May 14, 2020

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Remaking 'The Scream'- montage of the painting and the recreation

Remaking 'The Scream'by Edvard MunchThis craft was created as a high school art project. The students had to choose a famous painting and recreate it using another medium rather than paint. With the help of little brother here is Edvard Munch's "The Scream".


Foam tubes holding up the canvas cover of a metal gazebo.

Prevent Sagging on Canvas Gazebo CoversIf your gazebo's canvas cover collects water in inclement weather, use foam insulation tubes to add extra framework. This is an easy way to keep rain from puddling, which can cause damage over the long run.


Making Simple Sock Puppet

Making Simple Sock PuppetsSock puppets are still fun for young kids to play with. For slightly older ones, they can create their own funny puppet. Sometimes simple is good.


A chicken sitting near her eggs.

Backyard Chicken EggsBackyard chickens can lay a variety of colored eggs depending on their breed. The colors are fun to see, but can also alert you to a health issue such as exposure to too much heat. Even before your hen has heat stroke she may begin to lay eggs of a different color.


A photo showing a lake with ducks and colorful autumn trees.

Arboretum PhotosA visit to a local arboretum can be a relaxing and visually enjoyable experience. Each season and area of the gardens offers beautiful textures and colors depending on the types of plants grown. Save the memories by taking photos of your trip.



Fried Sardines & Sausage on plate

Fried Sardines & Sausage PlatterAnother 15 days of community quarantine implemented in my region since Covid-19 positive cases are still adding up. We're like stuck for 3 months left with no choice but to obey the rules. More quarantine means more kitchen hacks and experiments. Today I'm gonna cook crispy sardines and sausages straight from their cans.


Kombucha Soda Muffins

Kombucha Soda MuffinsI got a box of Kombucha once, and though I like kombucha, I could not drink it fast enough. So I found this recipe which I believe is kind of based on Irish Soda bread, but used the Kombucha. It is remarkable and vegan. The original recipe calls for honey or agave, but I use molasses as it is my go-to sweetener due to its earthy taste and high minerals content (potassium, iron, and magnesium). Also you can use butter or oil.



Four Necklaces for a Dollar - foam head with a white headwrap necklace with a vintage style button in the center

Four Necklaces for a DollarUsing a package of headwraps from the Dollar Store and an added embellishment, you have a new necklace!


Message on a Bottle (Emigrant Ancestors) - finished jar

Message on a Bottle (Emigrant Ancestors)Because of my passion for family history, I created this decorative bottle to display emigrant ancestors. The bottle also serves as a nightlight by attaching a battery operated light to the inside of the lid of the bottle.


Foam tubes holding up the canvas cover of a metal gazebo.

Prevent Sagging on Canvas Gazebo CoversMany people have gotten pretty metal gazebos for their back patios or yards, usually with a canvas cover. If left out during the rainy season, the water can pool and stretch the top in unexpected ways. This can result in an ugly, ill-fitting cover that leaks. Here is a great way to keep the cover in place, without damage or a lot of expense.



Value of an Antique Magazine Rack Side Table - rectangular table with shelf

Value of an Antique Magazine Rack Side Table?I am trying to determine the value of this antique magazine rack side table. It is 12" x 24" x 24"h. Any information is much appreciated.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown dog with white face

What Breed Is My Dog?So our friend told us he had Pit puppies, but they were at a shelter. So we went and got him and named him Duster. He had parvo so we spent thousands of dollars to save him, but we are kinda questioning if the shelter switched the dogs up because his papers said Golden Retriever and not Pit Bull. So I just truly wanna know what y'all think he is.


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Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge?We have 3 week old kittens and their eyes keep closing back up even though we opened them back up and their mum keeps licking their faces. One of them have pus in their eyes so I'm nervous as I've never dealt with newborn kittens.


Getting Rid of Tiny Flying Biting Insects - tiny bug on a person's skin

Getting Rid of Tiny Flying Biting Insects?So there are plenty of these very tiny, able to fly and bite, black bugs in my room whose bite is very itchy. I have sprayed mosquito and cockroach spray, but they are still coming and not going on food much. How do I treat my skin and stop them from coming?


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Baby Finches Dying?I have five finches, 2 are in one cage 3 are in another cage. One pair have had 6 eggs for the last month, but the eggs are not hatching. On the other hand where there are 3 birds, they have 11 eggs and 7 hatched, but every time when I saw a little one inside, in the next few hours it was dead and lying down in the nest. All 7 died the same way.


Identifying a Small Brown Bug - long brown bug

Identifying a Small Brown Bug?What is this bug? I'm afraid it's bed bugs, but I found it in my bathroom. This is the third time I've seen one in the past week.


Value of a Geppeddo Doll - doll in a box

Value of a Geppeddo Doll?How much is this worth?


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Village Wallpaper?I am looking for a couple of rolls of prepasted Village wallpaper #599601.


Information on an Old Home Industry Porcelain Doll - old doll on a furry rug

Information on an Old Home Industry Porcelain Doll?I have a old china doll that was my grandma's. It has Home Industry doll on its back torso, 68-7 on its neck, and what I think is DPC on the nape of the neck. It is not in very good condition and I I believe all the clothes may not be original, but I would love to find out more information about it and am unable to find anything online. Can anyone help?


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Finch Won't Sit on Her Eggs?My finch doesn't sit on the eggs. The male finch expired three days after the eggs were laid. The female finch would not sit on the eggs at all. What should I do?


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How Long Should I Wait Before Re-dying My Hair?I dyed my hair blonde within the last 24 hours and the plan is to re-dye it blue soon. So the blonde dye was to act as bleach so the blue would show up better. I dislike how my hair looks with the blonde color as it is not even and was only acting as a lightener to make my hair a lighter color so the other dye will show better. How long should I wait until I re-dye my hair blue?


Selling a 1971 Duncan Yo Yo Championship Trophy

Selling a 1971 Duncan Yo Yo Championship Trophy?I was the winner of the California State Duncan Yo Yo Championship in 1971. One of the items I was awarded for winning was this trophy. I am going to sell it. Does anyone know of buyers or collectors of this type of item that would like to purchase it from me?


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Hatching Abandoned Duck Eggs?Around April 18 my sister found a duck and 13 eggs on our boat, that was being sold. May 10 and we set up a whole new nest with shelter and everything, Benedict (the mother duck haha) needed. Everyday I've checked on the nest and she is nowhere to be seen. So it's now 4 days later and she hasn't returned at all and only had 6 eggs left. I decided to hatch the eggs myself. Is it too late?


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Finch Laid Eggs in Empty Food Bowl?My finches laid 2 eggs a week ago in their wood nest and then started laying eggs in an empty food dish. Now there are 5 eggs in it. It is pretty shallow though and I am worrying it won't be big enough if they hatch. The male is sitting on them almost all the time. Do I need to move them to larger nest?


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Removing Glass Bits from Under the Skin?12 years ago I had a car accident. At that time I did remove some pieces of glass. But there are more pieces of glass that can be seen. So what I do?


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