July 10, 2012

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Wearing Earrings With Sensitive Skin

Wearing Earrings With Sensitive SkinThis page is about wearing earrings with sensitive skin. There are ways to tolerate those inexpensive earrings when you react to the metals they contain.


Pitting Cherries With Cherry Pitter

Pitting CherriesIf you don't have a cherry pitter when the cherries are ripe, it helps to a easy way to pit them. This page is about pitting cherries.


4th of July Fireworks

4th of July Party IdeasThis page contains 4th of July party ideas. Besides fireworks there are many ways to enjoy summertime fun on Independence Day.


Garden swing with wire woven between side bars and vine growing up the side

Using Recycled Materials in the GardenThis page is about using recycled materials in the garden. There are many ways to repurpose stuff in your yard and garden.


Tips for a Successful Marriage

Tips for a Successful MarriageThis page contains tips for a successful marriage. Maintaining a healthy marital relationship can be a challenge for many couples.


Woman Cooling Off in Front of Fan

Keeping Cool in Hot WeatherThis page is about keeping cool in hot weather. When the temperatures rise, there are a number of ways to stay comfortable.


Woman With A Cold

Home Remedies for a Chapped NoseThis page is contains home remedies for a chapped nose. A cold or flu can result in leaving the skin around your nose irritated.



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Heal Minor Burns Instantly With Soy SauceThis tip might, if not save your life, at least make it a lot more agreeable! It happens to all of us at some point - we spill a bit of hot water on ourselves, we touch the stove too soon, or we interact with high temperature tools or irons.


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Use Lip Balm to Moisten FingertipsI use this tip when in a public waiting area where magazines are available. Instead of worrying about germs from licking your finger when you turn the page, I carry a cheap lip balm. A little dab and no more stuck pages or someone else's germs!


Line drawing of a segmented worm wearing a cap.

Bookworm Reader ChartMake a Bookworm Reader Chart to encourage your child to read more books and be creative when coloring his own piece of artwork - Bookworm!


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Place Ice in Front Of Fan For Cool AirLooking for a way for keeping cool without an air conditioner? Put a large bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan. Turn on the fan. The ice will cool the air from the fan and quickly cool you off. Replace ice cubes as needed.


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Frugal Ways to Update FurnitureI have gone garage saling for many years, but recently two other friends and I often go together. We give each other advice on items the other one is looking to buy and ideas about how to use different items that can be re-purposed.


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Chalk to Deter AntsIf you have a problem with ants around pet food, water, doors or window sills, all you have to have is chalk. Yes, it that easy. You draw a circle around the pet food or water and the ants will NOT cross over the circle of chalk.


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Considerations When Apartment HuntingDon't forget to keep in mind one very important thing. How far will I have to carry my groceries and everything else before getting to my apartment?


Boy on Rope Swing

Easy Old Fashioned Rope SwingThe large tree in our front yard has finally gotten sturdy enough the we felt comfortable putting up a rope swing. Our boys had fun making it and and I have already gotten my money's worth out of it (less than $20!) watching them play!


Hippie on a float board in the pool.

Hippie (Mini Wire Hair Dachshund)Hippie is now a 3 year old Mini Wire Hair Dachshund. Hippie is a registered Doxie from Stone Valley Breeders and I got him for a gift and addition to our family for my husband 3 years ago. Hippie enjoys all activities: racing, car shows, riding the 4 X 4 buggy in the woods (which he considers his), and playing in the water. He loves everyone and especially his daddy and mama. Hippie is the absolute most precious little guy ever! We love all animals and of course all the ones that are or have been in our lives, but Hippie is just an exception and he knows it. haha . He brings us such joy and entertainment.



Stack of encyclopedias.

1901 Chambers Encyclopaedia?I have a 10 volume set of the 1901 Chambers Encyclopaedias and I was wondering what their value would be? They are in good condition. Many thanks.


Breaker on Outside Pole Keeps Tripping?My trailer house has a breaker box in my trailer for different parts of my trailer, but it keeps tripping the breaker box on the outside pole that my trailer is plugged into. If I have the dryer and AC on it trips.


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Getting Rid of Fleas on a Squirrel?I have a 4-5 month old red squirrel who was paralyzed in his hind quarters. He has no use of one leg and has only regained slight use of his other. He also has no use of his tail. He has fleas and I am at a loss as to how to treat him.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?My Toro Wheel Horse riding mower was idling and just shut itself off. I tried to restart and it does not make any clicking noise from key turning or any kind of noise of motor trying to turn over, just silence. The battery is brand new.


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Ducks Laying Eggs and Not Returning?All summer we have found duck eggs buried in the mulch around the trees in our yard, only one at a time. We have left them alone for days without the female returning. We have lived here along the lake for 22 years and never had this happen before.


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Blanching Corn?How do I blanch vegetables, such as corn?


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Baby Shower Theme Ideas?I want to throw a baby shower using the gingerbread boy as a theme. Any suggestions on the decor?


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Head Lice Concerns?My daughter's friend was at our house playing for several hours. Later that night her mom called to tell us that she found out she has lice. I have checked all of our heads thoroughly several times and washed, cleaned, and vacuumed the entire house.


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Growing a Pineapple Plant?I have a home grown pineapple plant and a strong wind broke its stalk. I have stuck the pineapple and old broken part of the stalk into the ground, it's green in color and about 4 inches around and 6 inches high. What should I do? Thanks.


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Tips for Successful Moving Sales?I would appreciate any suggestions you all could provide concerning what makes a moving/garage sale successful. I live in Arizona, so it is incredibly hot here, but have to move due to financial constraints. Thank you!


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Free or Very Low Cost Veterinary Clinic in Tacoma Washington?Yesterday my friend brought me a little kitten (maybe 6 weeks old). She had found the kitten, scared, starving, and sickly, by a bunch of garbage cans. Some heartless person had obviously just dropped this poor kitty off somewhere, to fend for herself.


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Getting Rid of Indoor Spiders?How can I get rid of spiders?


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Freezing Zucchini?When freezing zucchini what do you have to do so it doesn't turn watery when thawed out?


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