September 24, 2020

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A black kitchen sink with a wooden countertop.

Drain Cleaner Damaged Finish on Kitchen SinkDrain cleaner is very caustic and can damage the finish of sinks if not used carefully. Once the finish has been marred, repair should be done by a professional to avoid further damage.


A man on a riding lawnmower.

Snapper Riding Mower Keeps Dying?If your riding mower's engine is not operating correctly, there are a few things to check before bringing it in for service. It may be a problem with the carburetor, the filter or the lines may need to be cleaned.


A sick dog at the vet.

Dog With Bloody Stool?Bloody stools can be the sign of a serious medical issue, such as parvo or a intestinal injury. Dogs exhibiting this symptom should be taken to a veterinarian immediately for professional care.


A canning jar ring.

Uses for Canning Jar RingsYou may have excess rings leftover from jar canning. These can be used for a variety of uses; from crafts to cooking.


A vacuum cleaner being used in a car.

Using a Wet/Dry VacuumWet/Dry or shop vacuums are useful for cleaning up any kind of mess in your home, garage or even outdoors. It can also be used for pest control by sucking up unwanted insects.


Hands holding a bloated stomach.

Remedies for Stomach Bloating?A bloated stomach may be caused by food allergies, medication side effects or overeating. If the bloating persists, a doctor should be consulted to make sure it is not a serious medical condition.


Identifying a Piece of Pottery

Identifying a Piece of PotteryPottery can be manufactured in bulk or can be hand created by artists. Most has a unique mark or signature on the bottom that can help identify the creator.


Value of an Ashley Belle Figurine - ballet dancer

Value of an Ashley Belle FigurineAshley Belle is a manufacturer of collectible figurines. These decorative figurines are released in limited edition batches and, in general, have not retained their original value.


A makeshift terrarium made from two clear plastic containers, with a plant inside.

Create a Humid Environment for PlantsPlace two same sized containers together with plant inside to increase humidity for tropical plants. This is a thrifty method instead of buying a humidifier. Also works for plants that you may purchase online and came from the mail - to help the plants adjust and recover from the transport!


Preventing Pests Around House
 Foundation - bark along the foundation

Preventing Pests Around House FoundationOn a recent visit from our pest company, they mentioned that we really need a plant free border around our house. Plants that touch the side of your house allow bugs to get past the pest spray. We removed almost all of our plants and cut away the grass, creating a 2ft wide border around the house.


Wax used for orthodontic work.

Uses for Orthodontic WaxIf you have leftover orthodontic wax after having your braces removed, it can be used for a variety of purposes. It is made from natural wax sources such as beeswax or paraffin.


A stoma bag on a person's side.

Using a Stoma BagStoma bags are used in the case of a colostomy or other condition that causes an opening into the abdomen for collecting waste. It's important to keep the bag accessible for changing and inspection.


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Value of Native American DollWanting to sell but need to know price to put on it. I'm clueless.



A canning jar of passionfruit iced green tea.

Passion Fruit Iced Green TeaHow do you like to eat passion fruit? Passion fruit has low calories and is high in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A.


Potatoes covered with melted cheese.

Hassleback Potatoesaka Easy Cheesy "hassle" free dressed up baked potatoes.



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Repairing a Smith Corona 250 Typewriter?The print hammer is continuously ratcheting when I turn on the typewriter. What can I do to fix this?


Identifying a Small Brown Bug? - what appears to be a two headed bug

Identifying a Small Brown Bug?What is this brown bug? It is the same shape and size of, or smaller than, a single grain of rice. I saw one on the wall about a week ago and now they have multiplied very quickly and can be found on the walls and ceiling in multiple rooms of my house.


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Teen Eligibility for Survivor Benefits?My son has been receiving survivor benefits from his. He just turned 19, and is a full time student, and suffers from PTSD, has low self esteem due to being overweight, and was born with club feet. Due to COVID 19, he is unable to get a job and is due to have surgery in the next 2 months. Why wouldn't he be eligible to still receive his benefits until he graduates in 2021?


Value of Noritake China? - blue flower and gray leaf pattern

Value of Noritake China?A friend of our mother left her with a large set of (Corliss #5765) how do go about determining its value?


Hair Turned Pink when Dyed? - pinkish hue to hair

Hair Turned Pink when Dyed?I used to use henna and it wasn't staying as long as I liked so this lady at Sally's said I could use Clairol's Beautiful, it was a rinse so my hair wouldn't turn a funny color. Wrong! Now my hair is a bit pink and copper and a little purple. I want my brown back what can I do? I used Suyra cream henna before I tried this Clairol Beautiful. Just so you know what kind of henna I used.


Identifying a Small Black Bug? - long black bug on white background

Identifying a Small Black Bug?I found this bug crawling on me while on my couch. I freaked out!! What is it?


Identifying Antique Glass?

Identifying Antique Glass?Hi all. Hello from England! I found this old glass today, I'm not a glass expert but it appears to be very old. Maybe antique glass 18th century English?


Identifying Beetles? - longish brown beetle

Identifying Beetles?Can anyone identify these please?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I'm opening a daycare called Kiddie Klubhouz. Any slogan suggestions?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll? - small dark haired doll wearing a pink dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I am hoping somebody may be able to help me identify this beautiful doll. She is small and has the markings as shown from the picture. From the research I have done I believe that the tag says Charin? But that may be incorrect. I also found a similar looking doll in purple from this site and that person was told it was a Marie Osmond doll.


Value of a Murphy Chair? - wooden desk style chair

Value of a Murphy Chair?What is the value of this chair? It is a Murphy #4412.


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