January 20, 2016

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two finished crochet facial rounds

Making Reusable Crochet Cotton Facial...This is a page about making reusable crochet cotton facial rounds. These simple crochet rounds are fun to make and reusable.


three ornaments

Making Christmas Tree Trunk OrnamentsThis is a page about tree trunk ornaments. An inexpensive way to make unique decorations for your Christmas tree is with slices of a tree trunk.


completed egg carton ship

Making an Egg Carton ShipThis is a page about making an egg carton ship. You and the kids can make a fun ship to hold little bits of this and that from a foam egg carton.


Decorated and embellished fabric calendar.

Decorating a Linen Wall CalendarThis is a page about decorating a linen wall calendar. Make a plain linen wall calendar into a work of art by adding your own decorative touches.


Building a Turtle Home in Your Garden - chicken wire

Building a Turtle Home in Your GardenThis is a page about building a turtle home in your garden. Turtles can be great escape artists. Keep your pet in the yard and safe by building a secure home in your garden.



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Vinegar to Remove Burned Cooking SmellsI recently burned a pot of beans badly. My solution takes a long time, but it gets your house clean and removes the smell from all the small things that add up to that pervasive smell that seems to be everywhere (because it is).


finished tote made from a dog food bag

Tote Bag Made from a Dog Food BagCreate a pretty tote bag from a dog food bag, in just a few simple steps.


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Use Tea to Mask White Stains on Laminate FlooringTake two tea bags, put in a cup, just about cover them with boiling water, leave it to cool, then put the liquid on the white marks on the laminate flooring. Just rub in gently with your fingers, leave for about half an hour, then remove some of the liquid with a tissue to check the result.


Clothespin Barrel Shaped Pot

Clothespin Barrel Shaped PotThis rustic style little pot is made from wooden pegs and looks like a mini barrel. Use it for storing a variety of things. Who would have thought that a pile of pegs and a bit of string could look so pretty?


Hard Candy Rose Pops

Hard Candy Rose PopsWe always have an abundance of leftover hard candies in our house (usually watermelon and apple, here!) Here's how to recycle those candies into pretty roses you can eat or put on display.


Glue and Sequin Sun Catcher

Glue and Sequin Sun CatcherJust for a change, instead of using it for holding stuff together, make PVA glue the main material for your craft project with this pretty sequinned sun catcher to hang in your window.



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Replacement Part for Visalia Chop Wizard?I am looking for a replacement clear base for Vidalia Chop Wizard.


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Living Room Paint Color Ideas?I have a beige couch with red accent pillows in my living room. I am looking for advice on what color to paint the walls?


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Gluing Bird Seed to a Styrofoam Ornament?I am trying to glue birdseed to Styrofoam balls, but regular old school glue is not working. The seeds keep falling off. Does anyone know of a tackier glue that would work? I sealed the Styrofoam with Mod Podge.


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Can't Reach to Apply Foot Cream Medication?How can I put medication on my feet when I can't bend to reach my feet?


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Dog Afraid to Pee Outside After Being Shocked?I have two large male dogs. After escaping and scaring everyone to death, I set up a hot hire along the bottom of the fence line. Both dogs peed on the fence and have been shocked multiple times. The Malamute/wolf learned easily enough to pee elsewhere; the Husky did not. He is peeing inside by the door.


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Refinishing Wood Trim on Sofa?I have a new sofa. The wood trim was much darker than my other furniture. I decided to paint and glaze it to match. The match is very close, but the new color isn't complementary with the upholstery. I want to get back to original color. Is it best to repaint and glaze or strip and restain?


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Help With Free Motion Quilting?For my first quilt, I decided to use a free motion quilting/stipple stitch. I have a new Brother SQ 9185 machine. I attached the spring action quilting foot and lowered the feed dogs and attempted to stipple, all that I saw was erratic stiches, a grinding, clunking sound, and then snap. The needle thread breaks!


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Other Resident Dogs Snapping at Puppy?My mom's female Shih Tzu and dad's male Corgi Chihuahua have recently started snapping at our 7 month old Pug Chihuahua Dachshund mix puppy. How do my parents and I correct their behavior toward my puppy?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I was wondering what type of plant this is so I can better take care of it.


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Dog Not Using Puppy Pads?I have a 14 month old Yorkie who has been potty trained to go on a training pad. Lately, only when I am not home, he will poop on the carpet.


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11th Birthday Ideas?My 10 year old is having her 11th birthday party. She is very difficult, as she never tells me what she wants to do for her birthday. I want to know what you guys think we should do for a party because her birthday is in a week.


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Using Hardened Ice Melt?Has anyone tried adding water to hardened ice melt and spraying it? I'm thinking of giving it a try as completely breaking it up is a lot of work. I just don't know if there is any chemical reaction when adding water to potassium chloride.


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Training a Puppy Not to Chew and Run Away?I have a Dachshund Chihuahua Pug mix puppy with chewing and issues of running off when let out or getting out of the house without a leash. How can I get her to stop these bad behaviors?


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Selling on the Internet?I have lots of unused stuff at home and I want to sell it for the best price. I know of a few websites like craigslist. I am looking for free classified sites that will list merchandise without having to register.


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