March 13, 2012

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Microwave Dessert RecipesThis page contains microwave dessert recipes. The microwave is a great convenience, why not use it to make desserts.


Reusing Food Packaging, Junk Foods

Reusing Food PackagingThis is a page about reusing food packaging. A lot of the refuse in this country comes from food packaging, reuse it in creative ways and reduce waste.


Canning Pie Filling, Cherry Pie

Canning Pie FillingThis is a page about canning pie filling. When fresh fruit is ready for picking or in season at the market, it is a good time to can some pie filling for later use.


Keeping Your Oven Clean, Young Woman Cleaning her Oven

Keeping Your Oven CleanThis is a page about keeping your oven clean. The cleaner you can keep your oven the less often you will have to tackle the unpleasant job of cleaning it.


Crafts Using Old Glass Bottles, Old Medicine bottles

Crafts Using Glass BottlesThis is a page about crafts using glass bottles. Old glass bottles are prefect recycle crafting objects, with their beautiful colors and interesting shapes.


Man Holding Burger with Mustard Stain on his Tie

Removing Stains on ClothingOur clothes seem to be stain magnets; some are very difficult to remove. This is a page about removing stains on clothing.


Keeping Track Of Medical Information, Stethoscope on a Medical Chart.

Keeping Track Of Medical InformationThis is a page about keeping track of medical information. It is a good idea to keep track of all of your or family member's medical information, including medications, allergies, appointments, etc.


St Patricks Day Stout, St Patrick's Day Party Games

St. Patrick's Day Party IdeasSt. Patrick's Day is great time to get together and have a party. This is a page about St. Patrick's Day party ideas.


Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)

Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)This is a page about avoiding genetically modified foods. Many of us have concerns about eating genetically modified foods.


Building a Fence, Six Foot Tall Cedar Fence with Blue Sky in the Background

Repairing A Fence?This is a page about repairing a fence. Fences like all home structures need maintenance and repair over time.


Fabric Softener Reviews

Fabric Softener Reviews?This is a page containing fabric softener reviews. Choosing the best preforming fabric softener can be confusing.


Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies.

Storing Cleaning SuppliesStoring your cleaning supplies is important not only to make them easy to get to, but there may also be safety issues to consider. This is a page about storing cleaning supplies.


Cabinet with Multi-colored Hanging Files

Organizing Paperwork For TaxesThis is a page about organizing paperwork for taxes. Make the arrival of tax season less stressful by organizing the paperwork needed for preparing taxes.


Saving Money on Rice, Rice Spilling out of Burlap Sack

Saving Money on RiceThis is a page about saving money on rice. Rice is a staple in many homes, so saving money when buying it can help the grocery budget.


Homemade Body Lotion Recipes

Homemade Body Lotion RecipesThis page contains homemade body lotion recipes. Making your own body lotion is a good alternative to purchasing commercial products.


Mulligatawny Soup Recipes

Mulligatawny Soup RecipesThis page contains mulligatawny soup recipes. This delicious curry soup is often prepared with chicken and vegetables, but you can vary it to suit your own tastes.


Preventing and Treating Nosebleeds, Concerned Boy With Bloody Nose

Preventing and Treating NosebleedsThis is a page about preventing and treating nosebleeds. There is new information available for the safe treatment and prevention of nosebleeds.


Reusing Aluminum (Tin) Cans

Reusing Tin CansThis is a page about reusing tin (steel) cans. Reusing cans is another option to recycling them; there are many creative new uses for these containers.


Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Vegetarian Sandwich RecipesThis page contains vegetarian sandwich recipes. Vegetarian sandwiches are a delicious and healthy alternative to burgers and other meat sandwiches.


Adding Scent to Old Potpourri, Dried Flowers in Container

Adding Scent to Old PotpourriThis is a page about adding scent to old potpourri. Revive your old potpourri by adding a new scent.



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Cookie In A Cup (Microwave)This is good when you do not feel like baking, and want a small treat.


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Green Beans and Potatoes with BaconThis is real comfort food. The recipe calls for a full pound of bacon - you can cut that down if you like. I make it with the whole pound since we rarely eat bacon.


Mug Cake

3, 2, 1 Cake (Microwave)Quick and easy dessert which can be made for one, two, three or as many as you need to serve. No need to make a large cake which you might be tempted to eat until it is all gone.


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Leprechaun CupcakesCupcakes are very popular right now and this is very simple and has few calories. It's perfect for St. Patrick's Day.



