December 10, 2012

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A paint bucket and paint swatches.

Painting Steel to Look Like WoodThis page is about painting steel to look like wood. Painting techniques can make metal have a wood grain appearance.


Knotted and Tangled Hair

Remedies for Knotted and Tangled HairThis page is about remedies for knotted and tangled hair. Depending on the kind of hair you are dealing with, there are a ways to get it untangled.


Playing With Your Cat

Playing With Your CatThis page is about playing with your cat. Enjoying your house cat can include toys for interactive play.



finished chickpea masala 2

Chickpea MasalaI love Indian food! I recently had chickpea masala at a restaurant and decided to try to make it myself. It turned out great!


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Cleaning Houseplants EasilyClean house plant leaves using a sock. Slip your hand into the sock. You are able to clean the top and bottom of the leaves at the same time. I always use milk to clean the leaves. Makes them really shiny.


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Whiter WhitesWhites will be whiter if you soak them in hot water for 10 minutes along with a few lemon slices.


Freida in fall leaves.

Freida (Australian Shepherd)My pride and joy, Freida! We had no idea how lucky we were when we adopted Freida at 6 months of age. She has been a wonderful companion for the last year and I can't wait for the many years to come!



Maltese on bed.

Training a Dog to Not Run Away?My dog always runs a way; how can I stop him?


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Using Frozen Zucchini for Bread?I used frozen zucchini the other day and drained the liquid and my bread did not turn out the same as if it was fresh. It's dry inside and the outside doesn't even have the same look as when it does with the fresh. Did I maybe drain to much of the liquid off?


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Fudge Too Chocolatey and Not Creamy Enough?I made fudge using dark chocolate chips. I did not use enough marshmallow cream. Is there any way to remake and add marshmallow cream?


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Selling Set of Encyclopedias?I wish to sell a 1955 copyright edition of the World Book Encyclopedia and a Universal Standard Encyclopedia (New Funk and Wagnalls) copyright 1949,1951, 1952It is a full set in good condition. How do I go about selling them?


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Getting Bad Smell out of New Vinyl Table Top?Can anyone help with removing the smell (like vomit) out of a new card table with a vinyl top? I have used an orange based cleaner and burned oils near it, but it is not working. Help!


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Replacing the Electrical Plug on a Christmas Ornament?I have a Hallmark keepsake ornament. The plug that comes out the bottom of the ornament that plugs into the light string needs to be replaced. My question is can I pull the cord from the ornament and replace it with another cord?


Pit puppy in pink dog bed.

Training a Puppy Not to Bite?My three month old Pit puppy bites. I've had her since she was 3 weeks old. She has a bad habit of snapping at people when they are playing with her.


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Water Not Heating in H2O Steam Mop?I bought H20 steam mop, but the water is cold when sprayed. I am looking to buy a new boiler. Any ideas where to buy one from?


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Replacing the Center Tube on Cat Scratching Post?I have a homemade 2 ft. carpeted wood scratching post for my cats, but on a whim I bought a cheap cat post with fleece-covered base and top ledge, with a sisal-covered post in between.


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Helping Dog Suckle Her Puppies?I have one day old puppies. I helped their mother with suckling and giving them some milk too. The question is how many times do I suckle the puppies each day?


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Food Saver Schematic for Repairing Appliance?How can I obtain a schematic for my food saver? A power surge burned a capacitor in the control board and I need to find out the value of it so I can get it replaced.


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Reviews of Dryer Balls?I am thinking of buying Dryer Max dryer balls. It says on the package that they soften fabric naturally and cut drying time, and are hypoallergenic and reusable.


Paint stains on sleeve.

Removing Paint on a Parka Coat?I recently helped my friend move into a new place and before he moved in we took all of his clothing round. There must have been wet paint on the wall, but we weren't informed of this off the previous owner and it has gone on my £165 parka coat.


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