February 23, 2015

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Adding Moisture to your Home during Winter

Adding Moisture to your Home During WinterWith the doors closed and heaters blasting, our homes, plants and bodies are stressed with all the dryness. This causes more illness than we realize, since moisture in the sinuses is important for our health and dryness in the nasal passages contributes to more infections.


in car wearing her red sweater

Josie (Pitbull Terrier Mix)Josie was dropped off at a dog shelter in Philly in July 2014. Nothing is known about her past life, but it seems like she didn't have much love before she came to us.


A turtle pin framed in green.

Display Jewelry Pins in FramesAfter years of leaving pretty pins that I have in my jewelry box unworn, I decided to display them. I decided to mount them on little frames I find at garage sales, usually in the free or 25 cent bins.


Reviving a Burned Out Lightbulb

Reviving a Burned Out LightbulbIf you have an incandescent light bulb that has burned out, you can revive it by flicking it with your fingernail. This works very well for a few weeks, giving you ample time to get a new bulb.


at the lake

Charley (Brussels Griffon)I got his from a rescue when he was 6 months old. When I received his paperwork, I discovered that he was born on the very day I lost a pregnancy and that loss was actually the very reason I wanted to adopt a dog! He's my fur-baby angel.


Damp Cloth Under Cutting Board

Damp Cloth Keeps Cutting Board from...In order to keep the cutting board from sliding around while slicing potatoes, put a slightly damp washcloth under it. Here I am perilously close to a hundred and I didn't know this!


Rubber Band To Tighten Paper Towel Holder

Rubber Band To Tighten Paper Towel HolderMy room mate is in a scooter. When she set up the paper towel roll on the door, she probably didn't expect to have the roll fall off the spindle arms when she pulled on it.



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Britannica Volume With Extra Pages?I have a 1971 Britannia Encyclopaedia No18, plastic/razin, with a thistle on front. It has an extra section from page 223 to 252 and wonder if it was worth anything. The book is in mint condition and I have only the one.


somewhat abstract floral

Brewster Discontinued Allure Wallpaper?I am trying to find this discontinued green Allure Brewster wallpaper, 174-58870, 174-58874, 174-58879, that comes in 3 patterns of the same color. I believe the style is Tuscan.


black puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I just got the little guy and won't be able to go to the vet till next week. But I was told he's pure Lab. He's black with a little white on his chest. He has smooth hair I'd say medium length and is 7 wks old.


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Hard Water Stains on Glass?How can I remove hard water stains from glass?


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Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas?I turn 16 in May and 3 of my girl friends and I are going to stay at my aunt's house overnight by the pool, but I'm not sure of activities we could do.


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Finding the Value of Old Books?I am interested in finding the value of the following books:


pit bull dog

What Breed is My Dog?I was told when I bought him that he was a pure breed Pit Bull. I only saw his mom. Can any of you give me an idea of what he is?


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Plumbing Repair for Low Income Homeowner?I am disabled and own my home. The main water line into my house needs to be replaced due to tree roots. I have no way to pay for this large job and I don't know where to turn for help. What can I do?


tan and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told he was a purebred Pit, but his ears get me confused.


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Home Repair Assistance for Disabled Veteran?My house is falling apart and I'm running out of things to sell. I can't afford to move so the only thing I seem to achive is patch and pray. Is there anything that can be done or anyone who can point me in the right direction to fix the problem?


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Value of Encylopaedia Britannica?I have a set of encyclopaedia Britannica 15th edition. It also says micropaedia. Is it worth anything?


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Name Ideas for Home Based Childcare?I am opening an at home childcare service catering to the educational community. I will be watching children of teachers and educators. I am looking for a creative, fun name. Other things to consider; my name is Kathryn, I am still trying to decide if I want to incorporate a Christian component.


closeup of dog's face

Bobbin Hook Not Picking Up Thread?I have a Singer Scholastic 5523 machine. It is very simple, very basic. I only use it for crafts. The other day I was sewing a small piece of stretchy fabric and it got caught not only in the feed dog but down inside of the bobbin case.


