August 19, 2020

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Using a bagel tool to thinly slice meat.

Bagel Tool to Thinly Slice MeatAfter hurting one hand, I decided to try using my bagel slicing tool to hold my somewhat frozen chicken breast firmly (and SAFELY) vertically, allowing me to cut it thinly for a meal. I think I will try it to slice ham for lunches in the future as well.


Colorful Paint splatters on shoes and jeans.

Removing Paint from Jeans?I wore my favorite jeans when helping my girlfriend paint her front room bright yellow. I got paint all down my pant legs. How do I get it out? Please help.


A litter of kittens outside.

Caring for KittensKittens need special care until they are weaned, especially before their eyes are open. Abandoned or stray kittens may have to be bottle fed and may have a number of health concerns to be addressed by a veterinarian.


A woman with two English Sheepdogs.

Old English Sheepdog Information and PhotosAlso called the Bobtail, Old English Sheepdogs are strong, compact, muscular dogs with an immensely shaggy coat that covers their entire body. Originally developed from drover's dogs, this breed has a loud, distinctive sounding bark, which he uses to announce any occurrences he deems peculiar.


Denim and plaid flannel quilt.

Recycled Denim And Flannel Window QuiltThis is a quilt I made using denim jeans and some flannel flat sheets.


A Slurpee straw being used to remove lotion from a bottle.

Slurpee Straw Saver and CleanerA while ago, I saw a product on "Shark Tank" that was a tiny spatula tip on a long stick. It was used to clean out the last of the lotion in tall bottles. I was doing the dishes this morning and came across some Slurpee spoon-tip straws and realized they could be used for the same thing.


A pet bird and its owner.

Pet Bird PhotosBirds are a favorite pet for many people who enjoy their songs, behavior, and beautiful colors. We have gathered some shared photos here.


A woman taking something smelly from the freezer.

Removing Odors from a FreezerFreezers can develop odors for a number of reasons. Frozen food can release odors normally. This is exacerbated by power outages that can result in leakage and spoilage. Sometimes a container of baking soda will help. You may also have to empty and thoroughly clean the freezer.


A field of poppies with a setting sun.

Poppy PhotosThere are numerous varieties of poppies. They can be grown as perennials, annuals, or biennials. Their colors range from brilliant red to the blue of the more difficult to grow Himalayan poppy. This page contains shared poppy photos.


A formal strapless dress on a hangar.

High School Dance Dress Shopping TipsMy cousin reached out to me a few weeks ago because she needed thrifty tips on how to save money for her homecoming dress.


Reuse Coffee Cups

Reuse Paper Coffee CupsI like going out to coffeeshops as much as the next person, and I am not always able to bring my great reusable coffee tumbler, but I don't worry, because I often reuse the paper cup, too.


Preventing Broken Eye Glass Chains

Preventing Broken Eye Glass ChainsI have wider than usual eye glass temples. Stretching the little rubber tips that go over the temples often makes them break. While I only spend $1 on them, I still have to replace them when they break.


kittens on hammock

3 Week Old Kitten Hammock ActivityJust today, the kittens crawled out of their box and started making their way towards the front door. I had a hammock with three sides tied and one side loose. They are old enough to exercise, but not old enough to climb into a regular hammock on their own. This gives them a chance to use their muscles and balance.


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How to Make a Homemade Thermos?How can I make a thermos?


A perfectly cooked basted egg.

Perfect Basted EggsI love fried eggs but I hate when the edges get crispy. I love poached eggs but they're just a bit too droopy. Basted eggs are right in between fried and poached, and they are so easy to make.



A baked loaf of almond butter chocolate chip bread in the pan.

Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Banana BreadOut of eggs? You can make this delicious banana bread! This is an easy loaf to make for breakfast to serve with fresh fruit or tea/coffee or a nice dessert treat!



Value of a Vintage Chair? - upholstered roll around chair with bent wood frame behind back and under the seat

Value of a Vintage Chair?Could anyone please help me identify this chair and determine its value if possible? It's been in my family for years, I obtained it when my gran passed away. There is no maker mark at all.


Value of Noritake Barrymore China Set? - side view of coffee cup

Value of Noritake Barrymore China Set?I have 28 pcs of Noritake china, the Barrymore pattern that I would like to sell. What would it be worth?


What Breed Is My Husky?

What Breed Is My Husky?I got him when he was 3 months old. I just want to know what kind of Husky he is so I can know better how to deal with him.


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Dog Not Eating and Seems Depressed After Being Spayed?My 11 month old Maltipoo was spayed last Wednesday. She ate and drank water when we got home and seemed OK. She has had a lack of appetite since Friday. She doesn't want her dry food, even when I wet it. I started giving her wet canned food yesterday and she does eat it, but she's not herself. She was always happy and playful before the surgery and now she seems sad/depressed. She sleeps a lot.


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