July 2, 2020

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The finished baked pie with a slice out of it.

Vegan Orange Meringue PieYes, it is possible! Even the meringue part can be made 100% plant based, as well as the crust. And if you don't overcook the 'meringue', it tastes just as good.


A finished cheese crisp.

Seasoned Mozzarella Parmesan Baked CrispsWant a quick and tasty snack? You can make these mozzarella parmesan seasoned baked crisps. They also make a great appetizer to pair with some marinara sauce too!


Rolling out the pie crust dough.

No Fat Vegan Pie CrustThere are a few good vegan pie crusts in the link I post below and I may post more than one. This one is interesting because it does work very well as a pie crust but it has NO fat of any kind. It is still good, but not as soft. But if no fat or calorie reduction is important to you, it is good to have this option available.



Pretty little white flowers growing outside.

Pretty Little White Flowers (Idaho)In June, my mother and I stayed at a KOA cabin. We woke up early in the morning to take some photos. We found a hiking trail near a creek. I loved these flowers and love how the macro shot turned out.


A headband being used as a rubber band around an open bag of potting mix.

Using Sturdy Head Bands Instead of Rubber BandsI can't afford good rubber bands. And if I had a nickel for every time the ones I had broke just when I needed them . . .


Supplies placed in the bottom of a tool box.

Tool Box for Car StuffNow that we can travel a little more now, I hope this will help you stay organized on the cheap. I got a small tool box at a thrift store, and simply filled it with things I had in the house or in the car but could rarely find.


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Preventing Gas with Homemade Baked BeansWhen the food shortage started some things were hard to find locally and when they became available they were considerably higher in price. I have made Boston Baked Beans twice. Beans are filling and also a good substitute for meat.


An overview of Bear Lake.

Bear Lake Overview (Idaho)In June, my family went on a trip to Bear Lake, Idaho. We went on a hiking trail and near the top of the mountain we had this exquisite view.


A bird walking in a marsh with tall grass.

Bird in the Marsh (Idaho)My mother and I went on vacation to Bear Lake, Idaho. We decided to go to the Bear Lake Wildlife Refuge.We saw a variety of birds walking along the marsh. I took the picture of this bird because I thought it was neat to see the bird's reflection in the water.


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Cordless Trimmer TipIf you've thought about getting a cordless trimmer but have hesitated because of the cost or because you already have a gas powered trimmer, read on and make the plunge. You'll never go back.


A recycled vinegar bottle used as a vase with sweet peas

Recycled Vinegar Bottle as VaseMore and more foods seem to come in plastic containers or wrapping, but I noticed that our recently empty vinegar bottle was a lovely shape and made out of glass.


A rock bridge over a creek.

Rock Bridge Over CreekAt the beginning of June, my family went to stay at a KOA cabin. My mom and I woke up in the early morning, so we could capture nature's beauty and have good lighting. We found a hidden hiking trail. Along the way, I took pictures of the bridge over the creek.


4th of July Craft Stick Star with Streamers - three of the star decorations lying on a deck

4th of July Craft Stick Star with StreamersThe Fourth of July is right around the corner. Make these cute star ribbon hanging decorations for indoor/outdoor.


Caterpillar larva growing on a bush.

Lots of Larva (Idaho)I went on a family vacation to Idaho this summer. My family and I went on a hike together. As we were walking on the trail, we moved the tree branches out of our path. We discovered the larva cacoon.


Quickie Thrifty Crafts - purple frame craft with new scrapbook paper and message

Quick Thrifty CraftsI made four crafts in less than an hour using things I had on hand.


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Keeping Ants from Hummingbird FeedersI have had success protecting my hummingbird food from ants by putting a pile of food-grade diatomaceous earth around the bottom of the shepherds hook. It kills anything with an exoskeleton but is not harmful to mammals or birds if they eat it or touch it.


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Make Bananas Last Twice as LongKeep your bananas in the bottom crisper drawer of the refrigerator. They will keep for about 2 weeks. They will turn black and look utterly disgusting but inside the flesh will be white and firm. You get a perfect banana a week after everyone else has throw theirs out.



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Finding Very Large Boxes?Where can I get giant boxes, like refrigerator boxes, for a cardboard tank I'm building? I'm a kid so I would need to be driven wherever I go. Please try to find some in the Peekskill, NY region. It would be much appreciated!


Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest? - open cedar chest

Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?I have a cedar chest that has Murphy 20 on the back and it has a drop down shelf in it. What is it worth?


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Value of a Set of 1768 Britannica Encyclopedias?I have a set of 1768 Britannica encyclopedias and need to know the value.


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Theme for Joint Father and Son Birthday?It's my son's bday on 4 September and on the same date my husband is turning 31. So please suggest some theme to celebrate a joint duet bday party for both of them.


Value 1839 Webster's Dictionary? - cover page

Value 1839 Webster's Dictionary?I have a 1839 American Dictionary of the English language; exhibiting the origin, orthography, pronunciation and definition of words to which were added a Synopsis of Words, and Walker's Key. It is a stereotype edition, published by White & Sheffield. The pages are mostly okay, none are missing.


Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print? - mountain and river landscape

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?Can anyone estimate the value of my Mountain Majesty Beginning of a Perfect Day III by Thomas Kinkade. It's 378/1400 G/P Canvas - Charter size 25.5x34 in a gold frame and in great condition. There are no other special attributes, eg. not signed.


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Fish Pond Is Green?My fish pond is green. I treated it with algaecide, but it didn't help. I have plants in it and just added tadpoles and snails. Is there anything else I should do? Or do I just wait and let them work?


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Storing Homemade Hair Masks?I made a hair mask with banana, olive oil, and honey. Can I put it in the freezer or refrigerator?


Identifying a Vintage Chest of Drawers?

Identifying a Vintage Chest of Drawers?My mother passed in May and I'm just cleaning the garage and found this very heavy chest on chest that was my grandmother's. She was born in 1920.


Hen and Chicks Growing Tall? - hen and chicks plant getting ready to flower

Hen and Chicks Growing Tall?Are the hens suppose to grow on top of each other and tall like the picture shows?


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Cleaning a Glass Cook Top?Can I use baking soda to clean my glass cook top?


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What Are Some Reliable Survey-taking Sites?This question didn't fit in any category, but here goes: Does anyone here participate in online surveys to earn cash/rewards/gift cards? I'm interested in doing this, but I don't know of many sites that are reliable and safe and I thought some of you here would. Right now I'm on surveymonkey and I like it. Also which survey sites should I avoid?


What Type of Flower Is This? - red crocosmia flower

What Type of Flower Is This?Can someone tell me what type of flower this is?


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