April 27, 2012

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Deeli's Shake n Bake CopycatSomeone was just asking for a Shake n Bake coating mix substitute. Here's one I came up with a few years ago that tastes very, very close to Kraft's Original Shake n Bake recipe.


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H's Take on Kansas BBQ SauceThis is a wonderful thick sauce that I use with chicken tenders and it really makes them plump and juicy when baked. We like them better than fried tenders. Don't use this sauce for dipping because it may be too strong to do so.


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Ham and Cheese TartsThese wonderful tarts have cream cheese and ham in them, among other things. They have a really wonderful taste since ham and cheese go so well together.


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Hot And Spicy BolognaEasy way to spice up plain ring bologna. More or less seasonings/spices can be used for individual flavor. This is my husband's favorite.


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Breakfast SandwichesThis is a basic oven omelet recipe that can be adapted to use as a breakfast sandwich or wrap. Different seasonings and vegetables can be added to the egg mixture for your own custom taste. It is a family favorite.


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Poppy Seed Salad RecipeA lovely, tossed salad with fruit and crunchy toasted almonds. This recipe is healthy, tastes great, and isn't high on calories.



Pills to be disposed.

How to Dispose of Unneeded Prescription...If you have any unused prescription drugs around the house you can dispose of them safely on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 at one of the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day events.


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Starting a Campfire or Charcoal in a BBQ GrillI have found that if you roll a cotton ball or two in Vaseline or other petroleum jelly, you can set it on fire right away.


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Decorated Leafy Easter EggsMake unique Easter eggs for easter or just for fun!


Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, NV)

Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, NV)This is a picture taken on New Years Day at Red Rock.


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Cleaning a Tub With Mr. Clean Magic EraserWhen we moved into our "new" apartment, it needed a good cleaning! The worst of it was in the bathtub/shower. I used cleaner after cleaner, until I talked to the apartment manager one day.


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Frugal Saying: I've Done So MuchI've done so much for so long with so little, that now I can do anything with nothing.


A chicken sun bathing.

Bathing Beauty (Chicken)When you are a young chick, bathing in the sun becomes a top priority (at least when you are a chicken). I will be posting many more of the Bugaboo Gang taking sunbaths as they are spending more and more time outdoors.


Cottage Grove Sunset

Sunset (Cottage Grove, OR)The sky was so pretty at sunset driving home from fishing I couldn't resist taking a picture.


Cody (Cat)

Cody (Cat)Cody is 6 years old. I live in an older house in the country and I get the occasional visitor of a field mouse, much to the delight of Cody my cat. She is very good at discouraging them from coming again.


Esteban the baby alpaca with his mother

Esteban (Alpaca)Esteban is 1 week old and an Alpaca. Esteban was born 1 week ago, he is the son of one of our female alpacas.


Marigolds to Deter Snakes

Marigolds to Deter SnakesNow that I have chickens, I am going to plant tons of marigolds all in the garden and around the house. Marigolds are one flower that make snakes wander elsewhere. This flower is going to be the star of my garden.


Photo of a pony.

Pony (Wind Gap, PA)I pass this pony on the way home from work, and lately I slow down and say hi. He comes over to the fence to greet me. He is so cute!


Recycled Barbie Bed

Recycled Barbie BedThis is an easy craft to do if you have girls who love Barbies.


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Hairspray to Remove Ink StainsUse hairspray to treat any type of ink stain (permanent marker, ink pen, etc.). Throw it in the wash machine and voila! No more stain. I have been doing this for years and it works fantastic.


Orange and Yellow Flower

California Blossoms (Rancho Santa Margarita,...My fiance and I recently moved to Southern California and we are fortunate enough to have a small park near our condo. It's called Altisima Park and I love walking up to the park, taking a stroll along the paved path, and returning home in the Cali sunshine!



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Slumber Party Movies?What are some good movies for a slumber party?


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Using Dried Garbanzo Beans?How can I use dried garbanzo beans in these recipes? Mine seems to stay hard no matter how long I cook them.


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Dog Chewing on Her Paws?My poodle has started chewing on her feet. Sometimes she will chew so hard it will bleed. Please help me find information.


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Something Chewing Plant Roots?I an having a problem with something eating the roots of certain plants, especially roses. The rose or plant will suddenly look as though it is wilted, when I check it just pulls right up out of the ground and the roots have been chewed on.


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Preparing a New Garden Plot?Last fall I tilled up a new garden plot and planted a winter rye cover. It came along nicely. I left it the winter and it is now greening nicely. Should I wait or should I till it now? And should I do anything to the soil before I plant. It is for mostly root vegetables.


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Dentures Causing Gum Pain After Tooth Extraction?Are gums supposed to throb after having all teeth pulled? I had all my teeth pulled out and they immediately put my dentures in and all I can say is I had 3 days of extreme pain. When I went back into the office on Monday they fixed the dentures and I had immediate relief.


Black and tan terrierish puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?What mix do you think this puppy is? He's only a few months and is a rescue puppy.


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House Training a 4 Month Old Puppy?We adopted a 4 month old mini-Pinscher Chihuahua mix, at least that is what they think. She was the runt of the litter, and she needed a home. She is adorable, sweet, affectionate, well behaved, social, we adore her; and yet, she keeps having accidents even though we take her out a lot.


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Sleeping With a Mohawk?What do you wrap your hair up with when go to sleep and how?


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Acrylic Nail Advice?I tried the quick dip acrylic and found I can see some of the powder still in the nail after I'm completely finished. I've also had this trouble on regular acrylics, occasionally, just not as bad.


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