January 30, 2019

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Heart Paper Plate Sewing Craft

Heart Paper Plate Sewing Craft for KidsThis fun seasonal craft provides your young child a fun sewing card like experience that results a unique decoration for their room or anywhere in your home. Find out how to make this heart paper plate sewing craft for kids.


Value of Vintage Figurines - ceramic elephant figurine

Value of Vintage FigurinesCollectible figures may or may not have value. To determine the value of individual figurines you will need to determine the artist, manufacturer, date of production, number made, etc. This page contains some additional considerations to take into account when searching for the value of your figurines.



baked Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Cinnamon Sugar CookiesWith just three simple ingredients, you can make "shortcut" cinnamon sugar cookies. A fast and easy way to make some cookies, makes a nice little treat for the kids (adults too!).


Kale Salad Magnifico in bowl

Kale Salad MagnificoA winning recipe that softens the kale and makes it so delish!


Tuna Cheddar Chowder in bowl

Tuna Cheddar ChowderA hearty, satisfying soup for cold weather. Very economical, especially if you buy the ingredients on sale.


Rice Flour Stickies on plate

Rice Flour StickiesThis is a sweet snack I actually invented as I ran out of pancake ingredients. I have visitors and what's left is a pack of sticky rice flour. So I was thinking what to do with it until I discovered the stickies.



An empty can of corn with both the top and bottom removed.

Using a Can to Fill Zipper BagsDoing my 'cook for a day and eat for a month', I knew I was going to have some goopy messes. So today, I did something about it.


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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) For Pest ControlI've noticed quite a few posts about insect issues in the home. A great way to control bugs is with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is not a poison so therefore it is safe and healthy for your pets and family. It works by dehydrating their exoskeleton.


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Turmeric TipsTurmeric has many health uses. It has been used like an antibiotic for thousands of years. I add oil, such as coconut oil, and a dash of black pepper to enhance the absorption of the turmeric benefits. I also add a dash of turmeric in my white rice to make it look like yellow rice.


Squirrel Scare Tool - supplies

Squirrel Scare ToolFrom my kitchen window, I enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders. However I can't keep a lot of food in the feeders because of squirrels. In the cold months, early in the morning, I'll put out just enough seed to last through the day.


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Birdseed to Prevent Slippery StairsI am not supposed to use salt on my front steps. Instead, I use wild bird seed and find that it works very well. The birds love it and it keeps me from slipping!


Petie (Senegal Parrot) - green, yellow, and gray parrot on toy plane

Petie (Senegal Parrot)I got Petite from a co-worker who's girlfriend did not want him, in 2005. I trim little Peties flight feathers to keep them safe and as you can see by the picture he decided to fly anyway. He likes to chew on things and tear them up sometimes. I think he's part beaver. And he likes to be loved on.


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Avoid Nails in Car TiresThis past month, 2 of 3 cars had nails in the tires. After further investigating, the nails were right in front of our home! It must have been from the home nearby that is doing home construction.


Hand Painted Popsicle Stick Puzzle - puzzle

Hand Painted Popsicle Stick PuzzleThis is a fun way to turn Popsicle sticks into a puzzle. I've made a love themed one, but you can paint whatever you'd like on it. Taking a photo of it creates a key for the puzzle player to follow. You can have this on a mobile device, or you can print it out.


Air Plant with Layered Sand and Glitter

Air Plant with Layered Sand and GlitterI enjoy planting and especially decorating the home with indoor plants. My toddler asked how come he doesn't have a planter of his own creation, so I thought this would be a fun mess free little planter he could make. The outcome turned out beautifully, it also adds a nice touch of color from the colored sand and mixture of glitter!



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Getting Permanent Marker Off of Skin?It has been months and there is still a mark from a permanent marker on my skin. I don't know what to do. The line is light and not so visible, but still there. Any suggestions?


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Finding Some One to Buy Trees for Lumber?We have 39 acres in Gilmer County in WVA. We are looking for a lumber company to buy our lumber. Please let me know if you can help.


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Finding Agencies to Help After a House Fire?Does anyone have suggestions for where I can find help after a house fire?


Value of a RCA Victor Radio - vintage radio

Value of a RCA Victor Radio?Is this unit worth anything? It is a table model radio w/plug in connection for TV or record player. It is a RCA Victor model T-62.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tan and white dog on bed

What Breed Is My Dog?Any idea what breed my dog is mixed with?


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Using a Broom to Clean a Fiberglas Tub?Will a soft broom ruin my fiberglass tub?


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Value of a Mickey Mouse Store Model Gold Figurine?I have a Mickey Mouse statue that weights around 50 lbs. It is like the other one I have that is a store model that has 500 made. But the one I'm asking about is gold and only 50 were made. I've pretty much looked as much as I could, but have no luck.


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Favorite Recipes from North Carolina?I was recently working on a question that was posted some time in the past, asking about easy recipes to cook for a transplanted North Carolinian. I know we have quite a few members who live in North Carolina and I was wondering what you would recommend. I'm in the Pacific NW, so the food is about as different as possible. :)


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Montessori School Slogan Ideas?My Montessori school name is Kids' Planet. Please help with some slogans for my school.


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Cleaning Out a Plastic Bleach Bottle?How do you get rid of the bleach smell and all of the liquid out of a plastic spray bottle meant for cat training?


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Legs on a Vintage Barbie Doll Have Changed Color?My vintage Barbie is in pretty good shape. However, her legs turned from the cream color to brown. For quite a while she has worn an outfit with pants. Could this have something to do with it? The brown color didn't come off when I washed her. Why did Barbie's legs turn brown?


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