May 7, 2015

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shrimp tacos

Shrimp TacosThese are healthy, fresh and delicious. Once I had made these, I swore I would never get tacos through fast food drive-through again! These are full of sautéed shrimp, smothered in cilantro and mango salsa.


chorizo and eggs

Homemade ChorizoI love chorizo, for breakfast, lunch, or supper. I have a number of recipes that utilize the spicy, vinegary stuff, and used to buy my chorizo, that is until my local grocery store changed the brand they carry.



A clear shield for a roof rain gutter.

Crystal Clear Roof Rain GuttersMy traditional metal gutters worked more like car washes; clogging, overflowing and rotting the fascia boards. I took them off but then had too much water hitting the porch over front door.


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Print Photo Books from Digital FilesI have thousands of pictures that I will never have time to sort through, and dozens of old photo albums. Now what I do is to download all my photos to my computer, using a large SD card in my camera.


Yo Yo Book Weight

Yo Yo Book WeightMany times I have found that the book I am using won't stay open on its own. These colorful yo yo book weights can hold your book open while you read or prepare a recipe.


Preventing Leg Ulcers with Shin Guards

Preventing Leg Ulcers with Shin GuardsFrom my two long ago blood clots, I have a perennial threat of developing a leg ulcer, suffering pain, Una-boots in July and huge medical bills for "wound care" visits. As a result, I live in constant fear of bumping my shins on or scraping my lower legs on some hard object.


stack of yo yo paper weights

Making Yo Yo Pattern WeightsThis is a page about making yo yo pattern weights. Rather than pinning their pattern pieces to the fabric some crafters prefer to use pattern weights.


A pot of cooking pasta.

Making Perfect PastaHere are instructions to creating the perfect pasta. These are hints I have read about from many different Italian chefs. If you can boil water, you can make perfect pasta.


A closeup of a lionhead rabbit.

Hunnybunny (Lionhead Rabbit)We got our pets from our friend's neighbor about 2 years ago.


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Citrus and Salt to Keep Garbage Disposal FreshI cut up a lemon or orange and drop in the disposal along with some salt. This keeps it odor free. I was told by a friend a couple years ago that the salt keeps things from building up in the disposal.


Making 'Brute Fresh' Coffee

Making 'Brute Fresh' CoffeeMost perfumes are a blend of scents. One of these scents is perceived by the brain before the others. This one scent is called 'the top note'. Coffee has a top note, as well. It is delicate and lasts for only a few minutes. Most of it is destroyed during the boiling stage of brewing.


closeup of bleeding heart flowers

Bleeding HeartsThis is a picture of my bleeding hearts in my garden. A neighbor of mine let me dig them and other nice perennials up from her yard because she didn't want to deal with all of the flowers and plants in her yard.



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House Training a Puppy?We just adopted a pup from southern California that was running the streets. She is an American Pit Bull, 6-8 months old. She keeps going potty in the house. Every time we take her outside she cowers, tucks her tail, and will not go to the bathroom even if we put her in the grass. Any suggestions?


Porcelain Doll Identification

Porcelain Doll Identification?I recently got these 2 dolls when my mom passed away. I can't really read the signature, but they have serial numbers on them. Can anyone help?


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Growing Hens and Chicks?I got some hens and chicks last year. Now they look all brown and withered. When do they come back?


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17th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 17 on June 27 and my mom decided it would be totally OK if she were to host a baby shower on the same day. A baby shower that she is not going to be here for.


black and tan puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?His name is Kai. He was born end of December/beginning of January. We got him from my brother. My brother was told he is an Australian Shepherd but I don't feel he is. He is very playful and likes to hide things. He is super loving and doesn't like to really be left alone. I appreciate the answers!


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Potty Training an Adult Dog?I'm trying to train my 1.5 year old Maltese, Echo, to not pee on the floor. Idk what is going on. I rescued her and I think she may have been abused. If she is really excited she'll pee on the floor.


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Using a Blacklight to Find Pet Urine Spots?What ia a blacklight? How do you use it to find urine markings by a tomcat?


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Sewing Machine Stitch Regulator Problem?I have a Montgomery Ward Signature 285 sewing machine, from the 1970s maybe. The stitch regulator works fine in reverse, but going forward I can't get any variety in stitch length at all, and it is too small for most of what I want to do. I can't see how to get in and fix anything on that part of the machine.


Cutting Tree in Exchange for Lumber

Cutting Tree in Exchange for Lumber?I have a very large tree in my backyard in Akron, Ohio that I want removed. I heard that some companies will come cut down your trees for free in exchange for the lumber. I heard some will pay you for it too, but I don't know how if any of this info is accurate. Any info would be appreciated.


tan dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Does anyone have an idea of what breed my beloved Luna might be? I was told Pit Bull Terrier/Mastiff mix. Any ideas guys?


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Getting Rid of Bindi Weed?How do I get rid of bindi? I need something that also kills its seeds.


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Dye Transferred in the Wash?My shirt is semi white and has blue stains from dye in it, it has already been dried. What do I do, is there any hope?


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Value of Craftsman Reel Mower?I recently acquired a Craftsman reel type mower, model No. 123.81. It is in decent condition and operable. I am trying to find the value in order to sell it to a reputable buyer.


brown and white terrier mix puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?I was told he was a Lab/Terrier mix and when I picked him up they told me his mom was a Pit. Can you tell me what he looks like?


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