June 8, 2020

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Bugs in cashews on a white background.

Identifying Bugs in the KitchenYour kitchen can be quite attractive to a variety of household pests. Common ones include cockroaches, ants, weevils, and pantry pests (beetles). Once identified you can use the best practice to get rid of them.


A woman receiving an ice cream cone from a truck.

Ice Cream Truck Name IdeasStarting a new ice cream truck business is exciting. Finding the perfect name that not only attracts customers, highlights your specialties, and sticks in their minds is an important business decision. Following are some name suggestions to choose from or to get your mind working creatively.


A clean, empty freezer.

Removing Items Stuck to Freezer Shelf?On occasion food items and plastic bags of food can get stuck to a freezer shelf. Two good ways to try and remove them are using a blow dryer or very warm water.


A collection of Popular Mechanics Do It Yourself Books.

Value of Popular Mechanics do-it-yourself BooksThe value of Popular Mechanics do-it- yourself books varies quite a bit. While popular in their day, so many of the fix-it projects covered in them are now available as videos on YouTube. There are sites that list them for sale. Other options are craigslist and ultimately donation.


Ice in a refrigerator ice maker.

Repairing an Ice MakerIce makers are a common accessory in modern refrigerators. However, when they stop working, for any number of reasons, they will need repair once the issue is identified.



Trace, Cut, and Draw (Worm) - worksheet

Trace, Cut, and Draw (Worm)I started these with my preschool students as part of our summer remote learning program. Each one relates to the current unit we are doing. It is a great way for them to practice their skills and then do a fun little project at the end. Here is the worm worksheet, if you would like to work on it with your kids, grandkids, etc.


Pie crust dough cut into half.

Perfect Pie CrustThis is a pie crust recipe that has never failed me. It uses butter and flour, primarily. I have used it well on quiches and pies. It is easy to use and does not have that unfortunate 'soggy bottom' phenomenon, unless the pie itself had too much liquid.



Value of a Vintage Reel Mower?

Value of a Vintage Reel Mower?I found this Suffolk Supreme reel mower in an old barn. It still works good and needs a bit of grease. It seems like a shame to throw it out. Does anyone know its value?


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Small Pieces of Rubber Found in Maytag A9400 Washing Machine?My Maytag top loading washing machine leaves small pieces of rubber in the tub after the washer has finished spinning and the washing is done. It leaves a very small amount of rubber no matter what I am washing. What is the reason for the rubber and what do I need to do to correct this problem? The washing machine does not make any unusual noises or behave in an abnormal way.


Information on a Vintage Sears, Roebuck & Co. Reel Mower

Information on a Vintage Sears, Roebuck & Co. Reel Mower?I have a Sears rotary mower I just purchased to restore. It has a brass plate on it with model number 1 2 3. 8161 and I was just wondering how old the mower is and maybe what year it was made, etc. Also I would like to know if there is a certain way to paint it. It has baby blue on the lower part of it and a red handle.


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Nursery School Slogan Ideas for My Creche?Can you please help me with slogan ideas for my nursery school? The name is Rising Journey Nursery School.


What Type of Flower Is This? - large 5 petal flower

What Type of Flower Is This?Can anyone tell me what type of flower this is?


Cause of Multiple Sunflowers on a Single Stalk

Cause of Multiple Sunflowers at the Top of a Single Stalk?I planted mammoth sunflower seeds and they turned out spectacular. The last few remaining blooms are on their last stages and I have one where the stalk's upper portion is enlarged and currently supporting 5 heads of flowers. Two are only 3/4 the size of the big ones and are opposite of each other. The 3 smaller ones are on top as the pictures show.


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Toyota Sewing Machine Spool Pin Not Spinning?My wife's Toyota 2260 2640 sewing machine's spool pin won't spin when she uses the foot pedal. Is this an easy fix or should we get it repaired? I know nothing about these machines so don't feel I'm much help.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Bday?Okay so my bf's birthday is like two weeks away and I don't know what to get him. He's not athletic and I don't want to spend too much. We're both anime geeks and enjoy talking about classic cars. Seriously I'm debating just getting him a hoodie right now.


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Removing Candle Wax from a Kitten's Fur?Our kitten knocked over my wax melting burner. She's covered in the wax which has hardened. How can I get the wax out? It's in the fur really good so there is no way to chip it out or break it off. I tried a warm towel, but it didn't help.


Locating Free Tires?

Locating Free Tires?Where may I find 5 free used tires for my 94 Ford Ranger xlt? I need tires desperately. There's only one tire that is decent. The rest are ready to blow. And I'm on SSI due to disability and could really use some help.


Identifying a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll? - doll in blue velvet dress with fluffy white trim, in the original box

Identifying a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?I am trying to locate this doll to buy and finding out her model name would help me find her. I used to have this growing up and would love to have this one again, but I am really struggling to find any results on Google for any information about her other than what you see in the picture.


Identifying a Pink Bump on My Dog's Leg? - slightly raised pink bump somewhat smaller than a fingernail

Identifying a Pink Bump on My Dog's Leg?I recently noticed this pink bump on my puppy's leg. I have no previous experience owning a puppy and I am not sure what this is. Could someone please help give me an idea of what this might be?


Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie? - stuffed kitty

Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie?I bought this old Japanese plush toy and wanted to know about how old it is or when it was made? I can't find any info on the brand "First", any help appreciated!


Value of a Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose Covered Dish?  - oval covered white serving dish

Value of a Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose Covered Dish?I can't find this piece anywhere as a plain color - only with the rose. What exactly is this, how much is it worth and how do I sell it?


Identifying a Tiny Grey-ish Bug in the Tub?

Identifying a Tiny Grey-ish Bug in the Tub?I have been seeing these in my bathtub for the second day now, in a row. They are pretty tiny, move fast, but don't necessarily look like a silverfish. I sprayed it with eucalyptus oil and it died instantly. Any ideas what it could be?


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Using Liquid Detergent in a Steam Cleaner?Can I use any liquid detergent in the Steam Blaster?


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