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Lightening Dyed Hair?My hair is grey. I have been having the hairdresser do light brown for years. Of recent my current hairdresser was using 6 or 7? My hair gradually was getting darker each time she did my color. I asked to lighten it back up and we ended up with black/greenish.


tan and brown puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?What's my dog's breed? She is now 2 and 1/2 months old. When I adopted her, somebody told me that she is a double coat German Shepherd. Please tell me about this.


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Value of a Traditions Collection Doll?I have a certified Traditions Collection Doll named Gloria. It is in the box, never opened or unwrapped. Do you know anything about this porcelain doll?


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Planning a First Communion Party?Do you have to have it the same day as mass?


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Reporting Social Security Distribution to IRS?Due to my father's passing in 2014, I received a portion of his last Social Security check that was issued and split with my brother, sister. I and received a SSA 1099 form after I submitted and received a federal income tax return for 2014.


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Name Ideas for an Event Decoration Shop?I am going to start a new decoration shop, so I prefer different and easy pronounce names. Suggest please.


closeup of screw on wheel

Removing Hand Wheel on Sewing Machine?I inherited a Singer 427 sewing machine from my mother-in-law. In the case was the old motor belt which had been removed. I purchased a new one and I can't remove to plastic knob in the centre of the hand wheel. I've managed to get the screw out, but it just won't budge. Any suggestions?


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Outlet Stopped Working?My wife pluged a Vicks vapor machine into our bedroom outlet. The outlet stopped working. The the vapor machine and my ceiling fan with lights also quit working. I put in a new plug and checked the wiring in the fan. All the wires are connected and there are no burn spots on the wires. How do I fix it?


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Storing Fresh Veggies in Refrigerator?Do you take fresh vegetables out of the plastic baggies from the store before storing in refrigerator?


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I am redoing my bathroom into an outhouse. I painted the walls winter sky grey from Glidden and stained the pine boards with English chestnut. What color should I make the chair rail?


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Homemade Yeast?Can I make fresh yeast at home?


closeup of face

What Breed Is My Dog?My little girl is 6 weeks old. Her name is Mona. She has blue eyes and a pink nose with white patches. Her coat color is a light to medium brown with very faint black strips on her back and legs, but not on her head. Is she a Pit or Pit mix?


cover page

Value of Voltaire's Oeuvres Completes?I recently found a complete set of Voltaire's Oeuvres Completes, in 8 tomes. I believe it is an 1819 edition. There some damage to the bindings and some foxing on the paper, but otherwise in OK condition considering it's age. Could anyone tell me if it has any value?


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Value of Prince Charles and Princess Diana Dolls?How much would I get for a Prince Charles and Princess Diana dolls in their wedding outfits? They are still in boxes, but have been opened.


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Dog Poops in Crate When Left Alone?I am getting to my wits end. This isn't a regular problem, but it only happens every few days or so. He won't go inside the house what so ever, but he destroys everything so I can't leave him out. Instead I put him in his crate.


tabby cat lying next to red Christmas tree decoration

Cat Peeing on Clothes and Couch?I have four rescue cats all fixed and about the same age of 5. We have had them since they were each a few months old. One female keeps peeing on my husband's clothes and anything on the couch. She has done this almost since we got her.


white dog lying down

What Breed Is My Dog?This is Blondie. Please help me find out what kind of dog she is? She loves to hunt, dig, and play. She is super friendly.


white puppy

Worming a Puppy?I just bought an 8 week old, 3/4 Husky, 1/4 Shepherd puppy from a lady. She told me she dewormed it, but no shots. Is there anyway of knowing if she actually did deworming, as well how often should deworming be done? What is the lowest cost place possible to get the wormer.


medium sized dog

What Breed is My Dog?I love my dog very much and would like to know what type of breed she is. Is she a mixed breed? My dog is medium sized and has white on her stomach. I truly love my baby.


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Fixing Hair Dye That Has Faded?My hair is dark brown, I dyed it black with Ion permanent hair color to match my extensions. Now the black has faded to a color similar to my natural hair color, but it has red tones in it. How do I get the red tones out of the hair dye or can I get the color removed? Will the color remover turn the dye brassy?


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