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litterbox in kids' bathroom.

Homemade Cat Litter IdeasThis is a page about homemade cat litter ideas. Many cat owners prefer to make their own cat litter, rather than buy the commercial varieties available at the store.


Cat eating out of a yellow bowl.

Homemade Cat Food RecipesThis page contains homemade cat food recipes. Store bought food isn't always the best option for your cat. Whether its due to medical reasons or a picky eater, making your own cat food allows you to choose the ingredients in it.


A young cat getting ear drops at the vet.

Using Ivermectin to Treat Ear MitesVets often prescribe Acarexx, a 1% solution of ivermectin, to treat parasites including ear mites. Some pet owners prefer to mix their own solution when treating their pets. This is a page about using ivermectin to treat ear mites.


A cat owner pointing at a cat guilty of peeing in the house.

Cat Peeing in the Same PlaceCats can certainly be creatures of habit. If your cat is peeing someplace you don't want them to, it would be best to stop them from peeing there as soon as possible. This is a page about cat peeing in the same place.


Cat Scratching Its Neck

Cat Scratching Its NeckThis is a page about a cat scratching its neck. If you kitty is scratching its neck, the first thing to do is try to determine the cause.


Cat on Couch

Keeping Cats from Peeing on a CouchIf your cat is peeing on your couch, it is important to get the cat to stop doing so as soon as possible. This is a page about keeping cat from peeing on new couch.



Cat on Countertop

Cat Peeing on CountertopsIf your cat is peeing on your counter, you will want to prevent it from doing this any more as soon as possible. This is a page about cat peeing on countertops.


Cat walking on a kitchen counter.

Preventing Your Cat From Peeing in the...This is a page about preventing your cat from peeing in the kitchen. When your cat decides to relieve itself in the wrong place, it can be a challenge to train them otherwise.


cat biting hair of his leg

Remedies for Cat Losing HairThis is a page about remedies for cat losing hair. When your pet starts losing hair in localized spots it is important to determine the cause so that you can begin the proper treatment.


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Cat Keeps Bringing Me Her KittensMy 9 month old cat recently had a litter of 9 kittens. One was stillborn, one she fell asleep on, and one died this morning so I'm down to 6. They are two weeks old. I'm unsure the cause of death of the one this morning but she had brought it to me first thing this morning and I could tell it was weak but it was dead by the time I got home from church.



Using Mouthwash to Keep Cats from Peeing on FurnitureSome people that have successfully used mouthwash as a deterrent to prevent cats from peeing on furniture. This is a page about using mouthwash to keep cats from peeing on furniture.


Preventing Cats from Scratching Furniture, Kitten with front paws dangling over the front of the couch.

Preventing Cats from Scratching FurnitureThis is a page about preventing cats from scratching furniture. Scratching is a normal part of cat behavior but when our indoor kitties begin to use the furniture, it is time to intervene.


A cat smelling a litter box

Cleaning and Maintaining a Cat...This page is about cleaning and maintaining a cat litter box. Cats make great pets but keeping your house from smelling like a cat box can be a challenge. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, your cat box can go unnoticed by you and your friends.


Making Your Own Cat Tree, Photo of a homemade cat tree.

Making Your Own Cat TreeThis is a page about making your own cat tree. Cat trees provide a great place for your cats to hang out, sleep and play. Even smaller cat trees can be very expensive.


Cat scratching at a screen door.

Keeping Cats from Scratching Screen DoorsThis is a page about keeping cats from scratching screen doors. Cats can quickly ruin a screen door with their claws. Training your cat to not scratch at the screen will save you money and allow your screen door to serve it's purpose.


An orange cat being checked out by a vet.

Treating an Anemic CatThis is a page about treating an anemic cat. Like humans, animals can also suffer from anemia and the effects of this blood condition.


Cat peeking over the arm of a purple colored couch.

Keeping Cats from Peeing on FurnitureThis page is about keeping cats from peeing on furniture. Sometimes a cat chooses a place to relieve itself that is not where you want.


