April 12, 2017

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Small avocado plant

Avocado Tree Not Growing?In order for an avocado tree to thrive there are a number of growing requirements such as light levels, temperature, pot size if in a container, and available moisture. This is a page about avocado tree not growing.


Avocado Plant leaves on white

Pruning an Avocado PlantKeeping the height of a potted avocado tree under control requires careful pruning to increase fullness and reduce overall height. This is a page about pruning an avocado plant.


Crockpot Liner

Uses for Ceramic Crockpot Liners?There are many suggestions on this page for ways to use the ceramic liner from ad old defunct crockpot. This is a page about uses for ceramic crockpot liners.



Water Spinach Crisps on plate

Water Spinach CrispIn the Philippines, water spinach is known as kangkong or Chinese spinach. This is also one of the most common vegetable ingredient in some Filipino dishes. The recipe I'm sharing is unique and not usually made for everyday meals. Also this crispy spinach recipe is kid friendly.


Fried Karela Bitter Melon with Egg on plate

Fried Karela Bitter Melon with EggVery easy and healthy to make! Goes great with rice.



Ice cubes made in a metal muffin tin.

Muffin Tins to Make Large Ice CubesIf you have a pitcher of a beverage, the larger ice cubes will keep drinks colder for longer.


DIY Carpet Cleaner - Dawn and hydrogen peroxide

DIY Carpet CleanerThis cleaner works very well and smells good. The website says you can mix it up in advance and store it in a spray bottle.


Arapaho Blossom - blackberry flower

Arapaho BlossomIt's a cherry! No. It's a peach! No. It's an apple. You're all wrong. It's an Arapaho! It's a blackberry!


Button Flowers - closeup of finished framed flowers

Button FlowersThere are so many crafts that can be created with buttons. Flowers are definitely one of the easiest and most fun to make! You can incorporate this flower craft into the spring theme in the classroom. Or you can create flower designs to give as gifts!


Spring Fever Orange Poppy - brilliant orange flower with yellow center

Spring Fever Orange PoppyOrange is by no means my favorite color. I do take exception to the color of this poppy. The camera does not do it justice.


Wall of Plants - decorative plant display

Wall of PlantsIn the Philippines, it's hard to find a wall of garden plants. That's why I've been amazed by this very beautiful creation by the owner of this restaurant. I love flower gardens so much that I could just take it home.


Felt Carrot Pencil Gift Pocket - closeup of pocket end of carrot with pencils

Felt Carrot Pencil Gift PocketHere is another fun use for the felt carrot pocket that I recently made. A felt carrot pocket full of green pencils is a great, non-sugary gift to give this Easter.


Spinach seedlings growing inside a concrete mixing tub.

Spinach Grown In ContainersI hope I have persuaded some of you to look into the possibilities of using concrete mixing tubs as containers for plants. Once you fill the container with soil, that's it!


Essential Oils to Freshen the Bathroom - adding a drop to the TP paper tube

Essential Oils to Freshen the BathroomEvery time you change your toilet tissue roll in your bathroom, add a few drops (or more than a few if your bathroom is large) of essential oil to the middle of it and it will keep the room smelling lovely.


An old casserole lid covering a plate of leftovers.

Save Lids for LeftoversOver the years, I found I had more casserole lids than I had casserole dishes. I found an excellent use for them besides filling in for the odd pot lid. The smaller lids work great for covering a bowl or a plate of food when microwaving. I especially like it for microwaving my leftover oatmeal. Comes out like it is freshly made, same with rice or potatoes.


Felt Carrot Utensil Holder - green plasticware protruding from carrot pocket onto corner of plate

Felt Carrot Utensil HolderI recently made a felt carrot money pocket and thought I would try to find some other uses for the pocket. It makes a perfect utensil holder for an Easter party. Slip a set of green utensils into the pocket and use them at each place setting.


Salt and Ice for Removing Coffee Stains

Salt and Ice for Removing Coffee StainsYou can remove coffee stains from cups, mugs, and glass (even coffee carafes) by sprinkling the stains with salt then covering with ice. Stir around a bit then the stains wipe away.


Give Hosta Its Own Niche - green and white hosta growing next to tree trunk

Give Hosta Its Own NicheHosta is said to be a shade loving plant. However, it will grow in full sun, sometimes producing large plants. I've seen long rows of huge plants placed where they get full sun all day.



