July 6, 2019

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Apricot Marinated Steak on plate

Apricot Marinated SteakThis is a nice sweet and savoury twist on a typical meat marinade. It uses apricot preserves in lieu of sugars. The pureed onion and cider vinegar really help tenderized the meat nicely. This marinade works great with most meats. This would be fantastic cooked out on the grill for your barbecues.


Patriotic Window Display - plates hanging in the window

Patriotic Window DisplayThis is so super simple it's fun and easy.


3D Kirigami Paper Stars - two stars, one yellow and one orange

3D Kirigami Paper StarsThis is a simple way to make 3D stars from paper with a technique called kirigami. Kirigami is similar to origami except it uses some cutting with scissors, whereas origami is just folding. These stars make fantastic decorations on their own, or hanging from string.



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Donating a Pair of Shoes in Two Sizes?I have 2 different sized feet, so I have opposite shoes with no home. Is there a place I can send them?


Value of a Delmonico Console Stereo - open console stereo

Value of a Delmonico Console Stereo?So I was helping a friend clean out a storage unit of his late parents and for my help I could have whatever I wanted. Besides the few old dolls, plates, and some silverware I wrestled this heavy beast into my truck. It's in pretty good condition, I'll check soon if it works, but on the back it says it's a Delmonico (made in Italy) model #40SBR801 UX?


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Puppies Can't Move After Getting Parvo Shot?My boyfriend gave my 5 puppies their parvo shots. 2 of the puppies are acting weird and can't walk or move, but they still have their appetite! My son feeds them through a syringe so they always have something in their system! What do we do?


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Cat Keeps Scratching Scab Outside of Ear?I have a 4 year old cat. He doesn't go outside except once in a while to say hi to me while I'm sitting outside. He has had a scratch right outside of his ear for awhile now and constantly scratches it. He will dig in his ear and when he shakes his head, clear liquid comes out. His ear looks pretty clean, barely any black or dirt. The scratching has made his skin raw and bleeding.


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Foot Pedal Not Working on Sewing Machine?The foot pedal worked for like 5 seconds then stopped working, but the machine light still works. I took the pedal apart and didn't find any problem with it. I replaced just the foot pedal with the same wire and it is giving me the same problem. It worked once or twice for like 3 seconds then stopped working. Could the problem be with the cord that sends the power to the foot pedal?


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Simplicity Lawn Tractor Keeps Stalling?I have a Simplicity lawn tractor from about 2010 with a 24 hp B&S engine. It ran for awhile and quit. I have always used airplane gas, no ethanol. Last time my son put in regular gas and now it won't run right. I think it is a safety switch. Is there a way to get rid of all the safety switches?


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Prognosis for a Puppy with Parvo?My pup's only 45 days old. He's been diagnosed with parvo. 2 days later the vet immediately started the treatment. On the second day the vet was not able to find the veins as it was very difficult, so they have given it through the skin. I just want to know whether it is useful and effective to be giving the fluids through sub skin layer. He had bloody diarrhea and vomiting.


Identifying Figurines - two Asian motif figurines

Identifying Figurines?I found this pair at my local thriftstore. There are no marks. They are either ceramic figures on plaster, perhaps chalk? Are they Kaye? Can some one help identify them?


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Using a Water Based Air Freshener?Does alcohol in a water based air freshener make its fragrance last longer?


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - white dog on a fallen tree

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?This little guy came my way about a month ago. What do you think? I think he looks like a Pit Bull, but I have never had one before. Maybe he is a Jack Russell-Pit mix? He already weighs 19 pounds and was born March 21. I look forward to what you all think!


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Using Borax in a Front Load Washer?When, where, and how do I use borax in a front load washing machine?


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Yardman Lawn Tractor Won't Start?I have a 1991 Yardman lawn tractor, that will not turn over. There is no electric. I changed the key switch and solenoid. It still won't turn over. I can jump start it directly to the solenoid.


Crochet Business Name Ideas - colorful star baby blanket

Crochet Business Name Ideas?I am setting up a crochet table this coming weekend and I'm am looking for a name for my table. I crochet star baby blankets, some girl dresses, mermaid tail blankets, and flip flop boots. I also make the basic stuff such as hats, scarfs, and messy bun hats. I would also like help with pricing.


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Getting Rid of Weeds and Shrub Shoots in Flower Garden?I have hydrangeas and spireas along with weeds in my flower garden that are constantly appearing, in abundance! How do I kill the shoots without killing the plants?


Value of Mersman End Tables - painted tables

Value of Mersman End Tables?I'm thinking of selling this set of Mersman 118-02 tables with drawers. What do you think they are worth?


Foot Controller Not Working on New Home Sewing Machine - sewing machine

Foot Controller Not Working on New Home Sewing Machine?I have a problem with a My Style Computer 826 New Home sewing machine by Janome. When plugged in it powers up and I get the usual welcome 'beep', display lights up and stitch 10 is indicated. However, when I use the foot controller, nothing happens at all. I checked the controller on another machine and it works fine. I suspected the motor initially, but I'm not so sure now.


Broken Reverse Lever on Singer Concerto 3 - machine

Broken Reverse Lever on Singer Concerto 3?I was using my Singer Concerto 3 today and when I pulled the lever to reverse stitch to finish off, it broke. I need help on how to get into the machine. I unscrewed the screws at the top of the machine and nothing happened.


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - books on bookshelf

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have Encyclopaedia Britannica sets and I'm just wondering if they have any value. They are in brilliant condition as I don't think most have even been used.


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Coloring Short Hair?How many minutes should I keep hair color in for short hair?


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Older Dog Peed Inside and Threw Up?My dog was laying down inside. Mind you it's pretty warm today 80/90 inside. She has been licking herself clean and I noticed it seemed like she peed inside. She is an 11 year old Pitty so I assumed incontinence. I sent her out to go potty and she came back in and laid back down. It seemed she left another wet spot so I went to have her go back outside and she threw up.


Removing Red Streaks from Hair

Removing Red Streaks from Hair?I just had a shampoo cap service at the salon. I want the reddish color out of my hair quick for a wedding. I'm tired of going to the salon because I never get what I want. I understand it's a process, but I'm aiming to go from this brassy red color to a medium, not dark brown color.


Identifying Tiny Black Bugs - very small bugs

Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?What are these? They are almost microscopic and are everywhere. There are a lot of them all over my apartment. They don't fly or jump. They just run around all surfaces. My fiancé and I can feel them all over our bodies, but we haven't found any bites. The itching is just from them running on us.


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Repairing a Juki q2010 Sewing Machine?Juki feed dogs don't come back up and can't use reverse, it is frozen.


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