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▲︎ Slugs and Snail Control

Pest Control

Slugs and Snail Control

Slugs and snails can both do quite a bit of damage to your garden. This page contains tips and advice for getting rid of slugs and snails.

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Beer to Attract Slugs

Slugs in the garden may be a problem for you. If they are just fill a plastic cup with beer and put it in the ground so that the top of the cup is ground level. The slugs will be attracted and in the morning you will have a cup'o slugs.

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Getting Rid of Snails in Garden
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Getting Rid of Snails
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Use Diatomaceous Earth To Deter Slugs

I see so many people saying use salt. "Don't" use salt! It's bad for the PH in the soil and you will not be able to grow anything there. Others suggest beer and who knows what else. Sure those options may work if you have a "few" snails or slugs around like on a patio.

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Getting Rid of Slugs

How go I get rid of slugs? They are overtaking my decking and I want to get rid of them.

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Slugs Coming Down Chimney

Every morning we are getting up to find slug trails at our fireplace. I have also seen snails there. What do we do too stop this?

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Slug Trails in the House

I have noticed slug trails in my home (dining room) by my patio windows. I can't find where they are coming in.

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Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails

There is a slug/snail in my porch. It has been lurking around for a few months, I have tried over and over again to find it, but I can't. Is there anything I can put down to try and get rid of them?

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Getting Rid of Slugs

On the side of my house I have a silver trail were slugs go up and down, up and down. This happens at night. I can't make out where they come from. They go gable end up to apex and down about 2 feet from ground. Thank you.

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Slugs in the House

Do slugs' slimy trails cause any health problems for humans? They have been coming into my home for a couple of months now. I am at my wits end; I do have a dog as well. Thanks.

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Prevent Snails from Getting Into New A/C

My old air conditioner had about 80 snails in it and it made a horrible noise. I could not get them out. How do I prevent them from getting into my new A/C?

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Slugs In My Bedroom Carpet

Recently I've been encountering these creatures in and around my bedroom bin. I could see the trails and it seems like it makes quite a few around to it, but doesn't leave a trail of where it comes and goes. I've chucked them away twice and today there were two of them.

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Getting Rid of Slugs

How do I permanently get rid of slugs? My front and back yard are overrun with slugs. I have used Sluggo, but you have to use it again every couple of weeks. I can't afford that! The slugs have totally destroyed my yard. There are holes and little mounds of dirt everywhere.

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Kill Slugs by Drowning Them in Beer

Remove the complete lid and bury the can upright in the ground with about 1 inch sticking out. That should then give the slugs a wonderful way to die as they will climb in for the irresistible beer but cannot get out.

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Getting Rid of Slugs Inside

Slugs are getting in through a hole in the kitchen floor. I told my parents, but they don't seem too concerned. It was just one maybe every 4 weeks. I went in my kitchen earlier and found four of the slimy things.

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Getting Rid of Snails in Bathroom

I would like to know what can I use to clean my bathroom wall. I'm working and we are a family of 6 so time for is limited and I don't have a lot of energy, as I'm the only woman in the house. The small snails come from the joints between the gaps of the wall and the bath.

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Slug Control

I love the idea of getting rid of slugs with cucumbers in a pie "tin". My question is can you use the disposable foil tins or do they need to be the real thing?

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Slugs in My Front Room

Please help. A week or 2 ago I woke up to find snail trails on my front room carpet. I have put dishes with salt and beer (Carling), but they just went around the dish. Then I put salt down around the dishes, that didn't work.

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Slug and Snail Repellent

Please share thrifty, but humane, ways to repel slugs and snails from the vegetable garden. Please do not include any methods that involve killing the animals.

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Slugs Inside

I am in a rented property that has a slug problem in the lounge. Will the slugs harm my furniture? I have a leather sofa, wood furniture, and soft furnishings.

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Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails

Is there anything to rid my gardens and flower beds of slugs and snails? I can't buy enough beer to control the numbers we are infested with! In my flower beds I sometimes use a Ortho pellet, but I don't want to use pesticides on my vegetables and fruits. Any suggestions?

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Significance of Snails on Outside of House

What does having snails on the outside of the house indicate?

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War on Slugs

My best success in fighting slugs has been making a two week commitment in early spring. I use a bucket of soapy water and some rubber gloves. Every evening at dusk I go around the yard gathering slugs and dropping them in the bucket. For the rest of the season there wasn't much of a problem.

