January 26, 2016

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Orange Juice Salmon

Orange Juice SalmonMoist, easy and fast! The orange juice and cinnamon add a sweetness that is a great contrast to the oregano, onion and garlic flavors. This is a go-to recipe in my house.


Meatloaf "Cupcakes"

Meatloaf "Cupcakes"Who says you can't play with your food? Have a little fun with boring meatloaf by shaping them like cupcakes! Top with mashed potatoes and a dot of ketchup on top. Gave everyone a laugh when I served it.


Healthy Greek Yogurt Parfait

Healthy Greek Yogurt ParfaitWhen I was a kid, my family used to buy a popular yogurt that had little seeds and oats in it. They discontinued it by the time I was a teenager and we never got to find out what it was or how to make it.



Nature as a Winter Pick Me Up

Nature as a Winter Pick Me UpI need a bit of nature after the holidays are over and things get cold and colorless outside. I decided to highlight my lovely houseplants as a table centerpiece.


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Marking Adapter CordsI have a lot of electronic adapter cords with the black boxes that plug into an outlet. I don't use them all the time. To keep it straight as to which item each one belongs to, I use white out, or a white out pen to mark them with.


Use Tarp to Keep Snowy Grass Clear

Use Tarp to Keep Snowy Grass ClearHere is a solution for dogs that won't pee outside in snow? Grab a tarp from your local hardware store. Place it on ground before it snows, close to the door you let your dog outside.


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Cut Porcupine Quills Before RemovingIf you ever have the bad luck to remove porcupine quills from your dog (or yourself), don't just rip the quills out. The barb will cause more damage going out than going in. If you snip off the quill, the hollow walls will collapse, allowing you to remove the barbed quill with less damage.


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Add Personal Details to your ThriftyFun QuestionsNow I find it interesting when someone lists their location along with their name. Especially if theyre in another country. Heck, Im proud, I give my name and location. But heres the thing: So often questions are asked and and someone replies I dont know where you are, but . . . Or I dont know if youre in a large city or small town, but . . . . So many times, answers are predicated on your location. Especially if youre in another country. If youre from Nigeria or Australia, I cant very well tell you to go to your local Walmart, right? How about going in and beefing up your profile a bit - tell us where youre from.


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Reuse Bottle for Cold Fridge TeaEvery once in a while, I get Starbucks cappuccino or frappuccino at the grocery store. They come in nice glass bottles. I take the label off and wash out thoroughly. I stick a single size tea bag in it and fill with water tap or bottled.


Darla (American Pit Bull Terrier )

Darla (American Pit Bull Terrier)We got her as a Christmas present for my aunt, but we eventually fell in love with her and decided to keep her! She loves to chew on shoe laces and paper. Also, she likes to mess with my cat, October, as well as snuggle up in bed!


horse string art

String ArtWhen I was a little girl, we had a piece of string art that I loved. I have no idea who made it or where it came from. I'd just sit and look at it. Lately, I've seen lots of different string art ideas on pinterest. I was excited, but nervous to try it. But, I'm very happy with how it turned out.


peacock striped scarf on mannequin

Peacock Stripes Crocheted ScarfThis is an easy and enjoyable pattern for making a warm scarf. All you need to know is the single crochet stitch! The colors blend nicely together reminding me of the colors in peacock feathers. Stay warm!


Love You Madly Vinyl Record Underplate - finished project

Love You Madly Vinyl Record UnderplateParis is often called the "City of Love." Use some French inspiration to show your Cupid just how much you love him. Turn old long play vinyl records into underplates/chargers. Use these when you set the table for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner. A good way to turn trash into meaningful treasure!


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Change Computer Date to Extend your "Free Trial" SubscriptionsIf your free trial is about up and you would still like to keep it with out making a permanent purchase option just yet all you need to do is go under your computer settings that manage the time and date and push the date back for however long you would like to extend your free trial.


Bailey (Boxer Mix)

Bailey (Boxer Mix)In March of 2015, I heard of a dog in a bad situation that needed a new home. It didn't matter what kind or age or what, it only mattered that she needed me as much as I needed her.


birds in winter butterfly bush

Feeding the BirdsI don't have any inside pets so I feel that the birds are my pets. They know when it's time to be fed and during the cold months, when I get out of bed, they are sitting there waiting for me to come. I enjoy watching them from the kitchen window.


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Ionic Paint Additive to Eliminate Smoking OdorsIf you're planning on painting the interior of your home, consider adding ionic paint additive to the paint. It turns the walls into a permanent air purification system. The ionic additive will keep your home free of smoke odors and toxins.


Ken wearing a crochet hat

Crochet Winter Hat for Ken DollThis is a warm winter hat for that special man in your life, assuming he is under 1 foot tall that is. Quick and easy, it will fit any male Barbie doll.


Keep Asparagus Fresh

Keep Asparagus FreshPut your asparagus upright in a couple of inches of water. It will stay fresher several days longer than conventional methods.



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Troubleshooting an Electrical Outlet?We live in an apartment building built in 1970s maybe 80s. My daughter had an inexpensive fan in her room that would slow down and then just stopped working.


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Unique Childcare Business Name Ideas?I'm looking to start a small family childcare in the near future and I am having trouble coming up with a name that is catchy and unique. I would love for Little Dreamers to be a part of the name. It will be set up more like a babysitting service. I will come to my clients house or they can come to mine.


larger light brown dog with dark ears

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued this dog from an "unknown", but not ideal living situation. The people I got her from thought she was Boxer/Great pyrenees! of all things. I believe she's half Boxer, but the other half? Rhodesian Ridgeback, Lab, and bully breed have been suggested.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering what breed my new puppy is. We got her from the humane society and they told us that they were told that she is Black Lab Golden Retriever mix. But now people are telling me she might have something else because she is getting some brown on her legs. She also has one blue eye and one black.


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Introducing New Female Zebra Finch to Older Resident Male?I have recently bought a female zebra finch and I have a 10 year old male. I am wondering how long do I need to keep them in separate cages, so that they get to know each other before I join them together. Can someone explain to me the steps needed so that I can keep them together without them fighting.


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Bissell Hot Shampooer 50 Won't Start?I just used my Bissell and I plugged it in again and it won't start. The outlets are fine and so is the filter. Why won't it start?


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Cat Losing Hair on Back?My cat is losing hair on his back. It turns red and then it comes out. Any help?


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Donating Fabric and Patterns for Gymnastics Wear?I have many yards of different colored spandex fabric suitable for gymnastics, dance, or skate wear in addition to numerous child sized patterns that I would like to donate in the Dallas/Ft Worth area?


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Getting Rid of Odor in RV Cabinets?I bought a brand new RV this summer and I noticed a weird smell in the cabinets. I thought it would go away, but it stayed. I moved some food from the RV to my kitchen cupboard which now smells the same as the RV. I cleaned with vinegar, baking soda, and Mr. Clean. The smell is still there.


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