October 6, 2011

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Boy Getting Candy in Dinosaur Costume

Making a Dinosaur CostumeThis is a page about making a dinosaur costume. Kids love dinosaurs, there is no way around it. That is why dressing up as a dinosaur for Halloween is always a popular option.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Dog the Bounty Hunter CostumeThis is a page about making a Dog the bounty hunter costume. Dog the bounty hunter is a very recognizable and charismatic television character. His distinctive look and manner make this is a popular halloween costume.



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Pudding ShakeI just came up with this. Super easy!


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White LasagnaThis is simple and quick to assemble and tastes like it was made by a pro.



Large Spiders Web Reflecting in Sunlight

Wildlife: Spider WebI was simply amazed by this gigantic spider web on my porch. Although I marvel in it's "craftsmanship", I do NOT wish to see the spider that created it! :)


Tic and Tac the Turtles Stacked on Top of Each Other

Tic and Tac (Red Ear Slider Turtles)My husband and I adopted two red-eared sliders recently. They are quite daring and always entertaining. My favorite "act" of theirs is the stack. They will do just about anything for shrimp!


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Vanilla Extract Room FreshenerRecently I wanted to freshen up my home and had no air freshener on hand. Instead I took a small pot and placed some water in it, added a few drops of vanilla and some ground ginger.


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Set Up A Bill Paying DeskA desk by the front door with a desk calendar are necessities for me. I open all mail immediately and log bill due dates on the calendar. Bills are then placed in an "accounts payable" folder with due date and creditor's phone number on the front of the envelope.


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Refunds For Reebok Easy Tone ShoesReebok recently settled with the FTC for a 25 million dollar settlement for deceptive advertising. You can go to the link below to request your refund for having been duped. The merchandise must have been purchased after December 5, 2008.


Hooded Oriole in Cypress Tree

Wildlife: Hooded OrioleThe Hooded Orioles are beautiful birds and are in our area and garden in the Spring. This one, at the tip-top of the cypress, showing its golden sun colors, immediately attracted me to photograph him.


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Using Iron On PatchesI have found that iron-on patches can be very useful for mending and they come in all sorts of colors. Always round the corners of the iron-on patch, so they won't peel off.


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Microwave Chocolate for PretzelsI simply melt white or milk chocolate bricks (found in the baking section of the grocery store) in the microwave for about a minute. Dip the pretzels in the chocolate and put them on waxed paper on a cookie sheet.


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Use White Vinegar for CleaningI like cleaning with vinegar, but I found that the white vinegar is my preference. I ran out and had apple cider vinegar and that smelled so bad with what I was cleaning, it was like there was a reaction to whatever I was cleaning at the time.


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Inexpensive Flea PreventionFor inexpensive flea prevention blend equal amounts of dried chamomile and dried pennyroyal. Stuff the mixture into homemade fabric bags. Place these pillows in kitty's bed, on their favourite windowsill, floor area, or other popular spots.


Applique on Spa Towel

Spa Towel Wrap With Shoulder StrapsIt's easy to turn a bath towel into a spa wrap. This project can be completed in about two hours. Just be sure the towel is long enough to wrap around you with some overlap.


Large Double Rainbow Over Trees

Double RainbowThis was taken on 9-29-11 at 6:40 PM during a short break in the 60 MPH winds and lightning storm. I ran outside and took this picture of a double rainbow over our home.


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Home Finance Bill OrganizerI use a Home Finance Bill Organizer to organize when and how much I pay each month. It has a page for each month with a pocket for bills and notes, a section to list date due, expense type, amount and when paid.


Closeup Pastel Yellow Flower Petals

Scenery: Yellow Flower (Shore Acres State Park,...While walking the paths leading through the gardens of Shore Acres State Park, this pretty little yellow blossom caught my eye. I loved the way some of the petals curled, I also like the color yellow - it reminds me of sunshine!


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Replace Margarine with Olive Oil in RecipesMy husband and kids all loved the boxed macaroni and cheese, but I've never been a fan of all the fat and calories in it. I always used skim milk in the mix, but cutting way back or deleting the margarine/butter gave the stuff a noticeably blander flavor they didn't like.


Rosie the Dog Looking at a Computer

Rosie (German Shepherd / Mini Pin)Rosie is a 7 year old German Shepherd/Mini Pin. Rosie was a feral puppy that adopted us when she was around 4 months old.