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Arranging Payments on a Large Dental Bill?I went to a new dentist and had work done in December of 2016. I had insurance for that month, but I added cleaning for my teeth, and even with insurance it ran up my bill to over $1545.00. They took and wrote off some x-rays.


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Slogan for Childcare?What is a good slogan for our childcare centre which is called Rockabye Early Learning Centre?


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ASPCA Mobile Van Schedule?I live on Montauk Avenue in Brooklyn. What dates will the truck be in my area?


Name Ideas for a Handmade Wreath Company - blue tulle and snowflake wreath

Name Ideas for a Handmade Wreath Company?I am located in New York City and need some help formulating a name for my small craft business of making wreaths, centerpieces, and garlands.


What Is This House Plant? - plant with ovoid dark green leaves

What Is This House Plant?What is this beautiful plant? The leaves have a reddish tint to them.


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Cord on Singer Sewing Machine Shorts Out?The electrical cord on my Singer sewing machine keeps shorting out. It will only work in certain plugs or it will work and stop working 15 minutes later. What's causing the problem? And how do I fix it?


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Removing Furniture Polish Stains from Oriental Rug?How do I remove dark brown furniture polish I spilled on my Oriental rug?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?In June I'm going to be turning 14. I don't want a big party, as people will turn up uninvited and crash it, so I don't know what to do. I enjoy shopping, but did that last year. I have no money limit, I just want to make sure I have a great party, any ideas?


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Alleviating Knee Pain?I have over 300 pounds to lose, so it's no wonder my knees ache. A month ago they started hurting so badly I could hardly walk. I can barely stand after sitting for even ten minutes. It hurts to stand for long periods. The only relief I get is from sleeping on my stomach. I am taking ibuprofen and walking a little.


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Getting New Puppies After Losing Dog to Parvo?I lost two Husky pups just a month ago. We treated the yard and we bought new pups, this time cross breeds. We vaccinated them and their new vaccinations are due in 2 weeks. Do you think it was wise to get new pups? I did wash my walls, floors, yard? Will they be OK?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?My partner and I would like to open a nursery, but we have no idea of what to call it? We just want it to be something fun, learning, and colourful, anything!


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Adult Dayhab/Daycare Names?I am looking for a company name for my company. I am in the process of starting a business for the elderly and individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. I would like a professional name something that doesn't exactly sound like a daycare. They are adults so I don't want people to feel like a child.


Tiny Black Biting Bugs - bugs on striped settee

Tiny Black Biting Bugs?What are these tiny black bugs? Every night they fall on my settee and bite. They are tiny, easy to break in half. They can run, but don't fly. They look like black house lizard poo and only appear at night in one place. I think they fall from the wooden ceiling. I've never seen them before, now it's constant.


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Decorating Glass Blocks for Easter?What can I put in glass blocks? Can I put Easter grass and lights?


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Trash Can Bridal Shower Wishing Well?How do I make the supports for a trash can bridal shower wishing well so I can place a top onto it? Do I put the legs into the can with a cross bar on top? Ideas?


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Curtain Color to Coordinate with Grey Sofa and Red Wall?What colour curtains go with a grey sofa, red rug, and a red accent wall?


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Removing Polyurethane Stain Odor from Clothes?My husband works in home construction. When they start staining woodwork his clothes smell terrible! The odor is so strong and it doesn't matter how much I wash them it doesn't budge. I don't know if anything will help since it's oil based stain, but we can't keep buying new clothes just for a dirty construction job.


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Finding a Free Bed?I had to throw my bed out; it was infested with bed bugs. My apartment has been fumigated and bombed 4 weeks in a row the bugs are gone, but I am sleeping on the floor. The Salvation Army cannot help, Catholic Charities does not give vouchers any more, and I am on a fixed income.


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Dyeing a Synthetic Dress?I am the mother of the bride. I recently bought a light teal colored dress. It's thin material and is double layered; the under layer is a solid material the top is a lacey type; 90% nylon, 10% spandex, and a 100% polyester. Can I dye it a dark blue and if so how?


Value of Porcelain Doll - doll with long curly hair wearing a flower wreath

Value of Porcelain Doll?I have an angel porcelain doll with "r3" on the back of the neck. I have no idea of age or who made it. I am just wondering if it has any value.


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