March 27, 2012

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Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Growing Heirloom VegetablesThis is a page about growing heirloom vegetables. Growing heirloom vegetable gives you the opportunity to collect your own seeds for next year's garden.


Photo of several weeping willow trees.

Transplanting a Weeping Willow Tree?This page is about transplanting a weeping willow tree. Weeping willow starts readily grow from the base of the plant and root quite easily.


Coins Flying out of Jar

Saving Spare ChangeIt can be amazing how quickly those extra coins can add up. This page is about saving spare change.


Bleach Bottle Bunny Craft

Recycled Easter Craft IdeasThis is a page about recycled Easter craft ideas. Reusing things that may end up in the garbage for crafts, make creative fun all year long.


Newspaper Seed Starting Pot

Making Newspaper PotsA thrifty way to have enough containers for your plant starts and seedlings is to make pots out of newspaper. This page is about making newspaper pots.



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Blueberry BitesThese are good and nutritious, they taste like candy.


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Green Pea Salad You thaw the frozen bag of peas in the refrigerator overnight. When you put the salad together the next day, you chill it and then serve.


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Ann's Yummy Cheesy Vegetable CasseroleA simply delicious way to get your family to eat vegetables. Even picky vegetable eaters love this dish.



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Soda Bottle To Store YarnI use the empty 2 liter soda bottles. By cutting off the top, about 2 inches from the curve, you can put a smaller skein or a ball down inside.


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Good Uses for Old Phone BooksAfter getting so many phone books delivered to my home that I don't really need, I started to put the pages to some use. Here are some of the ways I use them:


Hollyhocks and Sweet Peas (Magalia, CA)

Hollyhocks and Sweet Peas (Magalia, CA)This was outside my front door when I lived in California a couple of years ago. I love how the color of the hollyhocks matches the color of the sweet peas that climbed up the stalk.


Tape Roll Bracelets

Use Tape Rolls for BraceletsWhen our tape rolls are empty, I let the girls decorate them and wear them as bracelets.


Spring Rain Clouds

Spring Rain Clouds (Tri-Cities, TN)I love watching the development of clouds. The weather offers an everchanging opportunity to take photos!


A plane on Block House Island (Brockville, Ontario)

Block House Island (Brockville, Ontario)This is a picture I took at Block House Island right by the St Lawrence River. It is a picture of a plane in a tree.


Preserving Wild Flowers

No-Wilt WildflowersI always save the water spikes left over from florist arrangements. Whenever I go on a nature hike, I take a bunch along in my pack. I can get my wildflowers and other finds home without worrying about them wilting.


Thimble Necklace - worn by crafter

Thimble NecklaceAn old thimble becomes the flower pot and brightly-colored straight pins become the tiny flowers. This would be a great gift for someone who sews.


A tray of newspaper pots with seedlings, ready to plant.

Newspaper Pots For SeedlingsA good way to extend your vegetable gardening season is to start the seeds inside while the ground is still too cold to plant, before the last frost date in your area. You can make your own pots for free out of newspapers!


Colored Ice Cubes

Colorful Ice Cubes for the BathtubFill ice cube trays with water and add a drop of food colouring into each space in the tray. Freeze them and let kids play with them in the tub.


Spike and Sam (Beagles)

Spike and Sam (Beagles)Spike and Sam are Beagles. We got Spike in September of 2010 and Sam in Dec of 2011. They are brothers, just from different litters.


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Using Insulated Food JarsIf you have a thermos, you have a very thrifty money-saver at your fingertips! Instead of spending money by eating at restaurants during trips, take your meals with you! A good quality, well-insulated thermos can keep food hot for hours.


Painted Jars

Use Old Jars for Kids' Craft ItemsI had some old jars laying around and put some acyrilic paint in the bottom with a little bit of water and shook them up and then let them sit to dry over night. Now the kids have colourful jars to store pencils, crayons, and scissors.


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Reuse 35mm Disposable CamerasWhen you go to develop your film for your 35mm disposable camera, don't hand in the whole thing. Just give them the film. Then replace the film to use again.


