October 9, 2014

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sock snowman

Uses for Old SocksThis is a page about uses for old socks. Whether it is worn out or you can't locate the matching sock, there are many ways socks can be useful around the house or used in crafts.


young boy blowing huge bubble

Removing Gum From Carpet?This is a page about removing gum from carpet. When chewing gum is stuck on the rug, it can be difficult to remove without a trace.


man maintaining a water heater

Saving Money on Heating WaterThis is a page about saving money on heating water. There are a number of ways to save energy usage on your water heater, that will still give you the hot water when you need it.


cup of tea with bag in cup

Saving Money on TeaWhether you use loose tea or bags, there are a number of ways to reduce the cost. This is a page about saving money on tea.


little girl frowning and holding her ear

Home Remedies for Earache PainThis is a page about home remedies for earache pain. When you have an earache, it can make you miserable. There are a few things you can do that may relieve the pain.


Moving a Stove

Moving a StoveThis is a page about moving a stove. When cleaning behind it or transporting to a new home, a cooking range can be a challenge to move out of its place without damaging the floor.


rhubarb pie with a slice gone and stalks next to pie pan

Rhubarb Pie RecipesThis page contains rhubarb pie recipes. When sweetened rhubarb, a sour perennial vegetable makes a variety of delicious sweet pies.



Meal Tips for Single Workers

Meal Tips for Single WorkersMy daughter was challenged with working long hours and not having lots of time to prepare healthy lunches nor dinners. I came up with some hints to use as guidelines to help her continue to eat healthy while working long hours.


In Memory of Rubin (Cat)

In Memory of Rubin (Cat)Rubin was my daughter's cat. She bought Rubin in approximately 1997, at a pet store. When she moved from her condo, I took my two Grandkitties.


Learning Frugality

Learning FrugalityI have always been a pretty frugal person, but I'm finding later in life that I don't need as much as I once thought I did. When you are young, you are led to believe that those pretty new shiny objects you see on TV or someone is wearing is something you just can't live without.


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Resealing Frozen VegetablesWhen I open a bag of corn, I use my scissors and cut across the top of the bag, leaving enough that I can use it to tie my bag up with it. The other thing I use is leftover twisty ties.


Cleaning a Hummingbird Feeder

Cleaning a Hummingbird FeederThe hummingbirds have gone south so I took my feeders down, gave them a good cleaning and put them away until next spring. Although I have a feeder that is smaller and easy to clean, the birds seem to like this old bottle feeder the best.


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Making Raspberry TeaStrip all the leaves off your raspberry plants with a leather glove, slipping them into a brown paper bag. Hang away from light until dry, approximately one week.


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Wipe Down Library BooksWhen I get books from the library, I use a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the book and wipe it down with a paper towel. The vinegar kills germs and you can see a lot of dirt removed on the paper towel.


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Use Vaseline to Remove Paint from LeatherI've just removed eggshell white paint from my leather sofa by rubbing in petroleum jelly (Vaseline). I left it for a few minutes, then gently rubbed with a wet nail brush and it started coming off! Happy me!


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Stop Snakes From Stealing EggsIf a harmless snake is visiting the hens' nests and helping itself to an occasional egg, I say let the critter be. An egg or two ain't no big deal. Many snakes are beneficial, and they like to eat, same as you.



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Sensitive Ears?I have sensitive ears and need to wear sensitive solutions earrings, but even when I wear those my ears are red, itching, and peeling. What can I do?


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Thread Tangling on Singer Sewing Machine?My Singer sewing machine keeps on tangling up my thread. I have tried everything.


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Human Hair?I go over my friend's a lot and they have like 7 pets. So the fleas are really bad. I just sit in the chair and within 5 minutes my whole back is bitten up and my arms. And I been noticing that a few of my friends are digging at their head.


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Pre-mixing Biscuit Dough?Can I mix the ingredients for biscuits and bake them later, just before dinner?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I hope you're all having a great day!I'm turning 15 in a few weeks and I'd really like to have a party, but I'm very clueless. I'm not the type of girl to shop, I enjoy music and spending time with friends.


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Survivor's Benefits and SSDI?I have been receiving survivor's benefits from my deceased husband who was the stepfather of my children. Now my children's biological father has been approved to receive SSDI.


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Social Security Survivor's Benefits?Can I get my mother's Social Security? She passed and I'm 19, but I'm in college? My second question is, can my step dad receive my brother's SSI when he doesn't live with him and he's not his dad?


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Value of Seymour Mann Doll?What is the value of a Seymour Mann doll named Emlia?


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Removing Red Refill Ink on Paper?How do remove red refill ink on a paper?


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Removing Milk Odor from Carpet?What can I use to get the smell of dog milk out of my carpet? My dog had pups and leaked milk.


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Sierra Heater Only Blows Hot Air on High?I have a 2003 Sierra with climax control and I get heat at 32 C, but when I turn it down even to 31 C it starts to blow cold air.


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Rug Color Ideas for my Living Room?I have honey beige walls with one orange brick (spice) colored accent wall in living room. I have brown leather furniture. Need ideas for rug colors?


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Value of a Midge Doll?I have a 1962 red headed Midge doll with the flip hairdo and a red and blue dress on. She is in her original box, she and the box are mint, what is she worth?


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?I have a comforter set that is red (main color is red) and black, what color should I paint my walls?


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Dangers from Getting a Cut from Broken Glass?Okay so my boy fell and cut himself in a parking lot filled with glass. I was worried if he had a piece of glass inside. So I checked his cut and can't clearly see if something is there.


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Making 3D Greeting Card Art?Does anyone one remember making pictures 3D, and framing them in shadow box frames?


possible Boxer mix

What Breed is My Dog?We adopted this little guy from the shelter. They had him listed as Boxer mix, but it is really unknown. He was dropped in an Indiana shelter and transported to a less crowded shelter in Minnesota where he was adopted and returned before he got to our house. He is almost 13 weeks old and 20#.


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Tiny Flying Insects?These insects do not bite. They are so small they resemble the head of a pin. They are black and seem to be drawn to my paper towel rack and the side of my refrigerator. They also congregate around an open bottle of wine.


kitty portrait

Resident Cat Growling at New Kitten?I have a 2 year old tortie and I recently took in a stray 6 week old kitten. I have been working with both of them to get used to each other's scent. I occasionally let them see each other through a cracked door, with no contact between them.


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Washer Stop Working?OK I changed mother board and the controller on the bottom. I cleared all codes with 88 at the end. When I turn it on sometimes I will get a small click after the door locks when the water turns on and it won't run.


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