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This page contains information and tips for about saving money on cat toys, as well as ideas for homemade cat toys.

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Cat Scratching Sisal Post

Repairing a Sisal Wrapped Cat...This is a page about repairing a sisal wrapped cat scratching post. Once an active cat has taken to a scratching post, they can tear it to shreds in a few months. Repairing it is an economical way of keeping your cat happily scratching the post instead of your furniture.


Refinishing a Cat Tree - continue wrapping below the shelf

Refinishing a Cat Tree With Sisal RopeRather than buying a new cat tree when the original carpet has finally been shredded by your lovely kitties, try removing it and replacing with sisal rope. Cats love to use sisal as a scratching surface and will of course wear through it too eventually, but it is easy to replace. This page offers instructions and photos helpful for refinishing a cat tree with sisal rope.


Mirror Ball for Cats - closeup of finished hanging mirrored ball

How to Make a Mirrored Ball for CatsThis is a page about how to make a mirror ball for cats. When you hang this mirrored ball up in the sunlight, the floor will be dancing with specks of light for your cat to chase.


Playing With Your Cat

Playing With Your CatThis page is about playing with your cat. Enjoying your house cat can include toys for interactive play.


The new cat scratching post.

Building a Cat Scratching PostThis is a page about building a cat scratching post. Cats love to scratch on things especially furniture. Prevent them from ruining your furniture by giving then an alternative place to sharpen their claws.


Numi and Karma in the dog's bed.

Bulk Honeysuckle for Refilling Cat Toys?Does anyone know of a place where I can purchase bulk honeysuckle to use for refilling cat toys? It is my understanding from the rescue where I got my second kitty that some cats that don't like catnip do enjoy a toy filled with honeysuckle shavings.



A kitten with a ball of yarn.

Saving Money on Cat ToysThis is a page for saving money on cat toys. Cats and kittens love to play with toys, but the cost at the pet store can really add up. Often, it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money when your feline will be just as happy with something found or homemade.


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Door Knob Cat ToyFor a door knob cat toy, take a heavy string and tie a number of odd items from around the house. I have a small section of plastic chain, a piece of ribbon tied to the string with a knot, and something shiny.


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Make Your Own Cat PuzzleTake a throwaway plastic container and cut holes in the top just a tad bigger than what the cat can get it's paws through. Put wadded up balls of paper and a few cat treats the cat can dig out in it.


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Make Cat Toys Out of Recycled MaterialsReduce, reuse and recycle! That seems to be my mantra now. Hmm, need more cat toys? Take an empty toilet roll tube and cut into 1 inch rings and toss one on the floor, lightweight, easily batted about, cheap (lol) and an endless supply!


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Tying Ribbon to Cat Toys?I want to put ribbons or some long fibers on the balls that my cat likes. Hopefully it will make her run around and get exercise, she's a lay-about kitty. I don't want her to chew them up and get them stuck in her system (previous experience with Mylar). What is your experience? I was thinking grosgrain ribbon, but I'd like something not quite as heavy, but the kitty's health overrides everything else. Thanks for your thoughts.


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Cat Post Repair?We have a rather expensive and heavy cat post approximately 6 feet high. It is lined with carpeting. Our cat recently passed away and we are in the process of finding a new cat.


Refinishing a Cat Tree - Jelly on lower shelf of refurbished cat tree

Refinishing an Old Cat Tree With Sisal RopeNew cat trees can be quite expensive. We had an old one in our garage, that had been heavily used and was pretty much useless for scratching. After deciding that I didn't want to purchase a new cat tree, I settled on updating the old one with sisal rope. Our new kitty loves it and it looks new again!


cat in orange bag

Inexpensive Cat ToysDon't buy expensive cat toys! Put a marble, a couple paper clips or some dried beans in an empty prescription bottle, put the lid back on, and roll it across the floor. My cat plays with these for hours!


pom pom cat toy

Homemade Yarn Pom Pom Cat ToyIf you are looking for a quick and easy cat toy to make, give these a try:



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Making a Petmate Crazy Circle Cat Toy?I would like to know how to make a copycat of the Petmate Crazy Circle cat toy.


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Attaching Carpet to a Cat Scratching Post?This is my first attempt at a making a cat tower. I have a carpet remnant, but I am unsure how to attach it. Looking at commercial models there doesn't seem to be any staples. Is it simply glued on (what kind of glue) or are staples used and then removed?


Cat tree in process of being built.

Making a Cat Scratching Post?To put the sisal rope on the tube, do you staple or nail it at the top and bottom or do you use a glue gun? If so, is it special glue and do you just use the glue on the top and bottom of the pole? Or all underneath the rope? I would love to know what is used. Thanks.


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Teething Kitten Toy?I think my kitten might be teething. He is 8 months old and chews on a lot of things; cardboard mostly. I was wondering if I gave him a baby teething toy to chew on, if it would hurt. I figured they wouldn't put stuff in them that would hurt a baby, but I wanted to ask first to find out.


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Making A Crinkle Toy For Cats?How do I make one of those crinkle toys for my cats to jump on? There has to be a way to make something like those crinkle bags you see all of the time. Jenny in KY


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Homemade Cat Scratching Tower or Post?Is there any other way of building a homemade cat scratching tower/post?


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