June 14, 2012

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Solar lights mounted on top of fence posts.

Adding Lighting to a FenceThis page is about adding lighting to a fence. The addition of lights on a fence can light a patio or just improve safety and security after dark.


Mosquito Bite Remedies

Mosquito Bite RemediesStopping the itch and irritation of mosquito bites isn't always easy. This page contains mosquito bite remedies.


Bee Trap

Making a Bee TrapThis page is about making a bee trap. Bees are very important for plant pollination in our environment, but there are times when someone needs to be protected from a possible sting.


Cinder Block Raised Bed

Cinder Block PlantersThis is a page about making cinder block planters. Cinder blocks are relatively inexpensive and can easily be stacked and arranged in numerous ways. Their holes are perfect for planting in or you can create a bigger planter by stacking them up for a raised planter.



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Getting Rid of Pantry MothsI had a bad case of moths a few years ago. I finally found that my problem was a bag of pecans in the shell that we had stored in the laundry room until we could get them all shelled out, and the moths started there and migrated to my pantry.


Belle in one of her more studious moments.

In Memory of Belle (Xoloitzcuintli)This photo of Belle was taken when she was 13. She was a Xoloitzcuintli, also known as a Mexican Hairless. She however, had a beautiful reddish brown coat. We got Belle from our daughter several years ago, she was originally from the Humane Society in Hawaii.


Pastry Cutter For Chopping Fruit

Pastry Cutter For Chopping FruitI made strawberry jam and blueberry jam last week. Using the recommended potato masher to crush the berries never really works for me. I was trying to think of an easier way, when I came across my pastry cutter.


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Homemade Catalina Salad DressingI love the Catalina dressing, but when it went from a 24 oz bottle to a 16 oz bottle, with a price increase, I stopped buying it. I found a recipes on the web for a copy cat and tweaked it a little to suit my needs.


Closeup of brown rabbit.

Two of a Color (Dwarf Rabbit)Two of a Color is a 5 year old dwarf rabbit. About ten years ago, my family adopted two rabbits, a male and a female from the Arizona Humane Society.


Cinder Block Step Planter - finished planter

Cinder Block Step PlanterThis planter would work great for succulents, grasses, flowers, or strawberries. I chose to use succulents of the Sedum variety but there are a lot of different options.


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Onion for Mosquito BitesRub the juice from a piece of cut onion on your mosquito bite. It will stop itching immediately and if you apply the onion juice two or three times a day the bite will disappear within a few days. Who can't find a piece of onion at a picnic, barbeque or camping!


Finished rubber band ball

Making a Rubber Band BallI have always been tempted to buy the rubber band balls at the office stores. They seem like a decent way to store extra rubber bands and honestly just seem like a fun thing to play around with too!


White Peacock (Oklahoma City Zoo)

White Peacock (Oklahoma City Zoo)I took the grandkids to the zoo in Oklahoma City in June. As we were strolling through, we saw this peacock walking away from us. I guess we startled it because, it stopped right in front of us and started its strutting.


pink flower

Paper Seed Circles (Plantable Paper)These recycled paper seed circles make lovely gifts! All you need is scrap paper, a blender, some flower or vegetable seeds, and some type of screen.



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Dye Transferred in the Wash?I washed somthing red with my load and it turned all four of my work pants pink, so how can I get the pink out of my khaki pants?


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Getting Rid of Poison Ivy Near Grapevines?I have some poison ivy growing around my grapevines. I need to kill it, but am afraid to use anything that might leach into my grapes. Does anyone have a solution? Right now, I'm pretty much covered with the rash around my neck, face and arms.


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Coleus Plants Wilting?The "starter plants" (coleus) wilt at ground level. Is this a soil or insect problem?


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Photos Stuck Together?I would like to know if anyone knows a way I can separate my photos, they are stuck together, side by side.


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Name For Commercial Window Cleaning Business?I am starting my own business in cleaning comercial windows. I already have 2 accounts, but I have no business name. Please help. I need to run to Staples tonight to get some business cards. Thank you in advance.


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Bread Maker Recipe for Gluten-free Pizza Crust?My nephew is coming to stay with us for the weekend and his favorite food is pizza. The problem is he is on a gluten-free diet due to health problems. I am looking for a easy way to make a gluten-free pizza crust.


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Blade Not Turning on Toro Lawnmower?The lawn mower is running, but the blade is not turning. It is a Toro, model SR4 Super Recycler.


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Transplanting Turnip Seedlings?Can I transplant turnip seedlings from one part of my garden to another?


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15th Birthday Ideas?Okay so I'm turning 15 on June 15th and my parents said I can go anywhere I want, but I do some of the same stuff every year. I want to do something unique that I have never done before. Please help. I want my guest to have as much fun as I will :D


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Remedies for Swimmers Ear?I have an ear infection that has been diagnosed as swimmers ear. It is very painful and my outer ear is swollen and has grainy stuff coming out of the ear canal. What heals this?


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Shelf Life of Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix?How long past the sell date can you use this product?


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Dealing With a Teen Who Is Acting Out?Is it normal for my 16 year old daughter to act out? I have never had any trouble with her till a month ago when my ex moved next door. Then we moved away. Does it have something to do with that?


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Prizes for a Staff Party?I need ideas on prizes for a staff function at an indoor miniature race car track. The staff will be driving actual miniature race cars. I am looking for some ideas on prizes (they can be funny or actual gifts) for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place (the slowest). Please help, I can't think of anything!


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Planting a Flower Garden in June?What flowers or seeds can I sow in June?


View of page from book.

Complete Set of The Book of Knowledge 1935?When cleaning out my parents' home after their deaths, I found a complete set of The Book of Knowledge (20 volumes), copyright 1935.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I want a stylish name for my interior work business. Any ideas?


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Growing Peppers?I am looking for hints on growing peppers.


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Treating Ear Mites?In your home recipe for ear mites one of the ingredients is tea tree oil. Where can I buy it?


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Making Headbands?Can you give me any information on how to make headbands? Thank you.


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Homemade Polymer Clay?I want a recipe for making polymer clay.


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Cleaning Smelly Gas Station Washer Fluid Bucket?Is there something we can add to the washer fluid bucket at our gas station to stop it from smelling so bad in the summer from all the bugs, etc. We clean it out a couple of times every week. We clean the buckets with Clorox, but the smell keeps coming back help!


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