July 14, 2021

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A small dog sitting on a gravel surface.

Havanese PhotosThe Havanese dog breed is the national breed of Cuba. They have soft, silky coats and are much sturdier than most toy breeds. These loyal and smart dogs make great companions.


Bars of homemade soap.

Earth Clay SoapMelt down your soap and water in a double boiler method. Once your soap is melted stir through the remaining ingredients and add any scent or color, then pour the mix into your soap molds.


Cool stool painted to look like a watermelon.

Watermelon StoolSand the top so it will take the paint. If it is an unfinished stool, you may want to paint the legs. Apply acrylic paint to make it look like a watermelon.


Yellow and purple pages.

Collage "Teach Me" Book For KidsThese books can be made on any subject and your kids can help make them. Cut out pictures from magazines about your subject: colors, numbers, animals, etc. Great for preschoolers.


A jar of bath jelly.

Bath JellyEmpty the packet of gelatin into a bowl and set aside. Boil 3/4 cup of water using a saucepan or Kettle. Carefully pour the hot water into mixing bowl and mix it with the gelatin powder. Let the gelatin dissolve completely.


A citronella candle in a terra cotta pot.

Citronella CandlesRecipe for making citronella candles. These look great on BBQ tables and outdoor patios


A piggy bank made from credit cards.

Credit Card "Piggy Bank"The other way we can use those sample credit cards is to make a "piggy bank" to teach your kid that an alternative to credit cards is to save up before spending.


A mom and daughter making cookies.

Homemade Cookie RecipesHomemade cookies are made by many families for holidays but some people enjoy baking them year round. They can be soft, chewy or crunchy, depending on the ingredients and the bake time.


Three pins made from western conchos and beads.

Concho Western PinI have made a passel of these concho pins to wear with my western outfits and blue jeans. I have had many compliments. I have even given away a few for presents.


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Kids' Cut and Paste CookbookI will never forget the joy I got when I received my first Betty Crocker Kid's Cookbook when I was a kid. It was wrapped in a pastel pink paper with a big pink bow. It was the only present under the Christmas tree I had not figured out. I spent days reading that cookbook and planning all the big events I would hold.


A small backpack made from a milk jug.

Unique Milk Jug BackpackIf you always seem to be "on the go" then you surely understand that kids don't go anywhere without their "stuff." That is why this craft idea is so handy. With this easy-to-make backpack, your child can take their treasures with them wherever they go!


A bar of homemade soap.

Coffee and Cream SoapMelt your soap down using a double boiler method. Once melted, stir in your instant coffee or coffee grounds, powdered milk and coffee fragrance oil.


A decorative bucket made from juice bottles.

Bucket from an Empty Juice BottleAs the mother of a toddler, I have 8 million empty apple juice bottles lying around. So instead of tossing them, I decided to recycle them. This particular bucket was made by cutting the top off the apple juice bottle with an X-Acto knife.


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Jagged Edge Bangle Using Old Transformer WireThis beautiful bangle is made of copper wire from an old transformer. It will cost you absolutely nothing. All you need is crocheting skills and patience.


A frame that says "Home Sweet Home" on tags.

Home Sweet Home FrameTake frame, I used an 11x13 inch, take the cardboard that usually comes with frame and cover with fabric. Adhere tags with glue gun.


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Chicken Salad PieYummy dish any time. Seems that kids really like this. Most of us are always looking for a way to get vegetables in our kids, and this is a great way to get a couple veggies in them, in my opinion.


A finished foto frame.

Foam 'Foto' FrameThis is a fun, easy project for any family member. A great project for kids that allows them to express themselves and customize their favorite photos!


Father's Day gift bag with a photo of dad.

Father's Day Photo Gift BagMost dads have a hobby. With this in mind and a photo of dad, you can turn any old gift bag into a work of art to use as wrapping for his Father's Day gift.


Small drawers made from cardboard.

Cardboard Do-Dad DrawersNo place to store all that costume jewelry used in dress ups? Need a space to put that sticker collection? How about a someplace to store crayons and other art supplies? This cute set of drawers will fit the bill no matter what you want to store!


A decorative keepsake box.

Antique Keepsake BoxStart by painting the inside and outside of your box with a complimenting color to your fabric. Once your box is dry, using your lid as a template cut a square of fabric that is just larger then the top of your box.


Using interesting clippings to make magnets.

Make Magnets from ClippingsThis is a fast, easy way to use up old National Geographic magazines, newspapers, or stamps -- with some acrylic medium and a magnet sheet, you can create customized magnets!


Ring for around the leg with ball attached for children's game.

Swing And JumpThis is the homemade version of a toy you can buy at a toy store or through a catalog. Cut the center from the plastic lid to make a ring. Tie one end of your piece of string to the ring. Wrap the ring with electrical tape.


Scarecrow made from patio pavers.

Patio Paver ScarecrowCute scarecrow made from a patio paver, paint, felt, foam, and raffia.



A bouquet of Texas bluebells in a vase.

Texas BluebellsHere are photos of a few Texas Bluebells, a wildflower that grows every year in our front yard. Please know that I do NOT pick them, but this one had broken off, so I brought it inside. I want to let as many of them go to seed as possible.


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You Don't Have to Buy a New Car If You Have a ToyotaI am a female, through and through, old fashioned, not old, old enough to know better, so I know very little about cars. I have a "new" transmission in my 2000 Chevy Malibu when it was the motor mount that was doing something--and didn't need replacing!! After that, I'm scared to DEATH of any mechanic. I finally said, Hey, I'm going to buy a better car.


The baked squash rounds on a cookie sheet.

Parmesan Yellow SquashWe have enjoyed the yellow squash from our garden this year. Although, there are many ways to prepare squash, this is one of my favorite. It's quick and easy and so good.


Don't Shrink Your CrocsI purchased my first pair of Crocs this year and was really enjoying them especially working out in the garden. Crocs are made of Croslite which is a comfortable material that shapes itself according to the wearer's feet. I learned to not put my Crocs out in the hot sun for a long time, especially if they are wet.


Crocheting the jagged edge to the bangle.

Jagged Edge Bangle Using Old Transformer WireThis beautiful bangle is made of copper wire from an old transformer. It will cost you absolutely nothing. All you need is crocheting skills and patience.



An open record player cabinet.

Montgomery Ward Record Player Value?So we've had this in our basement for a long, long time. Not sure about the history of it, but I do know it's a Montgomery Ward Record Player and it's old. Any clue as to how much this would be worth if I was going to sell? Thanks 


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Value of Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid?I have a Cabbage Patch Kid doll from 1976-1982. It's a vintage collectors blue eyed bald baby doll with birth certificate, very rare. How much is it worth?


A vintage chair with a woven seat back.

British Colonial Chair Value?I acquired this chair recently, and the only thing I know about it, is that is used to have a tag that said, "Handcrafted in the Philippines." I'd love even a ballpark range of its value. It looks well made and is in excellent condition.


A baby doll wearing a diaper.

Help Identifying Black Baby Doll?I have this black baby doll that is I believe is made of composition, but I'm not positive. The arms and legs are held together with rubber bands. The hair, eyes, red fingernails, and facial features are all painted. The diaper/underwear is hand-sewn. There are no markings anywhere that I can find. Can anyone help me in identifying the year, and possibly the maker and any other information about him. I am interested in selling him and would like to know where the best avenue would be to sell him.


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