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Getting Rid of Slugs or Snails in the House
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Slugs or Snails in the House

Every morning when I get up there are these snot-like trails on my living room carpet. It's easy to wipe off, but I have an eighteen month old grand daughter that plays on that carpet and I am worried that she could catch something from what the snot might leave behind, even when cleaned off.

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Attract Slugs With Melon Rinds

Are you having trouble deciding what to do to kill the slugs on your okra, bell pepper plants, and flowers. I was having a huge problem and tried a few things. Well, here is the best, quickest, cheapest solution.

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Snails Eating Beet Greens

What is good to use to keep the snails from eating my beet greens as they come up?Thanks.

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Keeping Slugs from Eating Hostas

My hostas are extremely huge. Every spring I attempt to keep the slugs, etc. from getting to them, but have not had any luck. I have tried the beer route, (the dogs loved it), the eggshells, the sharp edges route, and pesticides. I have tried everything.

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Getting Rid of Slugs Inside

I live in a ground floor apartment and have a dog, so salt in my carpet is out of the question. I find them in my kitchen and I know they are harmless, just gross. My complex can't figure it out and the bug man can't either. Any suggestions that won't harm my dog? (He's just a puppy.)

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Getting Rid of Snails
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Use Coffee Grounds To Deter Slugs

I found out by accident one day that slugs hate coffee. I had spilled some from my cup while working in the garden and a slug nearby reversed course and "ran" away from the coffee. So I began saving used coffee grounds and sprinkling them around my plants.

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Egg Shells For Slug Prevention

My father once told me of collecting and drying egg shells for the garden. When they are dry you crush them up and spread the pieces at the base of your plants. Slugs and snails won't crawl over the shards.

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Getting Rid of Slugs
Read 11 Solutions
Banish Slugs from Your Garden
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Keeping Slugs Out of Your Garden
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Use Beer to Prevent Slugs

To get rid of snails or slugs, place a glass or can in a hole so that the top is level with the ground, fill almost to the rim with beer and leave overnight. In the morning, dump the pests on the compost heap.

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Getting Rid of Slugs

Does anyone know how to make an effective, liquid slug repellent/killer?

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Getting Rid of Snails

I seem to be having an explosion of new snails on my plants. What are you using to stop the cute little things?

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Attract Slugs With Used Corn Cobs

Slugs are strongly attracted to moist, used corn cobs. Place them in a shady spot near where you have a slug problem and in the morning you can either salt them or collect and dispose of them.

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Slugs Inside My House

How can I get rid of slugs? They come in my living room every night and climb over everything and leave their awful slime. I got one the other night so thought that would be the end of it, but no. I need some help on this, the slime is driving me mad.

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Snails Eating Mastic Around Windows

Why have snails suddenly started eating the mastic around my windows?

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Keeping Slugs Out of Water Dish

How do I prevent slugs from invading my cats' water dish? They do this every night and it quickly fills with algae. What can I do for this?

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Tiny "Slugs"

I live in an upstairs apartment that is kept very cool and dry year round and until last week I've never even seen a roach in my apartment. All of a sudden, I am finding these tiny light pinkish slimy things here and there, and now in my bed. Yuck!

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Slugs Indoors

How do I get rid of slugs indoors?

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Snail Repellents

How do I keep the snails away from my house. They are taking over!

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Slugs In The Kitchen

I have slugs in my kitchen. I don't just want to kill them - I want to be rid of them. How do I do this? They climb up into my silverware drawer, my cupboard where I keep my pots and pans and now they are bold enough to be on my back door.

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Snails Hate Caffeine

To prevent snails from eating a new seedling you've just planted outdoors, put a ring of new, unused coffee grounds down around the plant.

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Sandpaper Collars to Deter Slugs

Place a piece of sandpaper around young plants to prevent snails and slugs from eating the tender leaves. The sandpaper cuts their underside if they attempt to cross.

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Using Fireplace Ashes In Your Garden

Use ashes from your fireplace to sprinkle in your garden. It wards off slugs, as well as many other harmful insects. The ashes act as shards of glass as they crawl on the dirt.

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Ammonia Slug Control

This is for slug control. I mix sudsy ammonia with water, half and half (they really won't crawl away from this mixture!), or a little more water and put it in a spray bottle. You can spray this solution right onto the flowers and plants and it doesn't hurt them.

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