February 18, 2019

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Dividing Potted Plants - potted plant

Dividing Potted PlantsWhen your plant is getting tight in the pot (or when you purchase a plant like this one), you can easily get more plants by separating into more pots. This will allow room for your plants to grow, or is a great way to give some plants away as gifts.


Skipper (Belgian Shepherd Groenendael) - large black dog

Skipper (Belgian Shepherd Groenendael)Skipper watches over my elderly mother and attracts my attention if he is concerned about her. She often drops her book or other objects, and he will pick them up from the floor and place the item gently back on her lap. He is a real asset to me and a constant companion, and as Mum lives with us he is without a doubt a very useful friend to have in her times of need.


Homemade Tortillas piled on a cuttingboard

Easy Homemade Flour TortillasI posted a tortilla recipe a few years ago. Now I am back with an even better recipe. This is super easy, and only takes a few minutes to make the dough. After the dough rests, the resulting tortillas are soft and do not crack when folded. What I like most about this recipe over the old one I posted is that these can be stored in the fridge and don't dry out. Now, all I need is someone to teach me the trick of rolling out round tortillas!


Drum Beat Card - finished card with the message on pink paper add above and below the drum

Drum Beat CardThis is a hand-drawn card with some string and sticker embellishments. I've recently taken up drumming, so this is one of my favourite cards. It's pretty easy to make, just follow along!


"I love you a WATT!" Greeting Card - bulb with message

I Love You a WATT! Greeting CardThis would be an extra cute card for a best friend, significant other, or someone special in your life that you love!



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Cause of Dog's Sudden Passing?My Pomeranian passed away last week. I don't know why, although she started to walk as if she was stunned for a second. Not long after she was tilting to one side. When we noticed we rang an emergency vet, but her legs stiffened and then she was gone. I'm a nurse and have seen loads of patients pass away, but I cannot stop crying over my Trixy Bella. She was so healthy.


Determining the Age of a Red Nose Pit Bull Puppy

Determining the Age of a Red Nose Pit Bull Puppy?I feel like my puppy is acting younger than the owners said she was. Mocha has no control over her pee when excited which suggests to me she's younger than 3-4 months yet she has molar teeth already. What age do you think she might be? The people I got her from said that sheis 4 months, but idk.


Value of a Limited Edition Cathay Depot Doll - doll in lace dress with matching hat

Value of a Limited Edition Cathay Depot Doll?I have a Cathay Depot collection doll 1-5000 with the name Linda on the tag. What is it worth?


Value of an Antique Hand Painted Value of a Vintage Hand Painted Plate

Value of a Vintage Hand Painted Plate?I'm curious to know more about this beautiful plate that I have. It has a signature, Gessie Fine, on it and the numbers 1960 on the back. Ithas hand painted flowers with gold on the trim. How much is it worth and who is Gessie?


Avocado Has White Waxy Leaves - odd leaves

Avocado Has White Waxy Leaves?I have an 1 month old avocado tree. It has a few leaves that are white, thick, and waxy. They just keep the same shape and are a little twisted. They look very different from the other leaves. What it is?


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Pit Bull Color Variations?Can two brown Pits have white puppies?


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Preventing Fading in the Breast Area of a Blouse?I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has this problem. You buy a really nice blouse or shirt and a few months down the line you can clearly see the breast marks on the shirt due to being a bit busty. Is there anyone out there that has found a way for this not to happen? Or if it does happen, how do you fix it?


Value of a Karnival Kids Collection Porcelain Doll - doll in black dress with very large collar

Value of a Karnival Kids Collection Porcelain Doll?I have the Karnival kids collection porcelain doll Zandra no.453. I'm trying to find out how much this is worth for my mother. I couldn't find anything online, till I found this web site. I am hoping you can tell me.


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Growing Morning Glory from Cuttings?Can you grow a morning glory out of trims? My in-laws has a huge one. And I want one too. But I want a piece of theirs.


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Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs?I keep getting bit by something I can't see, it feels like fiberglass. I have washed my clothes in hot water, but when I put them on I feel bugs crawling on me. I feel them on my couch, bed, and on the floor. I've gone to a dermatologist, but he just gave me cream. I called pest exterminators, but they want a sample.


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Buying Mrs. Stewart's Laundry Bluing?Where can I buy this product?


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Chihuahua or Mixed? - closeup

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Chihuahua or Mixed?He's about 2 months and weighs around 3 lbs.


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Bereavement Doula Business Name Ideas?I am a certified bereavement doula. I need help with a business name, one especially for the death bereavement side. I help families and patients transition through the end of life process.


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