March 6, 2012

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pop tab necklace

Making a Pop Tab NecklaceThis is a page about making a pop tab necklace. A fun unique craft project can be made using a recycled item.


moving tips and tricks

Moving Tips and TricksThe challenge of moving a household can be streamlined with a good plan. This page is about moving tips and tricks.



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Shampoo Ingredients Can Cause Hair ThinningWhen choosing your next bottle of shampoo, check the ingredients for SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) or SLES (sodium laurel ether sulfate). These are very common detergents added to many personal care products like shampoo, soap, even toothpaste.


Spice Rack in Kitchen

Under Cabinet Spice RackI adapted instructions for a vinyl molding spice rack to fit my space. I used the space just between the counter top and the cabinets.


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Share Music With Each OtherFor family fun, we all go down to the basement and the kids bring their iPods. They each take turns picking their favorite music, and we crank up the volume while we play pool or ping pong.


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Making Shirt Collars Last LongerBecause of the economy and my husband's tendency to have favorite shirts, some are worse for the wear. Meaning the collars are completely worn out. Many years ago I learned from my grandmother how to "turn" collars.


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Saving Money While at WorkInevitably, if I go out somewhere during my lunch hour, I spend money. To avoid unnecessary spending, I pack my lunch each day and eat at my desk.


Finished button trivet.

Button TrivetMix kids and mud and you have a kid having fun. With just a little structure they can make a trivet for a gift in no time.


Black Scuffs on vinyl floor

Removing Scuff Marks with WD-40This is a quick and easy way to remove both scuff marks and tape residue from linoleum or vinyl floors.


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Protect Your Laptop From SpillsI use my laptop quite a bit in my kitchen for looking up recipes or just surfing the net while cooking. I always put the laptop on top of a cookie cooling rack (a small one fits perfectly) on my kitchen counter, so if there are any spills of any kind, your laptop is raised a bit.


Finished gift tube.

St. Patty's Day Paper Tube Gift PouchCreate a festive pouch from a cardboard tube to hold a small gift or treats for St. Patty's Day.


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Washing Your Hair With VinegarWhen I was a little girl, my mother brushed our hair very vigorously with a brush to bring up the blood from the scalp to nourish the hair follicles. Then she made us wash our hair with shampoo two times followed by a vinegar rinse using 1/4 vinegar to 1 quart of water.


Bartley (Bichon/Pom)

Bartley (Bichon/Pom)Bartley is 8 weeks old and a Bichon/Pom. I adopted my pet on March 1, 2012. He loves to investigate EVERYTHING! Since I haven't had him 24 hours yet, I will have more to share later when we are better acquainted.


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Margarine Lid for Microwave Splash GuardI keep butter/margarine lids from the large tubs of margarine we buy and poke about five holes in the top to use as a splash guard for my tomato soup when I heat it in the microwave. I never put it in there for over one and a half minutes.


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Sharpening Scissors With SandpaperSharpen scissors by cutting superfine sandpaper.


Garden Bed Rockery

Building a RockeryLast spring my husband and I decided our front yard needed some landscaping. Instead of hiring a professional we decided to give it a go and we built our own rockery.


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Keeping Detergent Tray From MoldingI always keep the detergent tray on my washing machine slightly open when it's not in use. Air stops the inside of the tray from getting smelly and moldy.


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Prep Bathrooms For Dangerous StormsWhen dangerous weather strikes, be prepared in advance by having a couple of very easy things in place beforehand.


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Having a Successful Yard SaleHere are several tips for a successful yard sale:


Leprechaun Hat Napkin Rings - Finished napkin ring.

Leprechaun Hat Napkin RingsCreate leprechaun hat napkin rings to decorate your table for St. Patrick's Day.


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Save Money When Dining Out, But Don't Go Home Without DessertA frugal lifestyle involves eating more meals at home since dining out is usually an expensive adventure. Whenever you do decide to splurge on a restaurant meal, you can do so more frugally by choosing to drink water...


Crocus (North Carolina)

Crocus (North Carolina)No matter what type of winter we have, I always feel hopeful that spring is near when I see the beautiful crocus burst forth into bloom.


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Warning About Keychain Credit CardsI had a speed pass for gasoline. I got my gas bill several weeks later and time for a thief to rack up a bill for close to $700 on gas, food from service station, and multiple gas charges at the same time.


