August 1, 2013

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Unique Saying

Finding Unique Sayings to Monogram?This is a page about finding unique sayings to monogram. Adding monogrammed sayings to craft and clothing projects is fun. However, it can be difficult to find just the right quote.


Master gardener in a greenhouse.

Get Gardening Advice From a Master GardenerThis page is about get gardening advice from a master gardener. You can avoid many mistakes when you get advice from an expert.



Answers to Seldom Asked Gardening QuestionsThis is a page about answers to seldom asked gardening questions. Is it a shrub or a tree? Is a cucumber really cool? And many other garden related questions pop in and out of our minds, sometimes without actually being answered.


tinker pony

Pony PhotosThis page contains pony photos. Having enough room and proper facilities make having a pony a lot of fun.


Silly man in a suit.

Man JokesThis is a page about man jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of men, women, pets, and other topics.


Porcelain Doll

Selling a Porcelain Doll Collection?Perhaps you inherited a doll collection or are simply downsizing and decluttering, but now you are thinking of selling your dolls. This is a page about selling a porcelain doll collection.



Mixed Breed Dog Photos and InformationThis page is about what are designer mutts? The advantage of mixed breeds is that mutts tend to be less susceptible to health issues that plague pure breeds.


Green Pepper and Tomatoes

Green Pepper and Tomato Salad RecipesEnjoy these vegetables together in a fresh salad. This page contains green pepper and tomato salad recipes.


Cleaning Auto Glass

Cleaning Auto GlassThis is a page about cleaning auto glass. Right up there with windows, cleaning auto glass is a necessary, if not particularly fun project.


Beef Teriyaki

Beef Teriyaki RecipesTeriyaki beef is an easy to prepare, delicious meal for any occasion. This page contains beef teriyaki recipes.


A couple standing in front of their coffee shop.

Starting a Small BusinessThis page is about starting a small business. Depending on what kind of business you are opening, there are many things to consider to make sure you plan for success.



Repairing a Refrigerator Door Gasket?This page is about repairing a refrigerator door gasket. If the seal is compromised on your refrigerator doors, it may not run properly and energy can be wasted.


A man cleaning his car windows.

Removing Road Salt From Auto Glass?This page is about removing road salt from auto glass. Salt used on roads in the winter can take some elbow grease to remove from glass.



LEGO TableOur kids love to build with LEGOs.


Duct Tape Rose Pen

Duct Tape Rose PenIf you are looking for a fun craft for the kids to do this summer, give these a try.


Wooden Puzzle BoardWith our busy schedule it can take a long time for us to complete a puzzle.



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Avocado Fries with Cilantro Lemon Dipping SauceDredge the avocado slices in the breadcrumb mixture, then in the egg mixture, then in the breadcrumb mixture again. Place them in the hot oil and fry them for about 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown.


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Shake and Bake BroccoliThis is a recipe that has garlic and salt and pepper and olive oil. This makes the broccoli really come out really crunchy and delicious.


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Graham Cracker Crust Blueberry PieThis is an excellent recipe for a potluck dinner. You had better make 2! It is a delicious blueberry pie made with a graham cracker crust and, if you will pardon the pun, it is "easy as pie" to make. Sorry that I didn't have a picture. It was gone before I got a chance to take a picture.


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No Bake Healthy Energy BitesThese bites are no bake and they are peanut butter flavored and this recipe included chocolate chips and ground flaxseed, honey, vanilla and oatmeal.



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Roach Prufe Around Perimiter To Eradicate RoachesI lived in a Texas house with several roommates. And cockroaches, BAD! We had tried the "bombs." They didn't work as hoped for, then I read about Roach Prufe. I also read of the best application technique.


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Find your TV Entertainment in Free SnippetsSeriously, take back all that time wasted on TV. Most reality TV can be summed up in fun and even more entertaining ways on webshows that show the choicest highlights.


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Aluminum Polish for Removing Scratches On Plastic LensesI think the use of Armour Etch to remove the antiglare and scratch resistant coatings has been said enough about. Plus it's on YouTube. It worked for me on my PLASTIC prescription glasses with metal frames.


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Meal Planning Saves MoneyIt's a chore that I hate, but admittedly, Meal Planning saves me the most grocery money. I use recipe sites to decide dinner for the next week or two, saving the recipes to my Bookmarks.


