October 29, 2018

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finished Beef Taco Casserole

Southwestern Beef Taco CasseroleThis is an excellent one-pan to one-dish meal that can serve a lot of people without too much effort. I recently had 6 people come over to my house after an event and they were hungry. I had a lot of snack items around, but I wanted to give them something more substantial. This was the perfect dish. Since it has layers of tortilla chips and cheese, baking it off turns it into a cross between tacos and enchiladas. I hope you try this one out!


Japanese Sweet Potato Rice in bowl

Japanese Sweet Potato RiceIt is sweet potato season and I love it! One of my favourite ways to use up sweet potato is inside this warm and comforting rice dish. It's really easy to make and creates a great side for any entree. I used a rice cooker here but you can use whatever method you usually cook your rice.



Paper Bowl Sunflower

Paper Bowl SunflowerSunflowers are so beautiful and are a popular fall decoration. I like to incorporate at least one sunflower craft into the classroom. This wall decor piece takes a couple days to complete, but it's perfect for this time of year. The students really seem to enjoy it.


Parking Lot Fungi - four bright orange mushrooms

Parking Lot FungiWhile out with my 17 year old grandson shopping for a Halloween mask, we saw these beautiful orange fungi in the planter median of the strip mall. I don't know exactly what type of mushroom they are but they were so bright and fun to see. We jumped out of the car with cell phone cameras at the ready.



Cat Likes to Jump into Empty Garbage Can - black cat with orange bow collar

Cat Likes to Jump into Empty Garbage Can?I have a Bombay cat who is about a year old. She keeps jumping into our empty garbage can. Whenever we get her out of there she jumps right back in. Why does she keep doing this? She never bothered it when it had a bag full of garbage, but when its completely empty she always jumps in.


Discontinued Waverly Wallpaper - vertically striped wallpaper

Discontinued Waverly Wallpaper?I have a Waverly wallpaper that I need 2-3 more rolls to finish my project. I don't have a pattern name, but the # is 5502230.


Using Open Hair Color - blob of color

Using Open Hair Color?I have bought Loreal's Majirel hair color. When I opened the box, the seal of the tube was missing and when I squeezed it, the hair color that came out was of green colour. Is this colour useable or should I throw it away?


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Repairing Vinyl Barstool Upholstery?I love my brown vinyl barstools, but they are peeling on the front of the seat. How can I repair the vinyl? The rest of the stool is fine.


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Determining the Value of a Rockola Jukebox?Can anyone help me with finding the value of a Rockola jukebox 1988 469 series?


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Transferring a White Finch and Its Babies to a New Cage?My white female finch's babies hatched 8 days ago. I want to change the cage to a bigger one. Is it fine to change the cage now or I should wait until the babies grow and come out of their nest. Will she abandon the babies if I touch their nest or transfer all of them to new cage?


Removing a Cam Bolt on a Glider

Removing a Cam Bolt on a Glider?I received a free glider rocking chair for a church nursery. One of the cam bolts is coming out. In order to assess whether or not it needs to just be tightened or replaced, I need to be able to remove it and reinstall the screws.


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Removing Black Crepe Paper from a Wood Table?A piece of black crepe paper stuck to my light oak coffee table. It left a large black mark in the groves. How can a try get it off?


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Repairing a Frister Rossmann Euro 10SP Sewing Machine?I have a Frister Rossmann Euro 10 SP sewing machine. It is 30 years old. Sometimes when I start sewing it takes a while to get going as if labouring. Yesterday I had power to the motor, but no drive to the needle mechanism. Is this the belt - although it seems to turn the pulley - if it is where can I get one?


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Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a 2010 Craftsman LT2000 riding mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine. It will not start. When I turn the ignition it either clicks a bunch of times or spins once or twice, but doesn't turn over. I replaced the spark plug, adjusted the valves, got a new battery, and it still won't start.


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning and Personal Services Business?My wife and I started a business, but are stuck on what to name it. We do everything from running errands and grocery shopping, to washing dishes, doing laundry, folding and putting away laundry, detail cleaning, organizing, any and everything, even cleaning the fridge, and taking out the trash.


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Replacement Water Heater Help for Low Income Homeowner?I'm low income and my hot water heater went out. I don't have the money to go out and buy one. Is there anyone that can help me find a charity or agency that might help?


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Choosing the Right Glue for a Craft Project?I need to adhere a glass fishbowl to a painted terra cotta pot. What glue is best and do I have to lightly sand before I glue them together? I also used some waterproof sealant to adhere glass beads to the pot, but didn't lightly sand first will that be alright?


What Breed Is My Miniature Pinscher Mixed With?

What Breed Is My Miniature Pinscher Mixed With?What breed is in my dog? She is a Miniature Pinscher mix. I think she could be mixed with Chihuahua or Dachshund? I don't know though, but here's a picture of me and her.


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Removing Dye Transfer on Clothing?I washed new black jeans with a green shirt and now has stains all over it. Is there a way to fix it?


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Asking My Mom to Shave My Legs?My name is Grace. I am 13 in the 7th grade, I have not shaved. All my friends do, and when they talk about it I just don't know what to say while they are talking, like they say, "oh I cut my self, or oh I forgot a strip of hair". And it makes me feel uncomfortable when they do talk about it.


Value of a Brother Turntable with 8-Track Tape Player

Value of a Brother Turntable with 8-Track Tape Player?Does anyone know the value of this Brother Consort futuristic 60s/70s 2 turntable console with an 8 track tape player? Has anyone seen one of these before, I cannot find any info on it.


What Breed Is My Dog? - light brown puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?Does my dog have much Pit Bull in him or more Lab? Does he have any Pit in him at all? I was looking more for a Lab mix.


Identifying a Small Brown Bug - long oval bug

Identifying a Small Brown Bug?What kind of bug is this? I found some in my carpet when I was shampooing and in my room in a basket. It dosen't seem to have any legs.


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Cause of Puppy's Death?The largest puppy of our litter died suddenly. He had diarrhea, then a very bloated stomach, and eventually blood coming from his mouth and bottom. He died within a matter of hours. We're pretty sure it's not poison because the other puppies are fine and all eat from the same place. What could it be?


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?Where can I sell my mother-in-law's porcelain dolls in Pennsylvania?


Value of Vintage Cabinet Radio and Console Stereo - vintage cabinet radio

Value of Vintage Cabinet Radio and Console Stereo?The radio and record player have been in my family for years. Any idea how much they are worth?


Discontinued Raymond Waites Wallpaper -  marbleized tan wallpaper

Discontinued Raymond Waites Wallpaper?I am looking for Raymond Waites wallpaper, Coralite marble-golden, pattern 5800780. Hurricane Florence damaged my walls and I would like to replace the damaged paper with the same. A couple of rolls would probably do it.


Identifying Homemade Furniture

Identifying Homemade Furniture?I am trying to find out what this is. I am not sure what it's for. It was found in a house. Any ideas are much appreciated.


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