June 23, 2013

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chicken fajitas

Crockpot Fajitas RecipesThis page contains crockpot fajitas recipes. A delicious, Mexican style main dish can cooked in a slow cooker.


A photo of a car.

Removing Rotten Food Odors From a CarThis page is about removing rotten food odors from a car. If some food gets forgotten or spilled in a car, it can leave behind a disgusting smell.


Bird Droppings on a Car

Removing Bird Droppings from a CarThis page is about removing bird droppings from a car. When parking under trees or power lines you can end up with a dirty car.



Schipperke Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains schipperke breed information and photos. Originally used as a guard dog on boats these small compact dogs make wonderful companions.


Disabled veteran in a wheelchair in front of an American flag.

Housing Assistance for Disabled Veterans?This page is about housing assistance for disabled veterans. There are government agencies and nonprofit organizations to help our disabled servicemen in need of housing.


A chest of drawers with clothing in them.

Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner Paper?Scented drawer liner paper keeps your clothes smelling wonderful. Buying it can be expensive and you may not find a fragrance you like, so make your own. This is a page about how to make your own scented drawer liner paper.


Magnetic Tape

Uses for Magnetic TapeThis page contains uses for magnetic tapes. While most video, music, and computer backup tapes are rarely used any more, there are ways to repurpose this material.


A child eating and making a mess.

Feeding Children With Less MessThis page is about feeding children with less mess. Kids can be messy with their food, but there are ways to minimize the untidiness.


A young starling sitting in a lawn.

Caring for a Wild Baby BirdThis page is about caring for a wild baby bird. The best place for any baby is with their mother, but sometimes you find an orphan.


Drawer Liner

Uses for Drawer LinerThis is a page about uses for drawer liner. Nonskid drawer and shelf liner has many other uses around your home.


Birds perched on a man's hand and shoulder.

Cleaning Bird Droppings From Fabric?This page is about removing bird droppings from fabric. Whether on indoor or outdoor cloth, bird or poop is unpleasant to clean.



Remedies for a FeverThis page is about remedies for a fever. When a fever is present the first thing you should do is consult your health care provider.



Preserving Radishes?This page is about preserving radishes. These fresh, spicy roots don't keep long, but there are a few ways to preserve them.


recycled bike planter

Frugal Planter IdeasFind creative, inexpensive ways to plant your garden flowers and vegetables. This page contains frugal planter ideas.



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Daycare Names?I just opened up a daycare and I'm looking for a catchy name. Any suggestions?


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Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice?I have African mahogany floors by Mirage (Brass) in living room, dining room, and foyers. My furniture is traditional with rust colored sofas. The walls are now yellow/gold. Do I have to repaint the walls a different color?


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Red Wine Stains on Clothing?How do I get red wine out of clothing?


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Pear Tree Has Webs?Do webs in pear trees indicate poor health of tree? How do I treat? The tree is at least 50 years old.


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Decorating a Wooden Letter?I have an 18 inch wooden letter C that I want to decorate to hang on a front door. This will be a shower gift for my granddaughter. I have seen letters decorated with flowers, but I'm looking for other suggestions.


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SSI and Child Support?What if a person is on SSI, do they have to pay child support? And what about the back pay that he gets back, does that come to me?


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Food Ideas for a 16th Birthday?I'm just starting to plan my 16th. It's about two months away in early September. I'ts going to be a superhero and super villain party and I need some really good food ideas. Any advice would be great.


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End of Year Bonfire Party Ideas?I'm 14 and I'm having a end of year bonfire. I'm only allowed 15 people. It's a boy girl party and my bf and his friends are coming. I don't know what to do other then roast marshmallows and hotdogs and play music.


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Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas?I turn 16 in December and I want to have a big sweet 16. But something that includes me riding in a party bus and doing it really big. (Money is not a problem.) I just need ideas.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 next month. I'm only inviting 3-4 friends and want to do something really different. No arcades, spas, bonfires, camping, bowling, swimming, or movies please.


Single volume.

Selling Encyclopaedia Britannica?I have a complete set of the 1768 15th edition Encyclopaedia Britannica and all 30 volumes are in excellent condition. Where would I be able to find how much they are worth and where would I be able to sell them easily?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have dusty rose carpeting, one pale pink wall, the others are cream, a burgundy leather sofa recliner, and oak end tables. I need to know what color drapes and how to pull this mess together. Thank you.


Searching for Nylotex Selvedge?Does anyone know where I can find Nylotex Selvedge? I have searched Hobby Lobby and Michaels and they do not carry it. I want to make some coat hangers. We did this as a kid and it was a lot of fun.


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Mower Keeps Quitting After Running Awhile?My 19 hp Craftsman lawn tractor runs for a while and then will quit and act like it is overheating. After I let it sit for a few hours it will start up again. Any ideas?


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Arkansas Razorback Cross Stitch Pattern?I'm looking for an Arkansas Razorback cross stitch pattern.


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Remedies for Chafing?My husband works out in the sun all day. He gets really bad chafing so that he can't walk that good. He used cornstarch and Monkey Butt powder and it works for a little bit then it comes back really bad. I'm trying to find out what I can use.


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Washer Door Won't Open After Code F21?My Maytag 3000 front loader threw a F 21 code. I can't open the door to take things out. How do I open and fix?


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Choosing Sofa Color?I have a very expensive chair which is a rich blue, green, and turquoise with a dark brown background. Would a dark grey or lighter grey sofa go with this chair? I would prefer not to buy a beige or brown sofa and with a dog white is not an option.


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New Ice Maker Doesn't Work?I installed a new ice maker and a new water valve and either one will work.


Tabby cat.

Cats Urinating on the Couch?We have many cats, they're all altered tom cats but they continually to pee on our couch. We have done the carpet runner, turned it upside down; they just love it. We put plastic on it. Somebody told us to put spray deodorant on it.


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Curtain Color and Design Ideas?I have a couch that has predominantly sky blue color and some cream and ash in it. The walls of d house are painted white. What color and design of curtains do I use?


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Reusing Ziploc Bags?I usually will first insert the food in a plastic bag from the supermarket produce dept as a liner for the Ziploc thereby keeping the Ziploc clean for future use. Empty used Ziploc bags are kept in the freezer. Is there any health problem with this method?


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