May 24, 2019

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Using My Collection Of Wine Corks For Decorating - finished wine and cork decor on top of a black cabinet

Using My Collection Of Wine Corks For DecoratingI have a collection of wine corks that I to use as decor in my home. I have seen in various stores wine corks used as decorations, but often they are too pricey for me. With a thrift store wooden box I will recreate the look of those pricey store decor items.


Daisy at Dusk - roadside daisy at dusk

Daisy at DuskWhile not traditionally a garden flower due to its nature to grow wild along the countryside, the daisy is a beautiful and simple beauty. The sky was splendid on this evening so I laid down in the grass to capture this photo.


I Love Lilies - closeup of a light pink lily in the background and a much darker reddish pink in the foreground

I Love LiliesI love lilies! Every year when they are marked down at the end of the season (bulbs) I buy some. Often the package shows a variety of colors leaving me not knowing what color would come out after planting. Much to my surprise, there were 2 of my favorite colors! I get to enjoy them in bloom for up to a week before they fade.


Kid Toy Rattle Drum - both rattle drums finished

Kid Toy Rattle DrumThe kids are enjoying music right now. Here is a rattle toy drum (twist straw to play) - we made this in two versions - one with a metal jar cap and one with a ribbon cardboard roll.



Value of Homer Laughlin Georgian Religious Plates - Jesus plate

Value of Homer Laughlin Georgian Religious Plates?I have 2 plates I am wondering what there value is. One is Jesus and one is Mary.


Finding the Value of Antique Furniture - cabinet with two drawers and two lower pull out bins

Finding the Value of Antique Furniture?I've had this piece for several years and I want to get rid of it, but I don't even know what it's called. I also don't have any idea of it's history or value.


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Finding Replacement Swiffer WetJet Scrubber Heads?I want the one that is foam-backed (to stick to the Swiffer) with a fabric face that looks like toweling. Anyone know where to find same?


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Finding Agencies to Help After a House Fire?I was the owner of a mobile home and my trailer caught on fire. I did not have insurance and I lost everything. Due to this the Red Cross did help me, but I still need help. What else can I do?


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Removing Excess Adhesive from Vinyl Tiles?What can I use to remove adhesive from vinyl tiles. I just had the kitchen floor done and the guys were not careful when applying the stuff. Some is coming up between the tiles!


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Home Care Business Name Ideas?I was trying to come up with a name for my non-medical home care business. I would like it to have something catchy, but not too long. I would like it to make someone feel comfortable and at home as well.


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11 Week Old Kitten Is Nursing on People?I have an 11 week old kitten and he is suckling. When he does it, it is mostly when he is tired. During the day he doesn't do it as much, but at night he keeps on. I have to cover my shirt with my blanket and that's the only way for getting him to stop. Any ideas on how to get him to stop? When I got him I was told he was 6 weeks old but he was really only 5 weeks.


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Waterproofing Stiffened Crochet Items?I made crochet doily globes and filled them with LED light strands. I want to use them in a bathroom with much humidity. How can I waterproof them?


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Using a Plastic Bag to Help Start Cuttings?How long do I keep the plastic over the clippings for the greenhouse effect? I have the bag over them right now and they seem to be doing well after one week.


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Yard Machine by MTD Won't Start?I have a Yard Machine (MTD) from around 2003, that won't start. When I turn it over, it spins, but won't fire. I cleaned up the carburetor, changed the fuel and oil, and changed the spark plug, but it's still doing the same thing. Any suggestions?


Fix for Hair Dye Disaster

Fix for Hair Dye Disaster?I'm a natural golden blonde. I dyed my hair a very light blonde (permanent hair box dye) in February and my roots are gray, yuck (I'm 40), so I found myself dyeing it every 3 weeks. This past week I got tired of the bright yellow and wanted a honey color. It was brown within 30 seconds and then became greenish through the week. I dyed it last night and it's grayish/gold/blue.


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Name Ideas for a String/Line Art Home Decor Business?I am starting a new business selling string or line art home decor. I'm totally stumped for a name. Any suggestions?


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Collecting Back Child Support After Death of Custodial Parent?My mother passed away a couple years ago; it was a tremendous loss. I am searching for answers regarding me and my sister's father and his back child support. He claims it ends with our mother after she passed and it can't be paid. However he owes about 40k in back child support. Is there still a way to recover this as the remaining children?


Value of an Old Steamer Trunk  - interior of an old trunk

Value of an Old Steamer Trunk?Can someone help me determine the value of this trunk?


Identifying Indonesian Lizards - green lizard with dark markings

Identifying Indonesian Lizards?My cat keeps catching these lizards from a local park and insists on me to keep them, so I did. But I do wonder what species/category do they fall into. I live in West Java, Indonesia, precisely in Depok. These are common lizards here and they often climb on top of trees. They have long tails, each longer than their own body. Two of them are brown, but one has a tint of green that stops at the tail. The brown ones has 2 stripes on their back. The green one has a little, but noticeable crest along the body and the head. I'm not sure if they're even the same species.


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Finding Discontinued York Wallpaper Y6130903?I need to buy Y6130903 (discontinued) York wallpaper.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits Paid to Teens?My grandson received benefits after his mother's passing. He is now 18 and graduated from high school at the end of May. Will he get final check in June?


What Breed Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - brown Chi wearing an orange jacket

What Breed Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?I adopted Boba from the Humane Society and he looks handsome and cute. My only concern is when I adopted him he was 6.06 lbs and 12 weeks old. I was told he was a Chihuahua mix. They did not have the history of his past or what breeds his parents are? When I did my research I got to know he is a deer head Chihuahua, but I don't know what Boba can be mixed with?


Value of a Mersman 75 62 Drop Leaf Table - table with the sides down

Value of a Mersman 75 62 Drop Leaf Table?I can not find the table I have anywhere and I am wondering what value it has.


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