August 2, 2016

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Paper art of stick figure man and woman with stick figure children separated by a torn dollar bill in the shape of a heart

Collecting Child Support Without a Separation...This is a page about collecting child support without a separation or divorce. Collecting child support without a legal separation or divorce may be handled voluntarily or sought through an attorney.


Couple working on bills

Splitting Bills With Your SpouseThis is a page about splitting bills with your spouse. Some working couples like to have a "yours, mine, and ours" budget.


Blank card golf balls and golf tees displayed against a green background

Golf Themed Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about golf themed centerpiece ideas. Planning a golf themed party, whether as an athletic event or for a golf lover, can include making centerpieces.


Lemon Lush and berries  on a plate

Lemon Lush RecipeThis layered lemon flavored dessert is so delicious you will be looking for special occasions at which to serve it. This is a page about lemon lush recipes.


Browned Brussels Sprouts in a black skillet

Brussels Sprouts SkilletSautéed brussels sprouts with various added ingredients makes a delicious side dish. This is a page about brussels sprouts skillet.



Matthias a white rat on a toy tank

Matthias (Rat)This little guy came from a pet store. I got him when he was very young, and fell in love with him.


Solaris sleeping

Solaris (Orange Tabby)This little girl came from the humane society when she was one. Coincidentally, she's the same age as my first cat, and they get along well, usually. She's got the tip of one ear clipped, which makes me think she might have once been a stray or feral cat and was part of the trap, neuter, release program.


long bodied orange bug with black spots

Milkweed BugThis cute bug loves crawling around on the many milkweed plants that grow every year in my back yard. It gets along well with other buggy visitors, such as honey bees, bumble bees, and wasps.


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Potatoes to Correct Salty or Spicy ChiliIf over-salted or over-spiced chile has you ready to dump out the whole thing, don't. There is a simple solution using potatoes!


nighttime photo of spider in its web

Beautiful Spider in Her WebI went out on my patio to look around and found this beautiful web complete with the spider who created it. I was surprised how well the web reflected in this flash photo. I love catching moments like this!


String Arrow

String ArrowThis easy simple project only takes about 10 minutes. It could work as just a simple home decor project and could be made as big as you want.


Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Refrigerator Dill PicklesEnjoy these fresh, crunchy and yummy tasting homemade dill pickles!



plant with closed tubular flowers

What Is This Garden Plant?I have this weird plant in my garden. I am curious what it is.


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Re-painting a Wall?I need to paint a wall that has been repainted a few times which leaves streaks and botches no matter how many times I go over. The original color is (off white) about 10 years old. Someone suggested that I would need to use a primer first and then repaint. If so, where can I buy the primer and how best to use it?


dark photo of living room

Curtain and Rug Color Advice?I have black leather couches, black TV stand, black end tables and coffee table and white walls in my new apartment. I am looking for another color to add to the room, some wall decor, area rug, and curtains.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am in desperate need of a new roof, but I do not have the money. I have tried to get a loan, but my credit is not too good. I am a single mother.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I recently dyed my hair using a boxed dye. The color was supposed to be copper. It only took mostly at the roots and the hair is still dark mid shafts and ends. The color looks more red and orange than the copper. How long do I wait to reapply or what are the nessesary steps to receiving an even tone?


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I was putting my Husqvarna riding mower up, it started fine, but after about 20 seconds it totally shut down. I put a new solenoid on and checked the battery; it is good. What would it be?


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Cleaning Stinky Shoes?I went to a watering hole and was wearing my water shoes. I then packed them in a plastic pack and promptly forgot about them. I opened the bag 2 days later and they smell horrible. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the smell? I'm willing to try anything to make them smell normal again!


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Washer Won't Spin with Large Load?I have an Estate heavy duty washer and it will not spin with a large or even medium load. Small loads without towels will spin just fine.


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11th Birthday Party Ideas?We want to do a sleepover spectacular for an 11th birthday, but I don't know what to do or who to invite or how many to invite. She is 95% tomboy and 5% girly.


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Starting a Cleaning Business?How can I start cleaning foreclosed homes and businesses?


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DIY Waterproof Glue for Glass?The sea glass jars look so cute made with the glue, water, and food coloing. But there are many comments on the glue washing off. What could I use with the glue mixture to keep the glue from washing off?


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Getting Rid of Fleas Inside?I am having trouble with fleas in my home! I live with 3 others and we each have our own cat. We have had them for about 2 months. We treated the animals twice and purchased a prescription pill to kill the fleas on the cats.


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Sewing Machine Thread Looping Underneath the Fabric?I have a New Home 532 sewing machine. All of a sudden my machine started looping badly underneath the fabric. I replaced the needle, cleaned and oiled, played with the tension, but nothing helps. Due to this being an antique machine, I am not finding any answers online.


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Plumbing Repair for Low Income Homeowners?My mother's toilet and shower don't work. She is 81 and living on a low income. She lives in Ft. Worth Texas. My friends want 5k to fix it. Some friends, huh? How can we get this fixed affordably?


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Social Security and Child Support?If my daughter's dad received a lump sum from Social Security and child support filed a motion to collect back child support from that lump sum on top of Social Security money how long do you think it would be till I get it?


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Homemade Litter Tray Fresheners?What can I use as an alternative to costly shop brought fresheners for my cat's litter tray?


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Value of Old Reference Books?Have a nine volume set of "Six Thousand Years of History" dated 1906. I also have a complete set of "Great Books" along with Gateway and Idea sets and finally, 12 vol. "the New Larned History" 1924.


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Pekingese Losing Hair?I have a 9 year old pekingese and he recently started losing all his hair around the neck. Then my family and I went camping and his hair loss started on his tail and behind the ears. I've noticed his hair starting to fall off everywhere and it's frizzy. This has never happened before.


brindle puppy on couch

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my puppy named Maestro almost 6 weeks ago when he was 8 wks old and weighted 13 lbs. See the first picture. Now he is 11 weeks and 25 lbs in the second picture. His mother is a Boxer, Lab mix. They told us his father might have been a Mastiff. Can anyone tell just by his picture?


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