August 16, 2019

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Remembering When to Feed My Plants - milk jug of Miracle Gro on porch, with dates written on the bottle as a reminder

Remembering When to Feed My PlantsRemembering when to feed my plants Miracle Gro was hard for me to do until I came up with this solution.


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Cleaning Glass Shower DoorsPut peroxide in a spray bottle and spray on your shower doors and wipe with a dry cloth. The soap scum wipes right off. You can also do the same for shower walls. It works wonders.


Chocolate Chip Cashew and Coconut Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cashew and Coconut CookiesHere is an easy and delicious way of whipping up 4 dozen chocolate chip cashew and coconut cookies! If you want, add flaky salt on top.


Removing the lumpy stuffing from a pillow.

Restuffing a PillowOver time a throw pillow can become lumpy or unfluffy. It can be opened, emptied, washed and refilled with new stuffing. Restuffing a pillow can save you money.



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Glider Rocker Stuck in Lock Position?I inherited a glider rocker and it is stuck in the lock position. When I hold up the lock it will glide, but once I release it, it goes right back to lock. What can be done as this is useless for rocking my grandson?


Identifying a Stuffed Animal

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?One of my friend's baby has a stuffed animal, and he is pretty run down. I have tried to find the company by the logo that's on the teddy bear, but no luck. I have done an image search on Google and have been looking for hours!


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Cat Is Peeing On Clothing?Last year when I first adopted my cat in February, she had already had a habit of peeing on things and being stressed by my dogs just made it worse. When I finally moved out in August of 2018 it stopped all together. She was happy and loved that there were no little dogs to terrorize her. It's been over a year with no more accidents; up until last week, she hasn't peed on anything at all.


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Updating Oak Kitchen Cabinets?I am looking to update my kitchen cabinets. They are high quality oak cabinets, but from the 70s. I don't want to paint them. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I will be changing the knobs. These same cabinets are in my bathrooms and laundry room.


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Removing Stains and Odor from Moldy Clothing?Clothes were wet and left in a hot car in 100+ degree weather for at least two weeks. They grew mold on them and got this nasty burnt smell. They've been washed about 7 times now with vinegar, bleach, Oxi Clean, and those little Arm & Hammer bead scent things. They were presoaked and washed thoroughly every time, but there's still mold stains and some of the clothes still smell bad.


Value of an Eales 1779 Silver Ladle - ladle

Value of an Eales 1779 Silver Ladle?I have an Eales 1779 silver punch ladle. I am looking to determine its value.


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Identifying Little Black Biting Bugs?I've suffered in all aspects- mostly now mentally I suppose, for over a year from bug bites that hurt, itch, more than anything I've ever felt. I've also been "stung, bitten," to extremes where I sweat in pain, and scream! They are teeny, and burrow in my skin. They look black mostly, and the sores eventually become huge, thick ugly scabs.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in gingham dress lying on tummy and propped up on elbows

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought her at a flea market for $7. I can't find any markings, nothing is written on her. I don't think these are her original clothes, since they don't fit her perfectly. She is about 12 inches/30 cm.


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Altering a Blouse?I buy blouses a larger size so the shoulders fit, however, they are always too large in the bust area. What is the best way to alter them to fit?


Value of an Antique Buffet - antique buffet made from multiple woods

Value of an Antique Buffet?Was wondering what this would be worth. I am wanting more info on this piece.


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Helping a Sick Stray Cat?There is a stray cat around our house. She is almost 5-6 months old. She is sick. She has a blocked nose and watery eyes and she lost half of her weight. I couldn't catch her to help her eat or drink or even clean her nose so she can breath properly. We dont have animal control in my country or any sort of animal help.


Home Care Services Business Name Ideas?I am looking to start a non-medical home care business and looking for a nice name, something classy and family oriented.


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Removing Moldy Smell from Inside Bread Maker?How can a moldy smell be removed from the inside of a bread maker?


Getting Rid of Little Black Flying Bugs in Bathroom - hand holding a small black bug

Getting Rid of Little Black Flying Bugs in Bathroom?I have these tiny little black bugs flying all around my bathroom and my walk-in closet. I do have fruit out on our kitchen table, but they don't go near it. I set out apple cider vinegar traps and they don't go near them either. There is no food in my closet or bathroom. I've killed so many and they won't go away. I got a fly zapper light and I hear it kill like one every two hours.


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Top Load GE Washer Won't Spin?I have a GE washer and it won't spin water out at the end of the wash cycle. The model number is whdsr209.


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Refreshing or Refinishing a Flagstone Entryway Floor?I am wanting to refresh my flagstone entryway floor. Do you paint it or just reapply polyurethane?


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Value of a 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a 1910 - 11 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. How much is it worth?


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