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Tips For Making BedsI have an easier way of making a bed up. When I make my bed in the mornings, I don't go around the bed five or six times. I do one side of bed completely before going to the other side.


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Sort Out Board Games Pieces At OnceTo organize your board games, gather appropriate materials: snack bags, sandwich-size bags with a zipper, a marking pen, Scotch Brand Invisible Tape, and the right shelf space in the closet, or cupboard.


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Use a Notebook for Organizing BillsI am on Social Security and I pay all my bills on the 3rd of each month. When a bill comes in I open it, write the amount in a notebook, and place the bill in a old refrigerator bin I keep in my desk.


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Use Olive Oil to Clean Makeup BrushesFor my eyeliner brushes that are hard to clean, due to the fact that cream eyeliner is not water soluble, I clean with olive oil. I put a little oil on a paper towel, 'dip' the brush in the oil, and 'brush' the paper towel.


Hand holding an iPhone.

Smartphone KnowledgeI've heard the argument before. The expensive price tag on the iPhone is justified by the applications that it runs. It sounds like a good argument, but when the calculators come out, it doesn't work. So, what's a smartphone worth?


Pink and White Angel Trumpet Flower

Garden: Angel Trumpet at NightWhen I turned on the porch light one evening this gorgeous Angel Trumpet bloom caught my attention. It was even more spectacular at night than it was during the daytime.


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Cleaning a Microwave QuicklyTo clean the interior of a microwave, first boil a bowl of water in it for 3-4 minutes. The humidity allows everything to wipe out easily with a regular dishcloth.


Bavarian Performers Playing Cowbells

Oktoberfest (Leavenworth, WA)We visited the lovely town of Leavenworth, WA, for Oktoberfest. The annual festival runs for the first two weeks of October. Since Leavenworth has a Bavarian theme, Oktoberfest spills out everywhere in the town.


US puzzle used as a map.

US Map Puzzle to Mark Your TravelsI recently made a trek from Oregon to Illinois, then drove from there to Virginia and back to Oregon. When I got back, I got to thinking of where I have lived and traveled, and it turns out to be over half the United States!


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Emergency DeodorantThis is for an emergency only, such as you go to work and realize you forgot to put any on: rubbing alcohol. Most businesses have it in their medicine chests either in the form of a bottle or sealed wipes. It helps with the odor only.


Large Mexican Palm Against Garden Wall

Mexican PalmA couple of these palms have come up in The Path Garden. Recently someone told me they were Mexican Palms and not native to this area and will destroy the garden.


Boy in Dinosaur Costume

Making a Dinosaur CostumeHere is a website with a great basic design for making a Halloween costume. It can easily be adapted, using the patterns provided, for a variety of dinosaur sizes and colors. They also have a convenient no-sew pattern!



Rustic looking bookcase.

Redecorating on a Tight Budget?This is my first attempt at decorating my house. I have taken out a built in shelf that jutted out into the room and put down tile in the entryway, painted the walls, added new curtains, a mirror, and vinyl lettering above the fireplace.


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Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tile?What is an easy way to clean my bathroom tile? The grout is discolored.


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Celebrating a Child's Birthday When You Have No Money?How do you celebrate your child's second birthday with absolutely no money at all?


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Overwintering Herbs?I have chives, basil, rosemary, dill, parsley, and thyme growing in window boxes. How do I overwinter them?


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Cleaning a Washing Machine?What is the best method to remove soap/softener build up from the tub of a washing machine?


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Caramel Sauce Sugaring?How do I keep my caramel sauce from sugaring?


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Ideas for Posting Photos on Office Bulletin Board?How can I display pictures on my office bulletin board other than with a thumb tack? I have a cork bulletin board and we have lots of photos we took at an office picnic I would like to display.


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Transmission Fluid on Jeans?How do you get transmission fluid off of jeans?


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Puppy is Pooping in Crate?I have a 3 month old brindle pit bull puppy and he will not poop anywhere besides his crate. I see a lot of people saying they won't pee or poop where they sleep, but not only does he pee in there, he will only poop in there.


Planning a Large Family Birthday Party for a Two Year Old?I need to plan my youngest son's 2nd birthday party. My husband and I feel strongly about inviting our families until the age of 5. This allows our children to get to know their aunts, uncles, and cousins better.


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