Giving a Cat a Haircut

Giving a Cat a HaircutThis is a page about giving a cat a haircut. Long haired cats sometimes need to have their hair cut or mats removed.


Homemade Cat Litter Box

Homemade Cat Litter Box IdeasThis page contains homemade cat litter box ideas. You may need a litter box of a different design than you can find to buy.


meowing kitten

Kitten Trying to Nurse on PeopleThis is a page about kitten trying to nurse on people. Young kittens will sometimes attempt to suckle on anything and everything including people.


Two kittens eating from a bowl of dry food.

Getting a Kitten to Eat Dry Cat FoodThis is a page about getting a kitten to eat dry cat food. If your kitten doesn't like dry food, it may be difficult to get them to eat it.



Older cat playing with a kitten.

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Resident CatAnytime you introduce a new pet to your resident pets there are some steps you can follow to make it a positive experience. This is a page about introducing a new kitten to your resident cat.


Kitty Litter Substitute

Kitty Litter SubstitutesThis is a page about kitty litter substitutes. Some cat owners prefer to use substitute materials in their pet's litter box rather than commercially made products.


Gloved hands holding and spraying a litter box with a kitten sitting by.

How to Keep Litter From Sticking to the Cat BoxThis is a page about how to keep litter from sticking to the cat box. Often wet litter will stick to the sides and in the corners of the litter box. Try applying a thin coat of pet safe wax to the cleaned box and the litter should slide out more easily.


Kitten With Worms

Treating a Kitten With WormsThis is a page about treating a kitten with worms. Kittens can easily get infected with worms of several types. Because of their age and small size you will want to be careful how you attempt to treat them.


Cat at Front Door

Cat Keeps Pooping at Front Door?Citrus, ammonia, or some essential oils smells may help keep a cat from relieving themselves in a specific area. This is a page about cat keeps pooping at front door.


An orange male cat sitting in a litter box.

Does Male Cat Urine Smell Stronger?This is a page about, "Does male cat urine smell stronger?". Intact male cats have a high level of Felinine protein in their urine which accounts for its much stronger smell than that of neutered male or female cat urine.


A cat wearing a cone on its head.

Keeping a Cat From Licking a WoundThis is a page about keeping a cat from licking a wound. It can be very challenging to prevent your kitty from licking a wound or surgical site.


Two male Persian cats.

Neutered Male Cat Mounting Other Male CatsThis is a page about neutered male cat mounting other male cats. Cat owners may be concerned when they see their fixed male cat trying to mount another male cat.


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Kitten Bothering Adult Cat?About 3 months ago we lost one of our two cats to a run in with a vehicle. We replaced him with a female tortoiseshell kitten. We also have a 5 year old male cat that grew up with our lost cat. The kitten will not leave the cat alone.


Cat Smells Like Poop

Cat Smells Like PoopI've been noticing that my 12 wk old kitten smells like poop a lot. She always uses her cat box, without fail. And is fastidious about cleaning herself. Her cat box doesn't smell at all.


Dark cat getting ears cleaned with a q-tip.

Treating Cat with Ear MitesThis is a page about treating cat with ear mites. Ear mites are highly contagious and will cause your cat quite a bit of discomfort. If left untreated, these tiny mites can lead to serious ear infections. While some people try to treat ear mites with home remedies, it is best to seek professional treatment to avoid damage to your cat's ears.


nursing kitten

Kitten Trying to Nurse on Older Cat?This is a page about kitten trying to nurse on older cat. Sometimes weaned kittens will try to nurse on older cats, including males.


Mother cat carrying a kitten in her mouth walking outside

Mother Cat Bringing Kittens to OwnerThis is a page about mother cat bringing kittens to owner. Cats will sometimes bring their kittens to their owner, perhaps to introduce the kittens to the rest of her family.


Siamese Mix

Siamese Mix Cat PhotosThis is a page about Siamese mix cat photos. Siamese mix cats are quite common and range from those that look very Siamese to Tabby crosses and other mixes.


