March 14, 2019

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A collection of encyclopedias with the page side showing.

Finding the Value of Winston Encyclopedias?These encyclopedias were originally published in the early 20th century by the John C. Winston company. In 1912 it was expanded to include more volumes and loose leaf updates were provided. This is a page about finding the value of Winston encyclopedias.


Wine Glass Candle Holders - turn glasses right side up and fill with faux flowers of your choice

Making Wine Glass Candle HoldersInverted, stemmed wine glasses make pretty candle holders. You can put faux flower petals, buttons, or other decorations into the glass and seal them in to make quite decorative candle holders. This is a page about making wine glass candle holders.


Fan Pattern Crocheted Cowl

Making a Fan Pattern Crocheted CowlCrochet cowls are a nice alternative to scarves. This is a relatively easy project that will have you making several. This is a page about making a fan pattern crocheted cowl.


A spray cleaning bottle

Getting the Last Drop of Spray CleanerThrifty minded consumers do not like to waste that last bit of cleaner at the bottom of the spray bottle. Try adding a marble or some glass crafts gems to raise the level. You can also transfer the remainder to a much smaller spray bottle. This is a page about getting the last drop of spray cleaner.


Carpet being shampooed.

Getting Rid of Wet Carpet SmellFlooding, resulting from the weather or because of an in-home accident, can result in a soaked carpet that can quickly begin to smell. Extract the water first and then try some of the tips on this page for getting rid of the wet carpet smell.


Propagating Basil From Cuttings - rooting basil cuttings

Growing Basil from CuttingsGrow your own fresh basil from cuttings. Root the cuttings in a container and then plant for a nice fresh supply of this popular herb. This is a page about growing basil from cuttings.


Pigeon nesting in a box.

Getting Rid of a Nesting Pigeon?Pigeons can sometimes choose a nesting spot that is inconvenient or worrisome for a home owner or apartment dweller. If she has already laid eggs you can read on to see some ideas on what to do about a nesting pigeon and discouraging future nests. This is a page about getting rid of a nesting pigeon.



finished Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle CookiesOne of my favorite cookies!


round dish of Creamy Ratatouille

Creamy RatatouilleThis is a beautiful vegetable ratatouille that is immersed in a tomato sauce, swirled with a homemade Bechamel sauce. It's lovely and crisp on top, and soft and creamy on the bottom. This is a delight to enjoy any time of the year.



Making a Flower Pot Candy Dish - finished candy machine dish

Making a Flower Pot Candy DishEven with the mistakes, I think this was a lovely learning endeavor. I have three more I am will be making soon, but this one is all done.


You Blow Me Away Card - finished card

You Blow Me Away CardThis card is ideal for Valentine's Day (late post, I actually forgot to post this), but this card could be used for other occasions too. For example: asking someone to a dance - "You blow me away, will you go to homecoming with me?"



Saving a Weeping Cherry Tree After Extensive Pruning - just a trunk

Saving a Weeping Cherry Tree After Extensive Pruning?I had to prune off the dead wood, so all of the weeping arms were cut back. It is just a trunk about 1.5 metres tall. The trunk seems healthy, but the weeping branches all died. Can I save this tree? What can you recommend?


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Value of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have the full set of the 1768 15th edition; is it worth any money?


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Kitchen Sink and Faucet Color Advice?We have remodeled our kitchen. We went with cream cabinets, brushed bronze hardware, stainless steel countertops, and the color of the walls is seasalt. The appliances are stainless steel with black. What color faucet and sink should I go with?


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Replacement Parts for a Baby George Foreman GR59A?I need an end wheel w/thumb screw (part number 21584A) for the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie GR59A. I love this rotisserie, but the part that the thumb screw goes into has gotten stripped and the screw won't stay in.


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Value of a 1953 Wurlitzer Model 1550 Jukebox?I would appreciate an estimate for this jukebox. It is in perfect working condition.


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Cat Is Losing Hair in Chunks?My cat is 16 years old and has dry brown stuff on his face, around the eyes, nose, and under his chin. When I wipe it off gently with a wet washcloth it comes off, but chunks of fur do as well. Any idea what's causing this?


Dog Has Itchy Lump on His Side - red raised bump

Dog Has Itchy Lump on His Side?My poor dog has an lump on his side about the size of a quarter, it's hairless and he is now trying to scratch at it. When I first noticed it about a week ago, it was just scabby and raised, but now he has scratched the scab off and it looks so irritated. I've been putting Neosporin on it, but I'm not sure if I should take him to the vet or if it is something that I could treat at home.


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Finding the Value of Old Coins?I have had a huge collection of very old coins passed down to me. Morgans, peaces, CCs, etc. I would like to know where I can get an honest value near me. I would like to know their value price.


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Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge?Can you use Vaseline on a kitten's eyes with an infection?


Finding Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper - rolls of wallpaper on carpet

Finding Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper?I looking for 2 rolls of Laura Ashley Millwood Camomile wallpaper. Where can I get get it from please?


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Ideas for My Daughter's 13th Birthday?My daughter is turning 13 and she wants to have a party, but she doesn't know what to do and one of her friends is having a party the same day, so none of her friends are going to be at her party. Any advice?


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Finding Affordable Colostomy Bags?My sister is going for surgery next week, she must use the colostomy bags permanently! We would like to help her so she can get them. We are retirees in a low income bracket, so could you please let us know if is a place where we can by those bags at a reasonable and more affordable price.


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