April 13, 2020

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Crocheted Exfoliating Soap Sack - sack with a piece of soap inside lying on the bathroom counter

Crocheted Exfoliating Soap SackThis soap bag is crocheted using thin cotton butcher's twine, which is fantastic for durability in hot water, and is also great for exfoliation. This bag comes in handy for collecting all your small chips of soap. It has a crocheted chain handle so you can hang it anywhere in the shower, too.


Spikingly Beautiful Cactus Flower - beautiful red bloom surrounded by buds and needles

Spikingly Beautiful Cactus FlowerThis gorgeous cactus flower photo was taken in my home state of Arizona. Cacti are more than just green humps with prickles! They have blossoms of red, pink, yellow, and orange.


Natural Fly Repellant - whole cloves stuck into a cut lime

Natural Fly RepellantHere is a way to keep pesky flies and mosquitos away using citrus and cloves. Simply cut the citrus in half and insert the cloves into the lime. The scent keeps them away and it is a natural solution.



Cleaning Fat Stains Off of Waterproof Suede Boots - light gray suede boots

Cleaning Fat Stains Off of Waterproof Suede BootsHow do I get dried chicken grease out of waterproof suede boots?


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Wallpapering Over a Limewashed WallAny idea how to get wallpaper to strick to an old internal Victorian house wall that has previously been limewashed. I've firstly washed the walls several times and then brushing the walls with wallpaper paste, allowing to dry, then wallpapering using the thickest mix, but it still comes off.


Identifying a Three Legged Turned Chair  - three legged chair with triangle seat, turned legs, and a design carved into the back rest

Identifying a Three Legged Turned ChairI am looking for information about this three legged turned chair which I recently bought. I have found a similar chair on pamono.com and the owner claims that it is designed by German expressionist Bernhard Hoetger. Can this one also be designed by this architect? Where can I look for any evidence, and finally how to determine its value?


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Baked Fudge Too RunnyI made baked fudge with cocoa, flour, sugar, eggs, and a little vanilla. I doubled the recipe and all ingredients. I then baked it in the oven sitting in a pan of hot water at 325 for 45 mins. It was super runny like still moving in the pan when I took it out of the oven. It was crusty on top, like the recipe stated it would be. It sat over night, in the fridge, but it's still runny.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Bunny - well loved stuffed toy bunny

Identifying a Stuffed Toy BunnyI have had this stuffed bunny rabbit for almost 20 years now. The tag is completed gone and unfortunately there are no identifying factors to help me find out where he's from.


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Cat Bringing Kitten to Pet ParentsMy cat had one kitten on March 31st. All has been going well, we have a little nook set up for the two of them in the bedroom and they seem comfortable. My cat will do this thing where she'll bring out her kitten to the living room where we're hanging out and then almost immediately turn around and bring him back to the nook. It's almost like she gets nervous and changes her mind.


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Using Aloe VeraIs aloe vera gel the same as aloe vera juice?


Identifying Tiny Black and White Biting Bugs - white bits in black hair

Identifying Tiny Black and Tiny White Biting BugsI have read quite a few posts and have the same problem as many of you. I have a problem with tiny pepper sized black bugs, as well as, tiny white bugs. They bother only me, but not my daughter. I see them on my black cat. They bite hard it hurts and I can't seem to rid myself of these pests. The doctors don't believe me. I have included a photo of the white bug (or larvae) and tiny black bugs.


Authenticating Salvatore Ferragamo Italian Leather Belts

Authenticating Salvatore Ferragamo Italian Leather BeltsCan you guys help me authenticate these two belts before I buy them?


Value of a Collectible Memories Porcelain Doll - doll in the box

Value of a Collectible Memories Porcelain DollI have a Collectible Memories porcelain doll named Megan. If anyone could help me determine her value, I would really appreciate it. I did some research and was unable to find her specifically.


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with ParvoI got a 2 month old Golden Retriever, it was quite playful and active, but all of a sudden on Saturday stopped eating anything. The next morning we saw bloody diarrhea all over as well as vomit, and he had gotten worse. The vet gave him some antibiotics and sent us home. He woke up to drink water and also walked to his spot to urinate and remove stool. On Monday at 9 am we rushed to the vet.


Value of Ashton Drake Dolls - undressed baby dolls

Value of Ashton Drake DollsI have 2 Ashton Drake baby dolls that I wish to sell, but have no idea what to sell them for. They are in great condition, filled with beads, and have porcelain heads and hands. They were made in 1998. (See pics)


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Handle on Hoover Carpet Cleaner Won't Lock in PlaceMy Hoover dual power pet max shampooer handle will not stay upright or lock into place. It's like a piece is missing? I don't want to have to spend hours on the phone if it's not something I can fix. Has anyone had this problem?


Selling Cabbage Patch Dolls - twin dolls in the box

Selling Cabbage Patch DollsWhere can I sell these? My grandmother left them behind and I have all boys, but I know they're worth some money. They're from 1985. I think they'e both boys their names on the birth certificates sound like boy names. They have never been out the box.


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Singer Steam Press Won't SteamI have a Singer steam press table top presser. The dry iron does work, the steam does not. Any ideas how to fix that?


Value of a 1886 Webster's Dictionary -cover

Value of a 1886 Webster's DictionaryI have a 1886 Webster's dictionary of the English language. How much do you think it is worth? The cover is in bad condition.


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