February 29, 2012

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A stack of muffin tins.

Organizing Muffin PansThis is a page about organizing muffin pans. Do you have regular, mini, fancy shaped, or muffin top pans all tossed together in the cupboard?


Cleaning Windows

Homemade Window and Glass Cleaner RecipesThis page contains homemade window and glass cleaner recipes. Even though no one likes to do windows, having a good glass cleaner goes a long way to making this job easier.


Boy and shy girl standing by lockers.

Asking a Guy to a DanceThis is a page containing ideas for asking a guy to a dance. Tolo and Sadie's school dances are an established opportunity for girls to invite a guy to go to the dance with them.


Small dog under blanket on bed

Keeping Dogs Out of the BedroomThis is a page about keeping dogs out of the bedroom. Sometimes we want to keep our furry four legged friends out of the bedroom.


Gifts That Cost Nothing

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for CoworkersThis is a page about inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers. Certain occasions call for giving coworkers a small gift, either for a special occasion or out of gratitude.


Windshield wiper tip on windshield

Homemade Windshield Washer FluidThis is a page about homemade windshield washer fluid. Making homemade windshield washer fluid can save you money; make sure you use ingredients safe for the hoses, etc.


Pink double layer birthday cake topped with at 12 candle.

12th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a successful birthday party for your young teen can be a challenge. This is a page about 12th birthday party ideas for girls.


Egg cooked in middle of bread slice.

"Egg in the Hole" RecipesThis is a fun way to make eggs with pan toasted bread. This page contains "egg in the hole" recipes.


Crumbled red and yellow wrapping paper

Uses for Leftover Wrapping PaperThis is a page about uses for leftover wrapping paper. If you don't want to store wrapping paper for the next appropriate holiday or birthday, get creative and use it for other purposes.


Blue clothes in a dryer

Cleaning Ink Out of a DryerYou open the dryer door to find the colorful evidence of a pen that made it through the wash. This is a page about cleaning ink out of a dryer.


Recycling Prescription Bottles, Prescription Bottles on White Background

Saving Money on Prescription DrugsThis is a page about saving money on prescription drugs. As we all know the cost of prescription drugs can be a drain on your budget.


Pile of Junk Mail

Organizing MailThis is a page about organizing mail. Even in the day of electronic bill paying, we can still be deluged with mail.



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Yogurt PopsThese are easy and nutritious.


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Cheese SaladA few people have asked me to share more of my Aunt's 1935 cookbook. She used raspberry and black cherry Jello together and added canned drained fruit cocktail for family get togethers, mainly for the children.


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Hamburger CasseroleWhen I was a kid my mom and I put this recipe together. It's kind of a spin off of Hobo Dinner but made into a casserole instead.


Tortellini Minestrone Soup

Tortellini Minestrone SoupThis is a super tasty recipe I came up with for dinner the other night.



Cereal box storage covered with green and white fabric

Frugal Cereal Box StorageTo make frugal storage, take a jumbo cereal box and glue a smaller cereal box inside that one. Decorate with nice fabric. and you have storage for papers and things.


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Use Manila File Folders For Business CardsMany offices throw away old manila folders that are still in good shape. I take them home and create my own business cards using templates from Microsoft.


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Save Cookie Crumbs For Ice Cream ToppingThe next time you bake cookies and use a wire rack to cool them on or you have some that have fallen apart, keep all those loose cookie crumbs. Be sure to store them all in an airtight container.



Starting a Cherry Tree from a PitHow do I start a cherry tree from the pit?


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How To Remedy Bad BreathGerms cause bad breath, as well as certain foods. Make sure all areas of your mouth are well cleaned; tongue, gums and palate. Flossing is also crucial as food gets trapped in between teeth.


Sunset at Face Rock Wayside (Bandon, Oregon)

Sunset at Face Rock Wayside (Bandon, Oregon)I was amazed by the colors and beauty of the night seen in this photograph and I just HAD to share it with all of you here on ThriftyFun. It was a completely unplanned shot, and it's become one of my favorites!


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Apple Cider Vinegar To Settle Your StomachThis may sound strange, but many people have found taking a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water will help settle your stomach. A pinch of baking soda in with it will also lessen the tartness.


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Save Brochures For Vacation ScrapbookingWhen you go on a vacation, be sure to collect any informational flyers, brochures or postcards about the places you visit. This is an easy way to display a schedule of events, amenities or background information on your scrapbooking page.


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Treat the Pit Like a SeedPlant the pit in the ground and treat it like a seed. I know a woman whose granddaughter planted her peach pit in the garden when she was little. Now they eat peaches from that tree.


John-C And Little Girl (Piglets)

John-C and Velvet (Potbelly Piglets)John-C and Velvet are 3 days old and are Potbelly piglets. I had been wanting a young piglet to be friends with my 8 month old pig. It was a cold day here in Minnesota when a friend of mine called and said her pig just gave birth.


Add Shelves And Hooks To Front Closet

Add Shelves and Hooks to Front ClosetOur front closet desperately needed some help. We needed somewhere to store the kid's gloves, mittens, and hats where they could reach them, and I wanted them to be able to be able to hang up their own coats.


