April 23, 2019

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Making an Egyptian Headdress - done

Making an Egyptian HeaddressFor school plays and cultural or history activities you may need to create something like this Egyptian headdress. This page contains the instructions and photos needed for making an Egyptian headdress.


Deboning Chicken Thighs  - first cut

Deboning Chicken ThighsYou can save money by removing the bones from chicken thighs yourself. This is a page about deboning chicken thighs.


A decorative snowman figure made from a mitten.

How to Make a Mitten Desk BuddyUsing a single white mitten, you can make this cute snowman pen or pencil holder. Change up the color and make other examples of this desk buddy. Learn how to make a mitten desk buddy in this page.


Marshmallow Peepsters - bunnies in a glass dish

Making Marshmallow PeepstersPeeps are a popular treat. But around Easter they often sell out at the market. If you can't find any, try making these cute substitutes. This is a page about making marshmallow peepsters.



Crispy Baked Chicken Thighs on plate

Crispy Baked Chicken ThighsThis is a recipe for healthy, crispy chicken thighs without deep frying or a lot of oil. This can be eaten as an entrée, or as an appetizer, snack finger food.


Mozerella Ham Swirl Bread

Mozzarella Ham Swirl BreadGreat way to use your leftover ham from Easter! This yummy combo reminds me of stromboli. I guess you could dip it in sauce if desired, but it's not necessary. It's moist and delicious to simply slice and eat.


Homemade Hot Chocolate in cup

Homemade Hot ChocolateHot chocolate is one of our favorite morning beverages and we make it at home from fresh harvest cacao beans. The beans are sun dried, cooked and grinded then placed into molds to form blocks or bars of raw unsweetened chocolate. We call them "tablea".



ZigZag (Miniature Schnauzer) - closeup of ZigZag's face

ZigZag (Miniature Schnauzer)ZigZag was given to us 3 1/2 years ago. His mother stepped on his leg when he was just a puppy so the breeder couldn't sell him due to his bumleg. He is a great dog.


Teacup Candles - closeup of a teacup candle

Teacup CandlesI bought all the supplies on Amazon.com, the wax, the wicks, a color kit, and a scented oil kit. Then I began making candles out of old empty jars, and then found old antique teacups and saucers. These make wonderful keepsake treasures and special gifts. And it is very easy, but requires "caution" when working with hot, melted wax.


The Girls are Ganging Up - Fuzzy

The Girls are Ganging UpI think my two cats, Annie and Fuzzy have taught our pet chicken some bad habits. They regularly peek into the window and when I looked out the window today I see little Chicken Little has learned the trick too! We all had a good laugh!


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Hummingbird Feeders and RaccoonsI just wanted to say that hummingbird feeders found drained quickly can be something other than bees. Yes, we had something at night draining ours, so we set up a camera and found a raccoon could climb up on the railing just under our feeder, get up on his hind legs, and tip the feeder just enough so the food would run right into his mouth! Barely spilled a drop!



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Name for an Architectural Design Firm?Please help me to find a good creative name for my architectural firm. Although I'm a civil engineer, I'll be working as a design engineer. It should have a concept behind it and also be relatable. 


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Recipe for Eat N Park's Nantucket Cod?Would someone who has the recipe for Eat N Park's Nantucket Cod please share or email it to me?


Identifying Insect Eggs - small round yellow insect eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?I found these small, bright yellow eggs laid on the bark of my outdoor tortoise enclosure after a storm. I just wanted to know what they are and if I should be worried. 


Selling a Vintage Cabbage Patch Doll - boy doll in sweats

Selling a Vintage Cabbage Patch Doll?I have a vintage Cabbage Patch doll from 1978, autographed by Xavier Roberts. It is in excellent condition, has been very well taken care of, and is super clean. He comes with original clothing and pamper. I found its value at $900 in the condition it's in, but am not sure where I can sell it.


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Repairing the Finish on Water Soaked Table Legs?How can I disguise the legs on a small table that was left in a basement and soaked up the water? All of the color is gone about 1 1/2 inches in length. Can I stain them to make them look normal? Luckily we have a deep pile carpet so it is not that noticeable.


Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses - glasses with multicolored flowers

Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses?Can anyone help me identify these glasses? I have 3 of them and would like to search for more. Knowing the origin may help me to locate some!


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Leaves on Avocado Plant Are Dying?I grew a avocado plant from a pit. When it was rooted I put it in a pot. Once I put it outside, when it got about 2 ft. tall, it began to have tiny round brown spots on it. Under the leaves were similar, but light white. The leaves started dying from the bottom then it started on the new leaves as well. I'm about to trash it and start over. What can I do?


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Using High Lift Hair Color in Bleached Hair?I bleached my hair on January 26th so it's been about 8 weeks. I was wondering if it's okay to dye your hair to a ultra high lift brown? (Kinda of scared my hair is gonna fall out.)


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