Credit Report on Table

5 Steps to Improving Your Credit ScoreIn the eyes of lenders, consumers amount to little more than a series of numbers. A low credit score can be crippling to your long-term financial health-if you don't take the appropriate steps to fix it.


Hand holding Pruners

Buying Pruning ToolsWhen pruning trees and shrubs, it is important to use the right tool for the job. With so many different types of pruning tools available-each one designed to perform a specific task, buying the right tools can be a bit overwhelming. Here's what you need to know to buy the right tool for the job.


Green beans flavored with a small amount of bacon bits.

Adding Bacon Flavor To RecipesI used to cook green beans with bacon. Recently though, my husband's doctor suggested we cut back on this kind of processed meat. But we LOVE the flavor of foods cooked with bacon.


Scenery: Moon Beams

Scenery: Moon BeamsThis was a photo I snapped at 1:30 AM at night while letting the dogs go outside. I thought it would be pretty when I zoomed it on my photo app, and then used the snipping tool to save it with.


Red Rose in Greenhouse

Purchasing Rose PlantsGrowing roses doesn't have to be difficult, but it can be a frustrating experience if it turns out that the plant you buy isn't suitable for your garden. Here are some helpful tips for purchasing rose plants that will give you the best chances for success.


Closeup of Tree Seeds

Raising Native Trees from SeedRaising native tree species from seeds is a fun and rewarding process. It's also a fairly simple one. Although it is less expensive to grow trees from seed than it is to plant nursery-grown trees, what you save in money you'll probably make up for in time.


Snowy Tree (Brockville, Ontario)

Snowy Tree (Brockville, Ontario)This is a picture I took of another snow storm that hit us, it was taken in the back yard. Now you can feel spring in the air. Yeah!


Towel Bar To Store Cleaning Supplies

Towel Bar To Store Cleaning SuppliesI have a small bathroom so I had to use a small round towel holder for my cleaning supplies. I am going to install a long towel bar in the hall closet for hanging my cleaning supplies.


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Saving on Vegetable Garden SeedsMy home town had a seed swap a couple of weeks back. We were able to attend and WOW, did we get the seeds we were looking for and then some.


Jake (dog) meets Buster (horse)

In Memory Of Jake (Min Pin) And Buster (Horse)This photo is best to look at in a large format to properly see Jake's eyes that are saying YIKES!


Old Fashioned Flower Arrangement of peonies, mock orange and weigela.

Old Fashioned Flower ArrangementPeonies, mock orange, and weigela compliment each other and create a bouquet with an old-fashioned look. Makes me smile whenever I look at this photo.


A view of the Des Moines River (Bentonsport, IA)

Des Moines River (Bentonsport, IA)This is a picture of the Des Moines River taken from the Bentonsport Bridge. It is a beautiful spot to stop and have a picnic and to shop at all the unique little gift shops available.


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Organize your Paper Clutter For Tax TimeA very helpful publication can be found at the Internal Revenue Service web site., It is Publication 552 and it is all about record keeping. I recommend downloading a copy and putting it in front of your file box.



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Male Dog Peeing Inside?How can I stop my male dog from lifting his leg and peeing everywhere, including chair legs?


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Too Much Pepper in Soup?I put too much pepper in my vegetable soup. What can I do?


Local Fresh Fruit Available in England in March?What fruit is in grown in England and available in March?


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Ordering Kraft Foods' Food and Family?How do I order Food and Family for friends? I would like to order for birthday presents. Thanks for you help.


Black dog.

Preventing Dog From Getting Out Between...I have a wrought iron fence and a small dog that can slip between the slats. This means I have to go outside with her every time she goes to the bathroom to make sure she does not run away.


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Advice for Feeding Flowering Plants?What do I feed my plants when they start flowering? Bloom or boost?


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning and General Maintenance Business?My name is Chelsea and I live close to the water. I am looking for a catchy business name. I not only do cleaning, but just about everything from pressure washing to silt fencing, painting touch up, etc. Any ideas?


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Frigidaire Ice Maker Leaking?We have a Frigidaire refrigerator, a simple 2 door top and bottom. The ice maker works, it cycles, but the water leaks out of the bottom front. Is this an easy fix?


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Centerpiece Idea for Departing Missionaries?I have agreed to help a friend give a going away party for missionaries departing for Guatemala in April. Does anyone have any ideas for an inexpensive table centerpiece?


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Getting Rid of Head Lice in Bedding?My granddaughter keeps coming home from daycare with head lice. I have done the spray and wash everything in hot water. Any other solutions? This doesn't seem to work.


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