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Kitten Isn't MeowingI have a 2-3 week old orphan kitten that does not meow. He makes a little squeaking sound that you can hardly hear. Is that normal?



Kitten getting it's crusty eyes wiped.

Treating a Kitten's EyesThere are several medical conditions that cause swollen, closed or crusty eyes. You can clean them with warm water and a soft cloth, however a trip to the vet will help with a diagnosis and the proper treatment. This is a page about treating a kitten's eyes.


A mama cat with her kitten outside.

Helping a Stray Cat With KittensThis is a page about helping a stray cat with kittens. Finding out that the stray cat hanging about your house has a litter of kittens, may spur you on to deciding what to do to help mom and her babies.


A cat with grease in its fur getting a bath.

Removing Grease from a Cat's FurThis is a page about removing grease from a cat's fur. If your kitty accidentally gets grease in her fur there are ways to remove it without traumatizing your pet.


closeup of kitten's eyes

Cat Has Milky White Discharge from EyesI'm looking for help with my cat's eye problem. He is a 5 months old and every now and then his eyes start to discharge some stretchy, milky white goo that looks like mucus. If I don't clean them the goo starts to cover his eyeballs. First there's usually some tears from his eyes followed by an infection.


Treating a cat with flea medication.

Getting Rid of Fleas on CatsGetting rid of fleas on your cat is actually a multifold process. Not only do you need to kill the fleas on your pet, you need to prevent the eggs from hatching and reinfesting them. Flea eggs can fall into your carpet and thus require special treatment there as well. As will your yard if the pet spends time outside. This page offers suggestions for getting rid of fleas on cats.


Gaining the Trust of a Rescue Cat

Gaining the Trust of a Rescue Cat?This is a page about gaining the trust of a rescue cat. Rescued pets have often suffered neglect and, even worse, abuse from previous owners.


White mother cat feeding kittens.

Mama Cat Keeps Dividing Litter into Two GroupsMama cats will sometimes separate their litter into smaller groups. This may help her to feed and care for them better. It is not cause for concern as long as she does feed all of the kittens. If she does not, you may have to help. This is a page about mama cat keeps dividing litter into two groups.


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Bathing Kittens in Dawn Dish Soap?At what age can I bath kittens in blue Dawn dish soap? Do they need to be at least a week old or a month old?


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Tree Sap on a CatMy cat just got stuck in a tree and my husband had to go up the tree to get him. Now my cat has tree sap all over him. What is the best thing to use to get it out? Thanks to anyone who can help!


Someone holding shredded paper in their hand.

How to Use Shredded Paper for Cat LitterShredded newspaper or similar newsprint type paper can be used in the place of traditional cat litter, to save on pet expenses. This is a page about how to use shredded paper for cat litter.


Orange tabby cat on wooden floor looking up

Keeping Cats from Peeing on FloorThis is a page about keeping cats from peeing on floor. When a cat pees outside of their litter box determining the reason is the first step to resolving the problem.


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Putting Butter on Your Cats Paws When You MoveI have been told that when moving to a new house with your cats you should cover their paws with butter to stop them roaming and getting lost. Does anyone know why or if it works?


A cat with a wound on his face.

Treating a Cat's AbscessThis is a page about treating a cat's abscess. Clearing up an abscess on your kitty and preventing infection requires careful attention.


cat looking through screen

Preventing Cats from Tearing Window ScreensThis is a page about preventing cats from tearing through window screens. Window screens can not stand up to your kitty clawing at it whether she is trying to get the bird outside or trying to ask to come in.


Cat Scratching Sisal Post

Repairing a Sisal Wrapped Cat...This is a page about repairing a sisal wrapped cat scratching post. Once an active cat has taken to a scratching post, they can tear it to shreds in a few months. Repairing it is an economical way of keeping your cat happily scratching the post instead of your furniture.


