November 19, 2013

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Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic Appetizers?This page is about roasted garlic appetizers. A pungent favorite that becomes caramelized after roasting, and is delicious combined with cheeses and in spreads.


A cupcake with candles on it for a 40th birthday.

40th Birthday Party IdeasThis page contains 40th birthday party ideas. Be sure to choose a theme that relates to the celebrant's interests for this landmark birthday celebration.


Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower RecipesThis page contains roasted broccoli and cauliflower recipes. The flower buds of these two cabbage family vegetables are delicious when combined together.


bug spray

Identifying Flying InsectsThere are a variety of small insects that can be bothersome around the house and yard. Use these tips to help identify and mitigate common tiny insects. This is a page about identifying flying insects.


Dogwood tree in spring.

Leaves Turning Brown on Dogwood Tree?This is a page about leaves turning brown on a Dogwood tree. While the leaves may brown before they fall in Autumn, brown leaves on a Dogwood tree in other seasons is often a sign of poor health.


A cat sleeping on top of a woman.

Keeping a Cat From Waking You Up?This page is about keeping a cat from waking you up. Breaking your cat's habit of starting your day before you want it to, can be a challenge.


Zwieback Toast

Zwieback Toast RecipesThis page contains zwieback toast recipes. A crispy, twice baked bread that is great with soups, and often helpful with teething.


Hair Spray Nozzle

Unclogging Hair Spray NozzleThis is a page about unclogging a hair spray nozzle. Hair spray nozzles can easily get clogged. Then they will either splatter in stead f mist or not spray at all.


streaks of clouds

Cloud PhotosThis page contains cloud photos. Stormy and calm skies create visible masses of condensed water vapor that take on so many different shapes, patterns and colors.


Roasted Edamame

Recipes Using Edamame (Soybeans)Edamame beans are a delicious and healthy snack. They are easy to prepare and sure to be popular with family and guests. This page contains recipes using edamame or soybeans.



CD case on windowsill with emerging seedlings

CD Case Plant DisplayUse a spare CD case, add some soil and a seed, close it and leave it by a bright window. A pretty plant will sprout and grow! Great for a child's learning project or even a pretty, natural window ornament!


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Waste Not, Want NotIf you are like me, you like to find a use for everything, rather than throw it away. At a minimum, you will settle for putting it with the recycling, or donating it, as long as, it does not go to waste.


Scoop for pet food.

Making a Scoop from a Quart Milk JugSimple stuff, but really helpful! I just cut out a portion of a plastic quart sized milk carton and leave a longer 'tongue' at the end. That way I can pinch it into a point to direct my cat food that I pour.


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Use Less Marinade with a Plastic BagReady-bought liquid marinades can be very expensive, and sometimes the ingredients for marinade recipes to make at home can be costly as well. So why waste it?


Foam Pen Cushion from Nerf Bullet

Foam Pen Cushion from Nerf BulletI was going through my treasure jars I keep and I found these little foam bullets with a suction cup on the end. The rest of the toy is long gone, having seen better days.


Croutons for Salmon Patties

Croutons for Salmon PattiesAs frequently happens in my house, we decided today to have salmon patties. I used some seasoned croutons and they were delicious. I put them in a zipper bag and whanged on them for a few minutes with a wooden thingy from my collection.


Fish and Plants Go Together

Fish and Plants Go TogetherI keep an old turkey baster next to my little fish bowl. Every few days I will use it to suck out some water and the dirts accumulated on the bottom of the tank and feed my plants.


Easy and Delicious Tortellini Soup

Easy and Delicious Tortellini SoupThis is the easiest and most delicious recipe. Great for a chilly day along with some crusty bread and butter. It tastes amazing for having so few ingredients!


Check Fred Meyer for Discounted Shoes

Check Fred Meyer for Discounted ShoesMy son is very hard on his shoes and we have had to replace them already. I was able to get a very nice pair of Nike Zoom at Fred Meyer for 40% off the lowest clearance price, or about $40.



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Hair Damaged After Perm?I had my first perm in September 2013 and loved it! However recently my hair has been falling out a lot more. I have noticed a lot of short hair where it has broken.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have a small kitchen, square in shape. The counter is a medium green which is also the main color of the tile on the floor. The backsplash is white tile with black tile border.


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Lightening Skin and Lips Naturally?How can I lighten my dark brown skin and lips naturally at home? I am from Trinidad.


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Commercial Washer Displaying "Water in Cage" Error?The Commercial washer at our dry cleaner is saying "water in cage" and shows temperature and level 31 or 32. How do I fix? I have taken off most of the tubes to drain it already.


Brindle puppy on blanket in a crate.

What Breed is My Puppy?What mixed breed is my puppy? Destiny was rescued when just hours old. We have bottle fed her from day one. She was a dark, almost black, brindle and is turning more blonde now.


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Back Child Support and Social Security Disability?My son receives SSI because he is disabled. His father and I had shared parenting, they had stopped his child support because he has heart problems and was getting disability, but he is now in prison for 3 years.


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Repairing a Carpet Bleached and Stained by Dog Urine?I have a dark green carpet that dog urine has spoiled and several cleaners and stain removals later the carpet is 'bleached out'. What can I do to remove/colour the stains please?


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Kitten?I got Hermione when she was 4 weeks old and she adjusted very quickly, but I wasn't able to get Binx, who is actually her brother, until yesterday.


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Bleach Yellowed White Lace?I had a spot on a white lace dress. I scrubbed the spot with bleach and the spot came out, but now I have a bigger yellow spot. The dress is white so I tried washing the whole thing in bleach, but it didn't help. Any suggestions?


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Tub Drains from Under Toilet Onto Floor?I need to know if my problem is a pipe clog or a septic problem. The tub fills only to flow from under the toilet and therefore floods the bathroom.


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Value of Angela West Doll?I just purchased an Angela West Posies collection doll at an auction. Its number 122/650 and it comes new in the box with the certificate of authenticity.


Photo of small food store.

Adding Salvaged Foods to Inventory?I'm considering adding salvaged foods to my store. I live in a depressed area near the border of Arizona and New Mexico, in a small town. Everything is extremely expensive here and real grocers are an hour away.


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Biblical Costume for Elizabeth?Does anyone have any new creative even a modern version of a costume for Elizabeth?


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Cartridge Stuck in Singer Sewing Machine?I have a stuck cartridge and it won't pull out of my Singer 6268 sewing machine. I need some help.


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