October 6, 2017

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Flea Questions

Flea QuestionsLearning the best way to control fleas in your situation may require some study. If you don't find an answer to your situation, others may have some advice for you. This page contains more flea questions.


Minimum Payments to Avoid Collections

Minimum Payments to Avoid CollectionsMaking minimum payment to keep an account from going into collections is good way to ensure your credit score does not drop unnecessarily. If you can make minimum payments to avoid collections it's usually a good idea.


A filled hangbag that is sitting upright.

Storing Handbags and PursesWhen you need to store hand bags for another season, you may want to stuff them with newspaper or packing material so they keep their shape. This is a page about storing handbags and purses.


Harvested Pumpkins

How to Harvest PumpkinsIf you have grown some pumpkins it will be great to harvest them in the the fall. Here is how to harvest pumpkins.


Janome Memory Craft 3000

Changing the Foot on a Janome Memory Craft 3000?If your sewing machines foot is broken, you will ned to have it replaced. Here is information about changing the foot on a Janome Memory Craft 3000.


Beagle Photos

Beagle PhotosBeagles are fun smart, adorable dogs. Here are some great beagle photos for you to enjoy.



Tucker and Tobi (Tabby and Flame Point Siamese)

Tucker and Tobi (Tabby and Flame Point Siamese)I rescued both of these boys from my back yard. The mother brought each of them to me one year apart. They each were the only one in that litter.


Sturdy Sunflower Bread sliced

Sturdy Sunflower BreadIn our household, we've noticed that budget-friendly bread loaves from the supermarket tend to fall apart when we build sandwiches with them. I like mine with seeds in them but it seems those are the ones that don't hold up so well. Here's our new recipe for a delicious, sturdy bread that is great for sandwiches!



Pit Bull Puppy Small for Age - brindle puppy in garden

Pit Bull Puppy Small for Age?My baby is 5 months old and I was told he is a Pit Bull. I've had Pit Bulls my whole life. I know he is a Pit. I'm curious if he should be this size. He will be 6 months October 25th. I'm not sure if he is supposed to be this size or if because he is the runt he may take longer to grow.


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Asking a Friend to Formal?I have a formal coming up in November. I have a friend who is a senior and I am a junior, but I would like to ask him to the dance. We have known each other for 3 years now, but we don't hang out except in JROTC which is the only class he and I have together.


Baby Finch Deformed - featherless baby bird

Baby Finch Deformed?A baby zebra finch at 10 days old seems not be be growing as it should. Its toes are still curled and its wings are not changing so it flip flops to move. I have pictures of it.


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How Soon Can I Re-dye My Hair?I just dyed my hair with a hair dye from the store, but the color turned out darker than what I usually get (I tried a new hair dye). Can I re-do it tomorrow so I can go back to the lighter shade I usually get?


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Dog Won't Poop Outside?I recently adopted a Pit Bull from someone I knew. She does really well peeing on a leash and not having accidents in the house, but she has not pooped outside once since I've had her. She has pooped in the house around the same spot every time and in her crate when I leave her for even 30 minutes.


Identifying Small Bugs in the Kitchen

Identifying Small Bugs in the Kitchen?These bugs are everywhere near my countertop, sink, and windows. What are they? They are tiny and seem like curved oval balls. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?


French Saxon Porcelaine Plate - tan  plate with house

Value of a French Saxon Porcelaine Plate?I have this plate, on the back it says porcelaine, underneath that is the word France, under that REC. There is a shield with a small castle within the shield. Under the marking it says Castelroux. The front says Angers La Maison d' Adam.


Evergreen Tree Needles Are Turning Brown - tree with brown needles

Evergreen Tree Needles Are Turning Brown?The needles on our pine and spruce trees are turning brown. How do we identify the problem, and treat it?


Helping a Stressed Rescue Dog

Helping a Stressed Rescue Dog?I recently adopted my dog, Gambit, from an animal shelter. They found him with his mum and litter mates when he was around 12 weeks old. He is now supposedly around 7-9 months old. When I first brought him home, he would cower and hide from everyone and any noises.


Remedy for Hair Damaged by a Perm

Remedy for Hair Damaged by a Perm?A few days ago my friend permed my hair because I missed my long wavy hair. I have super short straight hair that has never been permed or anything of the like. She accidentally used a super perm. Some of it turned white and fell out. Lots of it is really frizzy and light colored.


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Slogan Ideas for a Daycare Business?I need a slogan idea for my in home daycare, Our Playhouse.


White Sewing Machine Presser Foot Lever Is Loose

White Sewing Machine Presser Foot Lever Is Loose?I have a White sewing machine 1418. The presser foot lever is very loose and not moving the bar (foot lever).


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Removing Musty Smell from Ottoman Bed Storage?I use the space under my ottoman bed to store bedding and clothes. They go in fresh and smelling nice, but come out smelling musty! How can I stop that?


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Allowing Ladybird Beetles to Stay Inside for the Winter?About 20 ladybird beetles have found their way into my house. I think they have come into hibernate. I don't have a problem letting them spend the winter there, but I'm concerned they may starve or dehydrate. Any advice on what I should do?


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I have natural blonde blonde hair. I want to dye it blue, but want it to go back to blonde after awhile. Can I and if I can how? Any advice for dyeing it?


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