August 15, 2012

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Extremely dry sunburned skin.

Remedies for Dry Sunburned SkinThis is a page about dry sunburned skin remedies. Spending too much time in the sun can leave you with dry sunburned skin.


Plastic container full of frozen vegetables.

Refrigerator Is Freezing FoodSometimes you may find that your refrigerator has begun to freeze the food inside. This page contains troubleshooting tips if your refrigerator is freezing food.


Growing a Plum Tree from a Cutting

Growing a Plum Tree from a CuttingThis is a page about growing a plum tree from a cutting. By following a few simple steps you can grow a plum tree from a healthy cutting.


Electric Smoke Detector

Electric Smoke Detector Won't Stop BeepingIt can drive you to distraction, the constant unexplainable beeping of an electric smoke detector. Often it just needs the battery replaced but it may be a signal that it needs greater attention. This is a page about troubleshooting ideas when an electric smoke detector won't stop beeping.


A bottle of Goo Gone, great for removing stickers from plastic.

Removing Stickers from PlasticThis is a page about removing stickers from plastic. Care should be taken when removing stickers from plastic, as some solvents can react negatively with the plastic item.


Removing Mold From Shoes

Removing Mold From ShoesThis is a page about removing mold from shoes. Shoes sometimes get moldy when stored in a damp closet or put away wet.



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Cowboy BeansThis is a type of chili. I had it last 4th of July at a neighborhood event and finally received the recipe.


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Sweet Oil and Vinegar Salad DressingThis is a great, quick dressing!



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Smarter Back to School ShoppingEvery where you look, all you see is Back to School sales. In some places, kids are going back, but here in CA, it is the start of summer school. Either way, savings are all around us.


Pink, blue, and yellow examples of bookmarks.

Simple BookmarksI was looking for a simple bookmark that my kids could make themselves. We had a lot of embroidery floss in a ton of colors so I decided to have them use that.


Butterfly on a butterfly bush.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ButterflyThis butterfly stayed still long enough for me to get a quick shot with the sun shinning through his wings.



Canning Apricots in a Hot Water BathCanning takes some time at harvest but the results prove to be time well spent. If you have never canned before, don't plan to can the whole garden in one day. Harvest of very much takes some time. There is time needed to prepare the food.



Canning Asparagus in a Pressure CannerIf you have planned ahead, you may have a thriving asparagus patch in your backyard. You have to start two years ahead of being able to eat or can anything from the asparagus growth.


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Keeping Clothes on HangersThis tip will keep your sundresses and short sleeve shirts on your coat hangers. Just put wide rubber bands on the ends, from top to bottom, the rubber bands will keep the clothes from falling off! Helps to keep the closet tidy!


Making an Inexpensive Flea Pool

Video: Making an Inexpensive Flea PoolThis is a video I saw on youtube and I am sharing with you.


finished reindeer 1

Cork ReindeerWe have a huge bag of corks that we bought at a resale shop, so we have been trying to put them to good use. This adorable reindeer can be used as an ornament or even just set on a table top.


Little girl sitting quietly on a bench, in the garden.

Solitude (Oakland, OR)Our little Emma was watching the fish swim in Papa's pond. She found a little spot in the sun and perched there for a few minutes. A rare occasion as an active kid!


Three barrettes made for project.

Yo Yo BarretteMaking a barrette with colorful yo yos and buttons.


Before the Wedding

Before the Wedding (Aloha, OR)Grandpa keeping the grandgirls busy before the wedding.


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Talcum Powder For Squeaky Hardwood FloorsSpray talcum powder in the grooves of the hardwood floor. Try to have it penetrate in with a brush, and add some more from time to time. This should help lessen the "squeaky" noise.


Ornamental Garden Border

Tips for Planting Ornamental BordersThe secret to creating an attractive ornamental border is to create a mixture of permanent plants such as shrubs and perennials flowers, and combine them with annuals, biennials, and even vegetables, to provide extra color during the growing season.


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Cedar Chips For FleasAfter treating your dogs, you have to do something to discourage and kill those pesky fleas from hanging around in your yard. I buy the cedar chips and sprinkle it all over the yard



Canning Artichokes in Oil (The Italian Way)Artichokes are a strange looking vegetable that kind of looks like a pine cone. It is green and the petals come up around the center. I would start with baby artichokes rather than the hearts for my first venture in canning in oil.



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Home Remedy to Help Get to Sleep?Does anyone have home remedies for people who cannot get to sleep, when counting sheep doesn't work?


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Minerals in Water Stained Clothing?My favorite pair of shorts turned yellowish-red, because we have too much iron in our water. How can I turn them white again?


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Value of Old Reference Book?I have a book called the Little Cyclopaedia of Common Things by Rev. Sir George W. Cox, 12th edition published 1906. I'm wondering what the value of it would be? Thanks.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I want to start my new interior design company. Please suggest the best name for my company. I would like to use the letters d and e.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?Hey this is Nilesh, could you suggest me some unique name for an interior designing business?


Textured paintable wallpaper with label in place.

Discontinued Payless Blown Vinyl Wallpaper?Does anyone know where I could get a hold of a discontinued line of wallpaper, it was originally bought at Payless Focus (do it all), and is a blown vinyl wallpaper product, code 247424. It is white in colour and is used for covering cracked and uneven walls, it does have a pattern to it. Thank you.


Pink flowering hydrangea in yard.

Changing the Color of a Hydrangea to Blue?How do I turn a pink or white hydrangea blue?


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Blanching When Freezing Vegetables?Is blanching required for freezing yellow squash, cabbage, corn, and broccoli?


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Keeping a Grasshopper as a Pet?How do I find Jacob a friend? I don't see grasshoppers that often.


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Getting Rid of Ants in the Kitchen?Please help I have ants are all in my kitchen.


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