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Use Drink Mix To Clean DishwasherIt's very easy to clean your dishwasher and you should at least once a month. Recently I found a new way I hadn't been aware of. You fill the cup where the soap goes with any lemon-lime or citrus drink mix.


Spice Containers for Condiments

Spice Containers for CondimentsI often take veggies and dip in my lunches for work. Tonight I was looking for a small container to hold a serving of hummus for my carrots/celery. I came across a small 1 oz. spice container.


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Get Recipes Online Instead Of CookbooksI used to constantly buy cookbooks. Either the large cookbooks in the books section of the store, or the small ones near the registers. Then I discovered I could get the same recipes for free online!


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How To Choose A Name For Your BabyDon't be cruel to you child and name them a name that is hard to spell or pronounce. Don't name your child after a famous living person. You never know when/if that person will do something to embarrass or shame anyone sharing that name.


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Uses for Pringles CansPringles cans are great for storing dog poop bags. Fill up a few cans with bags, then keep one in your car, one in a hiking backpack, and one by the back door.


Recycled CD Pom Pom Maker - finished

Recycled CD Pom Pom MakerGlue two jumbo popsicle sticks onto a CD, then wrap your wool around the two sticks. When done, tie it in the middle then cut the sides. It's an easier way to make pom poms.



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Mother Cat Not Attentive to Kittens?I was wondering if it is normal for a new mother cat to not be 100% attentive to her newborns? I would appreciate any advice you have for me since I am clueless on this.


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Tips for Keeping Your House Clean?Please share any tips that you may have that can make housekeeping easy and ways to have the house always company ready.


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Building a Wall or Raised Garden Bed from Stone?I would like to use all the stones that I am digging out of the ground while preparing for planting. It would be great if I could use them to make the sides for a raised bed and for a wall around the garden that already exists.


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Weed Killer for Florida Betony Weed?What is the best thing to use for Florida betany weed commonly known as rattlesnake weed grass? It is very invasive and spreads fast.


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Chocolate Won't Stay on Bananas?Why doesn't the chocolate stay on the bananas? I melted the chocolate in the microwave and took out the bananas from the freezer. I then coated the bananas with the chocolate, but it won't stay on.


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Pudding Cake Recipes?Does anyone have pudding cake recipes?


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Value of a Vita Master Belt Massager?How much is a Vitamaster massage belt, model 300 r sir. # 25578 worth?


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Removing Dried Paint from a Comforter?I painted my bedroom and my 3 year old granddaughter got some splatter on my comforter. Is there any way to get it out?


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Discontinued Wallpaper: Brunschwig and Fils - Les Sylphides?I am looking for 8 rolls of a Brunschwig and Fils discontinued wallpaper called Les Sylphides #BR69068/04. Can anyone help? Thank you.


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Black Scuff Marks on Hardwood Floor?I have black scuff marks on the hardwood floor. They look like scratches. How do I remove them from a hardwood floor? Please advise. Thank you.


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Repairing a Sagging Couch?As I was sitting down on the wedge piece of a couch I heard a loud crack and the couch sags a little now. What happened and can it be fixed?


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Value of Encyclopedias?What is the value of a 1925 set of World Book encyclopedias?


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Identifying Silver Service Markings?I have a cream and sugar bowl that is marked 175 and a teapot that is marked 597? Is this silver? I know it is very old; it is my grandfather's sister's.


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Hazards of Pet Feces in the Garden?I understand the problem with pet feces in gardens when it has been fairly recent. However, we lost our dog this month, and I know she used the garden a few times, not many.


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Preventing Avocados from Turning Brown?For an avocado that's ripe when cut into, how long will the avocado keep with the lemon juice? It is just cut in half, not sliced or mashed. One side has the pit in it yet. The other will have the lemon. How long will it keep without turning brown?


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Scrap Wood Project Ideas?What can you make out of small pieces of scrap wood? (not tiny pieces - just small pieces.)


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Making a Padded Wedding Photo Album?I need a pattern and directions for making a padded photo album. Thanks.


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Removing Furniture Polish Haze?I recently polished new furniture with Guardsman furniture polish. Now one piece has a haze. What can I do?


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Value of 1929 Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia Set?I have a 1929 Book of Knowledge, 20 volume set, with original bookshelf. The books are in excellent, little-used condition, with no damage. It has a green cloth hard cover with gold imprint. The volumes are slightly worn on bottom spine and corners from sitting on the shelf.


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Financial Help for Senior Needing Dentures?I just moved to Texas. I'm a low income senior in dire need of new dentures. Medicare will not pay anything toward dentures


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Name Ideas for Cleaning Business?I an starting a cleaning service that is located on the beach. The name Beachy Clean is already taken. I am looking for some names that are related to the beach, sand, waves, etc. Please help.


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Finding a Copy of 1992 Quicken Software?I am in desperate need of 1992 Quicken software. I have information on a floppy and am unable to retrieve unless I have this software.


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