August 18, 2015

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woman scratching patch of red irritated skin on back of hand

Treating Skin RashesThis is a page about treating skin rashes. A skin rash can develop from a number of causes such as allergies or contact with an irritant among other things.


woman cleaning the outside of a refrigerator

Cleaning the Outside of a RefrigeratorThis is a page about cleaning the outside of a refrigerator. The exterior of your fridge can get pretty dirty from constant use.



yellow Lab puppy

Marley Watkins (Yellow Lab)I got her from my boyfriend's boss 2 weeks ago. She likes to get muddy.


black and white cat

Snuggles (Domestic Longhair)I got her from an ex boss. She doesn't like to do much anymore but still likes to play with a laser light.


vegetables in small container

Lightly Salting VegetablesI do not like frozen veggies without any salt. When I take spinach or broccoli out of the freezer, I put it into a small plastic container with a tiny bit of water. I then salt it and put the cover on, and shake it about to coat with the salted water. This way I don't need and butter or anything else. Microwave it and it is done in a jiffy and tastes great.


black puppy

Maggie Albert (Schnauzer and...A friend gave her to me 2 1/2 months ago. She like to play with a rope.


Lucy a black and white Pom

Lucy: A Gift From the Rainbow BridgeLucy was gifted to me in May 2015 by a complete stranger on Facebook. I still do not know who they were.


light brown and white hamster

Popcorn (Syrian Hamster)We got the hamster for my daughter's birthday, from our local pet shop. She likes to run on her wheel.


backyard garden

Gorgeous GardenIn our gorgeous back garden on the left we have a patch, in the back row there are sunflowers, in the 2nd row there are dahlias, and at the front there are corn flowers. We have 2 laurel bushes opposite the bed. At the end of the garden we have 4 gladioli.


blended bananas

Easy Banana Ice CreamI love banana ice cream but it's kinda expensive. I shouldn't eat cartons and cartons of ice cream! This is a simple and much healthier version of my favorite ice cream.



Finding Yarn for Charity Craft Projects?My daughter was born with a heart defect and had to have open heart surgery at two months old. Her surgery was performed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, at no cost to our family. I would like to do something for the other children and donate crocheted hats to the hospital.


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Re-dyeing Hair?About 2 weeks ago I decided to go from dark brown to blonde. I had 3 bleach sessions, professionally done, and it came out yellow so I went over it with a light brown. I loved it! But I got bored and stupidly went brown black 2 hrs ago. I want to lighten it back up to the dirty blonde/light brown.


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Low Cost or Free Vet Services?I have had my cat, Snuggles, for 12 years and have never had any serious problems with her till now. She has now started licking to the point that she is bald on her stomach. There seems to be a quarter size bump there. I have no income at all now and really need her to be seen. Any suggestions?


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Name Ideas for Construction and Interior Design Firm?I want to start a new firm related to construction and interior design. Please suggest a suitable name. We have 2 partners named Jigar and Rinkesh. Reply as soon as possible. Thank you.


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Pruning a Blue Spruce?I have a tall blue spruce tree, 30+ft tall. I would guess it is 25 years old. The older part or lower half has no inside needles, only on the tips giving it a sparse look. If I prune it would it fill in?


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Freezing Plums?Can you freeze plums and how do you do it?


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Growing an Avocado Tree from a Pit?I have a sprouted avocado seed. I went out today to buy the pot and soil. I came home and my almost 2 year old pulled off half of the root. Can I still pot it? Or should I keep it in the water to grow again?


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SSI Backpay and Child Support?My father got approved for his SSI and received a portion of his back pay before he past away. He wasn't married at the time, I'm his only child and next of kin. I'm 35 years old now, but he owed back child support to my mother. Are we entitled to the rest of his SSI back pay that he was suppose to receive?


Coating Coming Off of Sunglasses

Coating Coming Off of Sunglasses?I borrowed my boyfriend's sunglasses, but the tint is coming off. They are the type that look like cop glasses. Is there anything I can do at home to fix the tint? I really need to know. He is getting them back tomorrow and he can't know about the damage.


black and white dog on chair cushion

What Breed Is My Rescue Dog?Any thoughts about what breeds my new baby has in her?


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Touch Lamp Won't Work in All Outlets?I have a touch lamp that previously worked in my daughters' bedroom. It went out so I had a new switch put in from a lamp repair shop. Now it works in every outlet except the 2 upstairs bedrooms! Other things work in the outlets (iPod dock, video monitor cameras, sewing machine), but the lamp doesn't!


kitchen cabinets, countertop, and tile

Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have a family room that is mostly taupe and cream and some blues and grays in the pictures. My kitchen is in process and has black granite counters with white cabinets and dark blue glass tiles. What color would you recommend I paint the kitchen which is currently white to pull the two together?


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Icemaker Not Cycling Ice?Two of the end teeth on our icemaker kept clogging up with built up ice causing the teeth to stop rotating until we use an icepick to chop and break the build up off the teeth. We thought maybe their coating had worn off, so we ordered and replaced the entire unit. Same thing happening with new ice maker.


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Cat's Won't Poop in Litter Box?I have two cats about 8 months old and both of them defecate outside the litter, nowhere near the trays. They use the litter to urinate only. They go outside but come indoors to pee in the litter and poop on the floor. I have about 6 litter trays and have changed the litter type.


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