September 7, 2016

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WWI Spice Cake

WWI Spice CakeThis recipe contains no eggs, milk or butter. This is an authentic World War I cake that was popular when rationing was in full force in England. It's a dense spice cake that goes with pretty much anything. Coffee, ice cream, a cold glass of milk, hot chocolate, well, you get the idea.


Easy Ricotta Pancakes

Easy Ricotta PancakesThis is my version of silky, delicious ricotta pancakes without having to separate the eggs to create volume. They have become a favourite with everyone I've served them to. It's hard to go back to regular pancakes after a taste of these, and now, they're not so hard to make!


Summer Vegetable Cobbler

Summer Vegetable CobblerThis is a great recipe to use zucchini. I had never seen this before, and it was a real hit at our house.



closeup of bright red chilli peppers

Reproducing a Rare Type of Chilli (Naga...My father planted the seeds from over ripe peppers. It's been here for years and I never knew it was famous and rare until someone came to ask for these chillis. They call it the "siling demonyo" in my local dialect, where "sili" means chilli and "demonyo" means demon - pertaining to its level of hotness.


caracalla blooms

The Caracallas Are ComingI mentioned earlier in another post that I would be glad to hang my clothes on a tree if these Caracalla vines completely covered my clothes line. Well, that time is just a few days away. Once these things start blooming, they go wild!


Several raised garden beds full of lush plants

Making a Raised Bed Vegetable GardenThis is a page about making a raised be vegetable garden. There are a number of ways you can create a very successful raised vegetable garden, whether you build with new materials or use recycled items.


salmon pink hibiscus flower

Hibiscus Rosa-sinensisThis deep salmon beauty is getting so large. I keep transplanting it to a larger pot. I have no idea what I'll do when it gets too big for me to take it outside every spring and bring it in every fall.


Popsicle Stick Office Tools Organizer

Popsicle Stick Office Tools OrganizerPopsicle sticks are not just for Popsicles or paddle pop ice cream. They can be made into bracelets, key chains, and even a pen and office supplies organizer.


Growing Up with Little Money

Growing Up with Little MoneyI grew up in a family of four and my mom was on a fixed income. I thank her for making me understand how important it is to know that not being able to buy all the name brand clothes because, even though we got those things, we were still not happy.


Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)

Stop The Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)Actually, my fall gardening tip it is more of a plea. In many areas of the country, fall is the time to grow cool season crops such as cabbage, kale, radish, broccoli, collards, and others. All these plants have something in common. They all are host to the cabbage butterfly, Pireis rapae.


small green frog on leaf

Color Coordinated FrogPulling weeds is one way I like to relax, my moment of Zen, some would say. Every now and then I get a bonus. While reaching into a patch of day lilies, I discovered this little guy. Being so well-disguised by his coloring, I very nearly missed seeing him.


pedestal birdbath

Creative BirdbathsIf you enjoy watching a robin splash about in a birdbath and want to help our feathered friends to a cool drink during these hot summer and fall days, you don't have to spend a fortune on fancy, high-priced garden store models.



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Mower Won't Always Start?My Toro #20073 mower has a new carb, new plug, and new filters. It runs fine for maybe one day, but the next it won't start unless I drain the gas tank. The lines are good and the tank seems to be clean.


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Source for Buying Sugar Pine Cones?I am in need of some sugar pine cones. Does anyone sell them, preferably in Canada, as I will need to have them shipped to Ontario?


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Sharing Expenses With Boyfriend?I am a 31y/o woman living with my boyfriend, who is 56 and succesful in his career. I have lived in his house for a few months now and we've been together for almost 2 years. I work part time and help with his autistic son. He wants me to also pay rent.


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Mold on Couch After Being Cleaned?We had our couches shampooed and now we have fuzzy mold on the cushions. How dangerous is this for a 3 year old? How can it be removed?


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Sewing Machine Not Stitching?I just got a Brother CS6000i and it does not really work as far as I can tell (I'm very new to this). It picks up the lower thread, the hook timing is right, the tension seems fine too. But no stitches are made.


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Dog Peeing Everywhere?I noticed last night that one of our dogs has been peeing on like everything! I got looking and it's like he has peed on any box or basket that's on the floor, even the back of the couch!


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Dog Coughing After Being Sprayed by Skunk?My Jack Russell mix was sprayed by a skunk last Friday. We cleaned his face and washed him up right away. But two days later he started coughing and throwing up. The vet told us that he has kennel cough.


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Inexpensive Party Table for 4th Birthday?My little kid is turning 4 in 3 months and I started thinking of what I could do to have a simple celebration with a small amount of money I have. Is it possible to make a party table with just $50 dollar budget? Any ideas about how to achieve this?


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Value of Schofield Porcelain Doll?How much should I pay for a Victoriana doll by Andrew Schofield? It has a certificate of authenticity and is a limited edition.


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Lamp Wattage Limits for Different Type Bulbs?I bought a lamp under the impession that it's maximum wattage was 25W. But it has different limits for different types of bulbs: 25W for regular, 9W for LED, and 18W for halogen. I never knew that was possible. So I have also ordered a 11W LED bulb (equiv. of 55W), but I wonder whether I can use it.


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Brown Pants Bled on Whites in Wash?I washed some white clothes and a pair of brown pants got caught into the load. The clothes now are all yellowish. What can I do to make them white again?


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