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This page contains information and tips about owning a pet turtle.



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A turtle swimming in a tank.

Solutions for a Cloudy Turtle TankThis is a page about solutions for a cloudy turtle tank. Turtles defecate in the water of their tank, making keeping it clear a challenge.


Building a Turtle Home in Your Garden - chicken wire

Building a Turtle Home in Your GardenThis is a page about building a turtle home in your garden. Turtles can be great escape artists. Keep your pet in the yard and safe by building a secure home in your garden.


Red Eared Slider turtle on a log.

Red Eared Slider Turtle PhotosOriginating in the Mississippi river and the gulf of Mexico, these turtles have been popular as pets, but have become invasive in some areas, when they have gotten loose. They live to be 20-30 years old. This page contains red eared slider turtle photos.


Pet Turtle

Hibernating Pet Turtles Indoors?This is a page about hibernating pet turtles indoors. In nature turtles will hibernate during the cold of winter. You may be wondering if you should encourage your indoor turtle to do the same.


Tortoise Eating Fresh Fruit

Caring for a Pet Tortoise?This is a page about caring for a pet tortoise. If you are lucky enough to have one of these amazing animals as a pet, it is important to care for them properly.


Boy With a Pet Turtle

Caring for a Pet TurtleThis is a page about caring for a pet turtle. Turtles are a fun and unique pet that many people enjoy. Turtles require a certain amount of special attention to be cared for properly.



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Red Ear Sliders' Water is Murky/Cloudy?I've had my 2 baby red ear sliders for about 7 months. I've never had issues with my water, but recently I added in some guppies, and suddenly now my water is all murky and cloudy. I already have a filter, and I just bought turtle water cleaner today.


Cloudy Water in Turtle Tank - two turtles in tank

Cloudy Water in Turtle Tank?I have two red-eared slider turtles. I sent them to a friend's house while I moved. I have a 150 gal tank with a filtration system. When I had time I brought the turtle tank to my new place I bought new insides for the filter, black and white pouches, new foam thingies, and gave them all fresh water.


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Turtle's Water Cloudy Soon After Changing It?I have a 2 inch long male red eared turtle. His tank is 5.5 gallons. I use about 2 ml of a water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines. I changed his water last night and when I got home from work this afternoon it's cloudy again.


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Water in Red Ear Slider Tank Is Cloudy?I have a 40 gallon tank with 2 red ear sliders and some fish and algae eaters. I change the filter every week and a half to two weeks and do water changes every week, but my water is still cloudy. I haven't had this kind of water for a while, but now I cannot get rid of the cloudiness. Anyone know why?


Cloudy Turtle Tank - cloudy water in tank

Cloudy Turtle Tank?What happens when my medium sized turtle tank gets foggy? I don't know what to do.


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Conditioning the Water for a Turtle?I ran out of water conditioner for my turtle. I was at the store looking for more and they only had 2 different conditioners. 1 was Marina Betta Pure and the other was Jungle Start Right. Are either of these products safe for my turtle? I have not applied any to the tank yet.


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