the starter and solenoid, what do you think could still be the problem?


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Using Leftover Hair Dye?Last night I dyed my hair and I missed a spot. My hair is short so I still have a lot of dye left. Is it okay to use the next day (it's Feria in deepest violet)?


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A Baby Finch Died?I have finches that just had 2 babies and one of them died. I don't know how or why, but it is still in the nest with the other baby that is still alive. I don't know if I should leave it until the other one isn't dependent on the parents or if I should take them both out in case it was the dad.


Detaching the Foot Pedal from Its Cradle on a Vintage Singer Machine -  foot pedal

Detaching the Foot Pedal from Its Cradle on a Vintage Singer Machine?The foot pedal on my vintage Singer sewing machine is seated in a cradle under the cabinet, so that the knee pedal works the foot pedal. I need to free the foot pedal and power cord from the cabinet. But it seems to be stuck in the metal holder under the cabinet. Is there a trick to getting it out?


Repairing Cat Scratches on a Banana Leaf Chair - scratches on a woven chair

Repairing Cat Scratches on a Banana Leaf Chair?My cat put scratches on my banana leaf chairs and they are hard to get off. Any suggestions?


Value of Fairytale Collection Porcelain Dolls - dolls in boxes

Value of Fairytale Collection Porcelain Dolls?I will be selling these 8 dolls for my mother-in-law and have been trying to come up with a figure? The back of the box has the copyright date of 1999. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Finding a Natural or Holistic Veterinarian?How does one locate a local holistic/natural veterinarian or a conventional/holistic veterinarian. Here is the background of the dog I need one for. It is a Pomeranian dob. 07-05-99, that is having a skin issue. With his age I do not want to stress his immune system with conventional pharmaceuticals.


Value of a Mersman Step End Table and Coffee Table - coffee table in the back of a pickup truck

Value of a Mersman Step End Table and Coffee Table?I have a Mersman step end table #8712 and a coffee table #8714. I need to know type of wood, (I think cherry), year of production, and value.


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Feeding My Dog Oatmeal?My 4 year old Cavachon is waking early and retching and bringing up bile. My dog walker has suggested giving him some oats at supper time (he normally eats dry food at 8am and 4.30pm only). Is this a good idea and how should I prepare the oats?


Identifying Bedroom Furniture - mahogany finish 7 drawer vanity style dresser

Identifying Bedroom Furniture?My boyfriend and I are setting up a bedroom in his house using this furniture, but would like to add pieces to it. It would be a lot easier to add pieces if we knew the manufacturer or the style name of the pieces. We have a vanity with mirror, tall dresser, head and foot board, and one side table.


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New 7 Week Old Puppy Not Eating Much?I bought a 7 week old Shih Tzu puppy around 6 days ago from a pet shop. At first he ate, but since four days ago he doesn't like to eat much. Also he drinks a little water, but he likes to drink milk. We give him vitamins. He ignores Pedigree dog food.


Value of Ashton Drake Doll's Heads - heads in a box

Value of Ashton Drake Doll's Heads?I have a set of six Ashton Drake doll heads. What are they worth?


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