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Buy Dog Food at Feed Store
Feed stores sell all kinds of feed. Usually you wont find one right in a city because no one has hogs, horses, chickens or other livestock or the need for bails of alfalfa or straw. You will usually find them where there are horse stables. I like Diamond Brand...


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Train Your Dog With A Choker Chain Collar
The Koelher Method of Dog Training by William Koelher. This is out of print but still available used. Its really a great reference book for training and other problems. I took a dog class with 2 experienced show competition and longtime dog trainers. The dog...


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Training a Pit Bull Not to Bite
Like many others I own lots of dogs. What exactly does it mean that your pitbull puppy is biting? Is it playful or aggressive, drawing blood? All puppies ruff and tumble. Pits are terriers and high energy. Puppies and every dog no matter how old requires exercise...


Black and tan mini Dachshund.

House Training a 9 Month Old Puppy?
I suspect youre not walking and exercising your dog every day or enough. That dog needs stimulation and socialization. Caging the dog all the time is not good. You might want to think about finding another apartment on a first floor with a yard. Animals require...


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Best Bait for a Mouse Trap?
Why would you ever use a mousetrap anyway? It is medieval. If you have mice in your home use humane mouse traps so you can release them outdoors. Also permanently fix the problem as to why you have mice where you do not want them. Dont kill them. Have some...


profile pf a young dog with floppy ears and Shepherd coat coloration

What Breed is My Dog?
Hmm. Fly-away ears and a gorgeous short coat and face. You might not be able to see her parentage from looking at her. Its well covered up. Each dog has a dna stamp that is tell-tail. The shepherd in her makes her exceptionally smart. This is a given. She should...


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Homemade Food for a Dog with Allergies?
Yep. Greasy seborreah. The dog is probably highly allergic to corn, wheat and needs an experienced vet to make recommendations. One corn chip will set it off. Its probably deeper than a food issue. The dog might be deficient in a metal or needs a specific supplement...


Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House?
Both sexes will spray, not only males. Many females shake those tails and aim high too. Sometimes a cat isnt marking but will continue to squat on an item like a blanket, throw rug or towels. It may take 2 to 3 washes to get the smell out of heavy items. One...


What Breed is My Dog?
If you want to know the breed of your dog go to PetCo and get a DNA kit for about $60-90. Youll get your answer. The dog looks sort of like a Pit but its hard to tell without seeing the whole dog. Pits are muscular, short coated with bristly coat if you pet...


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Filing for Bankruptcy?
My husband is a consumer bankruptcy attorney. Dont ever be embarrassed or ashamed in any way! No, no, no. There are many reasons why you loose your ability to pay bills. The economy plays the major role in forcing people into bankruptcy. Loss of overtime, loss...


Training a Hyper Dog?
No muss, no fuss, find an obedience class that offers the following: 8 lessons covering, heel, sit/stay, down and long lead sit/stay and down. Offers Canine Good Citizen Certificate. Its 8 weeks of structured lessons. Classes are usually once a week, with practice...


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Recovering Throw Pillows Without Sewing?
Martha has the easiest pillow instructions. If you dont want to sew just put your stick pins in place and glue it together...


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Breaking Up a Dog Fight
Ive had some really horrible dog fights. The worst was when one of my young pitbulls went under a fence into a dog area with 9 chow mixes. The dog survived, I survived with 45 stitches and thanks to having a leash & heavy choke chain I held the dogs off till...


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Breaking Up a Dog Fight
How about owners using plastic basket dog muzzles in dog parks if one is aggressive? They can open their mouths a bit, pant and be kind of natural. The dog cannot bite through the basket. It sure would making the outings more friendly for the dogs and people...


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Cleaning Animal Urine
Get a good Rug Doctor for carpets to lift dog or cat urine out. Urinating on clothing, rugs, blankets: rinse the urine off, then wash on hot cycle and use a little fabuloso or other. Smell the piece or pieces after washing and drying. If you can still smell...



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