Ten Dollar Clothing Sale Bin

Saving on Clothing for Adults and ChildrenI wanted to share some things I have done in the past and still do today for saving money on clothing for both children and adults. Clothing, along with everything else, is so expensive.


Magnolia in Bloom in front of a red barn. (Danielsville, PA)

Magnolia in Bloom (Danielsville, PA)This barn is on my daughter's property. We visited her last week and the Magnolia in front of the barn was starting to bloom.


Diamond Table Scarf

Diamond Table ScarfI made this pattern up. It was fun to create.


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Inexpensive Sewing SuppliesI find a lot of beautiful fabric in the charity shops and thrift stores. The fabric is in curtains, bed linens, and clothing. Retro, vintage, and modern fabrics, right there for pennies. Bring them home, run through the washer, and get sewing!


Rooster looking at a hen statue

Phoenix (Rooster)The two thinkers. Here is Phoenix my pet rooster, looking at his statue friend, who seems to be looking right back at him. I couldn't resist taking this photo.


Ribbon on Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder for Storing RibbonUse a paper towel holder to store your ribbon or bracelets. They are cheap and can be bought at the dollar store.


Storing Crochet Hooks

Tooth Brush Holders for Crochet HooksTooth brush holders from the Dollar Tree is really cool. I also used a clear box that held all of them when I was traveling. The glass case is a real coup, too. I especially like boxes with lids, as you don't have to "tip them out" and risk dropping them.


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Carry Mini Cupcakes in Egg CartonsThe kids needed a treat to take to a church party. I had made mini cupcakes and I had saved a lot of egg cartons so I decided to put them in there. It was easier to cart them and they fit perfectly. Then you don't have to worry about getting your containers back.


Inexpensive Extra Bed

Extra Bed for SleepoversMy kids are always having sleepovers and we needed extra beds for them. I took an old double comforter and filled it with old pillows and clothes. Then I sewed it up with a darning needle and wool.


Ointment for Pierced Ears

Ointment to Get Earrings in EasierMy pierced ears tend to "close up" if I go without wearing earrings for a while. And putting earrings in again can be difficult and painful. I found a way to slip them right in and keep them from hurting after I've had a lengthy earring lay-off.


A bottle of Homemade Gardener Soap.

Homemade Gardener SoapPut 3/4 cups of white sugar into a glass jar and add some dish soap. Then stir, you don't want it too runny. If it is, just add more sugar until you get the right consistency.


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Refilling Lysol Electric Soap DispensersI enjoy using the electric eye Lysol hand soap dispensers, but did not want to pay for the expensive refills. So, I used a one half inch spade bit drill and put a lovely hole in the top of the dispenser. I fill it up with whichever generic hand soap I find on sale.



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Removing Gum from Fabric?I washed and dried a cotton blend uniform dress with gum on it. How can I remove it?


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Getting Rid of Moles?How do I get rid of moles? They are terrible this year in our area.


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Painting Over the Strips on Mobile Home Walls?Has anyone painted leaving the wall strips on in a mobile home? They are ugly, but I was wondering if I just painted them the same color as the walls what it would look like. Please post pictures if you have them.



Previously House Trained Dog Pooping in the House?My 3 year old trained Maltese has started to do #2 if I leave her alone to go on an appointment. I'm not gone for more than an hour. I make sure she has been outside in the morning to do her necessities.


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Finding the Value of Older Encyclopedias?I have a full set of World Book Encyclopedias, copyright 1979. They are in excellent condition. How much would they sell for and where can I sell them?


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Removing Stains from a Butcher Block?How do I remove fruit stains from my butcher block? They are from fresh raspberries.


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Growing Sweet Potatoes?I have never planted sweet potatoes, hints?


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Dog Vomit Carpet Stains?How do I remove dog vomit stains from my carpet?


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Finding Value of Encyclopedia Set?I have an entire set of the 2004 New Standard Encyclopedia. Almost all of the books are still in the plastic "wrapper" they arrived in. All are in brand new condition. What can I possibly sell these for?


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