November 25, 2019

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Finding User Manual for Vactric Sewing Machine - sewing machine in carrying case base

Finding User Manual for a Vactric Sewing Machine?Finding a user manual for a Vactric sewing machine may require a bit of research online. This page offers some help in finding one for this uncommon machine.


A colorful granny square afghan.

Making Granny Square AfghansThe granny square is a simple crochet project in its own right. It is also very versatile and the basis for a lot of different crochet projects including afghans. You can choose the color and weight of the yarn used, and the pattern. Then use the granny to create a variety of lovely and fun afghans.


Flower Crown - add flowers

How to Make a Flower CrownFlower crowns are used by brides, children, as part of costumes, or really for any occasion. Learn how to save money and personalize the crown by making your own.


Happy Birthday Printable Banner - all letters cut out

Happy Birthday Printable BannerUsing a word processor you can print out triangle shapes with the letters on them that you will need to make a birthday banner. Print, cut them out, attach to construction paper, and string them together for a homemade decoration.


How to Bring Light Into Shady Garden Spaces

How to Bring Light Into Shady Garden SpacesThis page offers several useful tips for adding light to a shady garden space, including the choice of plants, addition of mirrors, lights, and more. Try one or more in a shady area of your garden to create a lighter feel.


Antique Rose Upcycled Bottle Vase - finished vase

DIY Antique Rose Upcycled Bottle VaseA recycled wine bottle, printed black and white images of roses, and homemade Mod Podge, plus a few other crafts supplies you may already have are used to create this lovely upcycled antique rose vase. The instructions and supplies list are available on this page.


A decorative vase made recycled materials.

Making a Recycled Decorative VaseThere are numerous items that can be successfully recycled into one of a kind decorative vases. You can use paint, decoupage, wrap with twine, and more to produce the effect you would like. There are several examples on this page.


sun over water painting

Making Huichol Style Yarn or Thread PaintingsLearn how to make a Huichol style yarn or thread painting. The Huichol are an indigenous people who live in four states in Mexico including Jalisco and Durango. Their traditional folk art is characterized by colorful designs dating back centuries. This style can be tailored to various projects including yarn art crafts for children.



Autumn Visit (Frog) - beautiful green frog in fall leaves

Autumn Visit (Frog)Autumn took over our swimming area with fallen leaves, and this little guy, who showed up one sunny afternoon. He didn't seem to mind having his picture taken, at all!


Succulent Pinecone Ornament - hand holding up the decorated cone ornament

Succulent Pinecone OrnamentSucculents are very universal and easy to grow! You can incorporate succulents into so many arrangements and even make an ornament for your Christmas tree!


Isaac (St. Bernard) - St Bernard outside near leaf pile

Isaac (St. Bernard)I rescued Isaac a year and a half ago. We have bonded in a way that I have never experienced with an animal before. He is gentle, loving, and very devoted. Isaac loves to give a paw and nudge you when he wants to be petted. He also loves to roll around and sleep in piles of leaves!


Fizzy Hidden Colors - muffin pan with fizzy contents

Fizzy Hidden ColorsThis is a fun and educational activity to do with young children. They can develop their fine motor skills by squeezing the bottle, learn their colors, and learn basic chemical reactions.


Use Faux Flower Stems to Support Live Plants - faux stem

Use Faux Flower Stems to Support Live PlantsDo you have fake flower stems? Do not throw them away, they are very useful as stem support!


Mini Flipflop Keychain - two door keys attached to key chain

Mini Flipflop KeychainI broke my slipper keychain today so I needed to replace it. I still have plenty foam scraps from previous projects and this is what I'm gonna use as a substitute.


Recycled Chair Back as Decorative Rack/Planter - chair back with planters attached between legs, hanging on a doorknob

Recycled Chair Back as Decorative Rack/PlanterI occasionally see discarded chairs with perfectly good backs still intact.



Value of Porcelain Native American Dolls - Native American dolls including an infant

Value of Porcelain Native American Dolls?Can anyone tell me the value of these dolls? The large male has Goldenvale 1-2000 written on back. I see no markings on the others.


What Breed Is My Dog? - puppy lying down on a piece of carpet outside

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is my dog? I believe he's part Pit Bull, but I'm not completely sure if he's full or mixed or what he's mixed with. I am hoping for some help.


Identifying a Stuffed Bunny - white stuffed lop eared bunny wearing a dark pink floral outfit

Identifying a Stuffed Bunny?I am desperately trying to find a replacement bunny. This picture shows a portion of the tag, but not enough for me to determine anything to identify it. It would have been purchased between 1990-1993 in Ohio, likely in a big box store. Can anyone tell me the maker and possibly point me toward the best place to look for a replacement?


Identifying a Figurine - old man wearing a sweater and hat and smoking a pipe

Identifying a Figurine?What or who is the maker with the initials H.A on the bottom of this figurine or an old man?


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Removing Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors?What are some good ways to get rid of shower scum on the glass doors? I have tried everything and anything I could possibly find, but they're still just ugly. I'm about to throw them at the front door.


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Name for Young Children's Learning Center?I am a teacher looking to open my own learning center in the near future. I would like to find an unique, catchy, and vibrant name for my learning center that includes "SAJ" since this is the initial of both of my daughters.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - making on doll's neck

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I'm trying to identify the type of doll I have. If anyone can help me?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am going to be 14 on New Year's Eve and I don't have any ideas of what to do for my birthday. Can you help me?


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Causes of Blood in a Puppy's Stool?I just came from the vet and he gave me an antibiotic for my puppy. My puppy is 8 months old and she was pooping worms with blood yesterday and that is the reason why we brought her to the vet. She has never been dewormed or vaccinated. Now, is the 2nd day of taking antibiotics, my puppy's stool has a blood in it. The stool isn't watery yet, somehow it is soft. What should I do next?


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Coed 14th Birthday Party?I'm a girl and I want to have a birthday party where I will invite boys and girls and where everyone would want to go. I may not be able to celebrate it at home so I need more ideas :)


Value of a Basset Mirror

Value of a Basset Mirror?How much do guys think this is worth? It's a Basset Mirror company mirror. It measures 7 feet, has beveled glass at the top, and the frame is solid wood.


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Making Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?What can I put over a temporary tattoo that is on plastic to keep it on longer?


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