Deluxe Easter Eggs - Addition of details using Artline pen.

Deluxe Easter EggsAdd some fun to this year's Easter egg hunt by making luxury Easter eggs. The kids can help, and the whole family can have fun together!


hersey bar duct tape bag

Hershey Bar Wrapper Duct Tape PurseTo make this purse, I used Hershey bar wrappers and duct tape. I did use some dectorative paper inside to make the pockets a little showy. It was fun and all the kids ask me where I got it and it is very durable.


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Using a Suitcase for a Pet BedOnce while packing for a trip, my dog got into the soft-sided suitcase and fell asleep. After I got back from the trip, I noticed that the zipper had broken so I went ahead and cut the top off and added a cotton-covered foam mattress.


Honey Peanut Butter Cookies

Honey Peanut Butter CookiesI like these cookies because they are made with honey rather than sugar, so are not as sweet as the typical peanut butter cookie. The use of the honey also results in a softer, rather than crisp cookie.


Close up of Bobby a Pitbull

Bobby (Pitbull)Bobby is a 12 year old Pitbull. I have to confess that while Bobby is always in my thoughts, she never was my dog.


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Family Pizza NightCombine frugality and fun by starting family fun night in the kitchen. Get all of the family together and make pizzas from the leftovers in the refrigerator and a few of the family's favorite toppings.


hand holding a pill in front of a dog

Tips For Giving a Dog a PillDogs have always been a part of my life. Having pets means that it's likely you will have to give them a pill sometime throughout their lifetime. Generally, the dogs I've had have been pretty cooperative when I give them a pill.


Storm Clouds Over the Mountain (Elizabethton, TN)

Storm Clouds Over the Mountain (Elizabethton,...This is in Eastern Tennessee where we have had a lot of awful storms lately. Thankfully, our little neck of the woods was spared. Nevertheless, I love snapping pictures of cloud formations, regardless of what kind they are or what season it is.



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Cleaning a Fiberglass Shower?How do I clean a fiberglass shower?


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Free PVC Bird Patterns?Does any one know where to get free patterns to make PVC birds? I would love to make couple for my yard. Thanks.


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Asking a Shy Guy to Sadies?I want to ask this guy to Sadies, but hes shy and doesn't talk much so it's hard to make conversation. I need an easy way (something I can bring to school) that isn't too big, but just enough to make him smile :) What should I do?


Getting Rid of the Flies?I'm working in a newly opened fast food restaurant inside a mall and it is near the mall entrance. We serve charcoal grilled foods and one of them comes with a shrimp paste. There are flies in the restaurant especially in the afternoon and it has worsened recently.


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Getting Rid of Ants in the Garden Naturally?I have a real problem with ants every spring when I go to re-energize my gardens. I have a lot of gardens and it seems almost every one gets taken over by ants. The only safe/organic way I know is grits and it takes so long and so many treatments.


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Getting Rid of Roaches?I have never had a roach problem before. But since it has been getting cold lately, I have been finding roaches outside and now they are in my house. My house is really clean, I am a neat freak. The roaches are coming up from my drains...


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Finding the Value of International Wildlife Encyclopedias?I have a full set of International Wildlife encyclopedias from 1969 and wanted to know their worth. I also have a set of Illustrated World Encyclopedias minus 1 volume, that I would like to part with as well. They are from 1970.Are they worth anything?


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Knifty Knitter Marionette Patterns?I am looking for patterns to make marionettes on my Knifty Knitters. I found 2 (a worm and a chick) in one of my Provo Craft books, but am looking for more.


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Cat Urine on Leather Shoes?My darling cats were using my closet as a litter box. They are able to open the sliding doors, no matter how I fasten them. They sprayed or peed on my boots, sandals, and dress shoes and try as I might, I cannot seem to get the stink out of them.


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Freezing an Unbaked Quiche?I am making some meals for some friends and will be making crustless quiche. My plan is to cook everything (meat, veggies, rice) and then add that to the eggs. I plan on not cooking the meal, freezing it, and then they can cook it.


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Freezing Parsnips?How do you freeze parsnips?


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Wet Carpet Stench?The carpet in our back room has gotten wet; I can only assume from the sprinkler for the back lawn. It now has wet carpet stench to it. I have opened the back door and have a fan blowing in there, but I'm not sure if that will work. We are renting so I don't really want to pay for a carpet cleaner until we move.


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