December 15, 2017

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baking Rice Bean Burgers

Rice Bean BurgersThese are great and very easy to make. It is basically another way to make rice and beans, but in a patty. They hold up well in the fridge when cooked, and can last for 4 days or more. I did notice they do not freeze well because something really odd happens to rice when it's put in the freezer.


Cancer Adult Coloring Page

Cancer Adult Coloring PageAlong with Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer is part of the water trigon in astrology. People born between June 22 and July 22 are said to be born under Cancer. Many personality traits are associated with Cancerians including being introspective, intuitive, emotional, and domestic.


Pisces Adult Coloring Page - two fish pisces symbol

Signs of the Zodiac Adult Coloring PagesThis page contains signs of the zodiac adult coloring pages. These free adult coloring pages are a lot of fun to color. You could just do the one for your sign or print them all out. So grab your markers or colored pencils and get creative!


Lace Frill Sock Snowman - cute little girl's sock snowman

Lace Frill Sock SnowmanHere is another idea of how a mismatched sock may become useful: by turning it into a sweet little snowman! It is winter after all!



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Keys on Royal Electric Typewriter Not Working?My Royal Aristocrat Cavalier electric typewriter turns on and hums, but the keys won't depress or work.


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Blood and Mucus in Puppy's Stool After Parvo Recovery?I have an almost 3 month American blue bully Pit mix that just beat parvo. I thought everything was fine since I deep cleaned my apartment with bleach. But now he has started having a small amount of blood and mucus in his stool that's more of a pink color and I'm not sure what it is and neither does his vet.


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Value of Dynasty Porcelain Doll?I have a limited edition Dynasty doll from 1991, not out of box. It is a JCPenney annual doll of the year. Her name is Ashley.


Identifying a Wingback Armchair

Identifying a Wingback Armchair?I have a theory about this oak Chippendale style wingback armchair being Irish (because of Celtic knot carvings) and from around 1880. Am I wrong ? Can you tell me more about it?


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Name for Handmade Beaded Jewelry Business?I'm into making beaded jewelry and more. I design neck beads, beaded slippers, bracelets, brooches, etc. I've yet to give my business a name. I need some suggestions, please.


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Paddles on Bread Machine Not Turning?I just bought a Black & Decker B2300 bread machine. I washed and put in the paddles, recipe ingredients, and followed the directions to set on dough cycle. Well the paddles don't do anything, but the timer is counting down.


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Looking for a Vintage Massage Roller Machine?I am looking for one of the old Walton or Sears massage roller machines that was used for cellulite/fat removal. I am in the Atlanta, GA area, if someone knows where I can find one please let me know.


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Dehydrating Food with a Convection Oven?Can I dehydrate food with the Galloping Gourmet Aire Convection oven?


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Looking for Buy Now Pay Later Websites?Are there any updated buy now pay later sites for 2017? Any with no credit check?


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Remedy for an Older Dog with Gas?My 12-year-old dog has bad gas been going on for a month. I found out she's been eating out of the cat litter box when she can. She's also been wheezing like she has asthma or sounds like when my cats have hair balls. What can I do?


Avocado Tree Dropping Leaves - tree with missing leaves

Avocado Tree Dropping Leaves?I have an avocado tree that I bought when it was about a foot tall. It is now about three feet tall. It is dropping fresh green leaves. I can send pictures, if you want. I bought it in March and it had been doing very well.


Identifying a Houseplant light green plant with lots of tiny leaves that are almost evergreen like

Identifying a Houseplant?I just bought this plant from a nursery, but they don't know the name for it. If anyone knows that would be great. Apparently it doesn't need much sunlight and they said it was a type of fern.


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Remedy for a Dog's Itchy Skin?My dog is forever chewing her butt above her tail. We give her frequent baths. Can I use distilled vinegar as a spray?


How Much Should a 6 Month Old Pit Bull Weigh?

How Much Should a 6 Month Old Pit Bull Weigh?My American Pit Bull terrier weighs 45lbs at a year and 6 months. Is that right?


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Removing Steam Stains on Formica Desk Top?I ironed a garment on my boss's red formica desk and it left white steam stains. Any ideas as to how to polish out these stains?


Value of Detroit Red Wing Doll - certificate

Value of Detroit Red Wing Doll?What is the value of a Dyna-Mite! Detroit Red Wing doll? The number on the certificate is 1884SDA. It is still in the original wrapping and box.


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Using Jar Candles?I'm new in the world of candles. I bought one in a glass container and it turns out that it is very hot. I can not touch it, especially in the part that no longer has wax. It's that normal? Do all the glass candles get too hot at some point?


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Removing a Set In Coke Stain on a White Shirt?How do I get a Coke stain out of a white cotton shirt that has been sitting for five days? I just washed it in powered laundry detergent and cold water. I live in Thailand and do not have access to such things as Oxi-clean or bleach.


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Finding Free Furniture?I am looking for furniture for me and my son. We just left a shelter.


Value of a Collectible Memories Porcelain Doll - red haired doll wearing a red coat with fur trim and a plaid dress

Value of a Collectible Memories Porcelain Doll?I have a Collectible Memories porcelain doll. She is 28" tall. Her name is Arleen. I've attached a photo. What is her approximate value? She is in excellent shape.


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Value of Mersman Side Tables?What would the value be on a pair of Mersman side tables number 7375?


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