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Removing Blood Stains from ClothingTo remove blood stains from clothing, follow these steps immediately, if possible:



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Substitute for Buttermilk?What can I substitute for buttermilk?


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Removing Vertical Lines on Windshield?I'm not sure what they are called, but I'll say I have windshield streaks. They are lines going straight down all across. This happened during the winter. Anyone know what this is, or how to remove them?


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Riding Mower Won't Start?My mower won't start. It smoked when it started and now it won't start at all. Where is the 12 volt fuse hidden? Where do we look? We can see 3 fuses, but they say the 12 volt is hidden. It hasn't started the last couple times, now it just clicks and does not turn over.


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Brand Name for Home and Office Decor Products?I am starting a distribution company of home and office decor products that includes lights (LED, solar), furniture, home decoration items, flooring, tiles, and garden products. I will be branding my products. The names I thought of are already trademarked.


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Removing the Odor of Rotten Meat?I run a commercial kitchen that caters to people in large quantities. Recently I had stopped visiting the kitchen for around 2-3 weeks, since the kitchen is not operational currently. At that time I had approx. 20kgs of beef in 1 chest freezer (100Ltrs) and another 20Kgs of fish in another chest freezer (100Ltrs).


Blue upholstered chair.

Recovering Vinyl Dining Chairs?I am trying to find a way to repair my dining room vinyl chairs. I am looking for stick on vinyl for covering my chairs. I have a soft vinyl upholstered dining chairs (6) and they are worn at the edges down to the cloth, not to mention the appearance.


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14th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 14 in about 17 days and my party is this weekend. I'm having it at my stepmom's parents' house. They have 62 acres. I'm having chicken, watermelon, and corn for dinner.


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11th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm trying to plan my daughter's birthday party. She's eleven, sort of a tomboy sort of not, any ideas?


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Free Roof Repairs?How do I get free roof repairs? I am going to lose my home without help. I have black mold and my dining room ceiling is falling in.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is in 10 days and I need some fun activities to do at my birthday party. It's going to be at my house. Any ideas?


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Oak Tree Leaking Sap?My oak tree is leaking sap at the bottom and it's attracting bees and flies. How can I stop it?


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No-Melt Frosting for Cupcakes?I'm making cupcakes, but I'm trying to figure out what's better cream cheese or frosting? I want my cupcakes to look nice and not to melt what do you guys suggest?


Selling Can Pull Tabs?Where can I sell can pull tabs?


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Padding for Under Dog House Cooling Mats?My dogs stay outside during the day while we are at work and sleep inside at night. I recently purchased them a wood dog house for shelter from the elements when we are not home to let them come inside.


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Hitachi Bread Maker Parts?I am needing a drive belt for my Hitachi bread maker model HB8201. It is the Auto Home Bakery Plus model.


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Value of a Murphy Cedar Wardrobe?I have a Murphy cedar wardrobe-345. It is in excellent condition. Does anyone know the value?


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Buying Octagon Soap?I need to buy Octagon soap asap! It is great for getting rid of redbugs/chiggers, but my local store said it isn't made anymore. If not, does anyone know of something else that can be used. Itchy!


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Automotive Sales Laws in Alabama?Can someone please tell me if there is a law in Alabama preventing a dealership from charging more than the car/SUV is worth? I was overcharged by several thousand dollars, promised a huge discount with a "voucher" I received (which wasn't applied to the contract).


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Puppies Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?I have 2, 8 month old, puppies who are sisters. We rescued them from a pound, but while I walk them they always show very aggressive behaviour towards other dogs we see.


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Making Homemade Detergent Smell Like Gain?How do make my homemade laundry detergent smell like Gain? What essential oils will make my homemade laundry detergent smell like Gain or have a tropical scent?


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MagicJack Fax Problems?Would upgrading to fios quantum internet cause problems with MagicJack or require reconfiguration of it?


Cocker Spaniel puppy in pink bed.

House Training a Puppy?My 11 week old puppy has been good for the past week or so, then yesterday she tried to pee on the carpet, pooped in the 2nd bedroom, and today peed in the kitchen (a lot). Why is she regressing?


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