Treating and Vet Examining Cat

Treating and Preventing Urinary Tract...This is a page about treating and preventing urinary tract problems in cats. Cats can suffer from a number of urinary tract issues, including but not limited to, infections and blockage.


A cat looking intently at a burning candle.

Removing Candle Wax From My Cat's Fur?This is a page about removing candle wax from my cat's fur. A cat's need to check out everything can sometimes put them in a hazardous spot, such as too close to hot melted candle wax.


A Persian cat with long hair.

Reducing Your Cat's SheddingThis is a page about reducing your cat's shedding. Shedding is a normal process of getting rid of dead hair. Unless there is a medical reason causing excess shedding, there are some things you can do to reduce your cat's shedding.


Cat getting flea medication applied.

Using Advantage for Dogs on CatsWith careful measurement many pet owners can safely use Advantage for dogs on their cats. This is a page about using Advantage for dogs on cats.


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Keep Cat From Walking on My Roof?I have an elderly neighbor that leaves his door open at night for his beloved cat. I know that his cat is a handful, his drapes are shredded! The problem is the cat climbs on my roof at night. My roof is flat and it is noisy and wakes me up. I then have a hard time going back to sleep. I tried the gallon water jugs in the yard. I do get up and try to hose the cat, but he has caught on to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sue from California


Orange tabby sitting in covered litterbox.

Saving Money on Cat LitterThis is a page about saving money on cat litter. Cat litter is a necessity, particularly for those of us with indoor kitties. However, these products can be quite pricey.


An orange cat in heat.

How Often Can a Cat be in Heat?This is a page about "how often can a cat be in heat?". While dogs usually only go into heat twice a year, cats can go into heat more frequently.


Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page containing Siamese cat breed information and photos. The beautiful, intelligent Siamese cat is one of the oldest recognized breeds.


closeup of chin and jaw

Treating Cat's Crusty Eye and ChinThe causes for crusty eyes and chins in cats are likely separate issues. The eye problem could be one of several, including allergies, something in the eye, or a viral infection. The chin problem is likely feline acne and is easily treatable. Also allergies to plastic food bowls can cause chin irritation. Check with a vet on both. This is a page about treating a cat's crusty eye and chin.


Veteranarian holding a long hair grey and white cat

Remedies for Cystitis in CatsThis is a page about remedies for cystitis in cats. Cystitis is a bladder infection, often from unknown causes.


Newborn orange and white kitten.

Caring for Newborn KittensThis is a page about caring for kittens. Newborn kittens need a lot of extra care. Caring for them properly will help ensure that they grow into healthy adult cats.


Cat in Litter Box

Cat Not Using the Litter BoxThis is a page about cat not using the litter box. There are a number of reason why a cat might stop using it's litter box. It could be as simple as the box needs to be cleaned more often, to being a potential warning sign of a serious health issue. Knowing the habits and preferences of your cat can help narrow the list of possible problems and help get them using the litter box again.


Low Cost Insulin for CatsI just found out that my cat who is so much one of the family has feline diabetes. I will now have to give him insulin injections twice a day. Are there any places to get the insulin for less or free. My income is beyond low. Joe is the cat on the right and is now half that size. Thank you.


A white cat sitting on a couch.

Preventing a Cat from Peeing EverywhereAccidents happen. But, it is a stinky problem when cats stop using the litter box. This page contains suggestions for preventing cats from urinating around the house.


Sick kitten looking up from inside litterbox

Remedies for a Kitten With DiarrheaThis is a page about remedies for a kitten with diarrhea. Consulting with your veterinarian is advisable when you have concerns about your pet's health.


A cat biting its owners finger.

Training a Cat Not to BiteThis is a page about training a cat not to bite. It is not pleasant to have a pet cat that insists on biting you.


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Crystallized Cat UrineI have two adult cats, one about 13 and the other about six or seven. I have read lots about cats having difficulty urinating, urinating in odd places, etc. and crystals in their urine. During the past few months I have found small yellowish deposits which strike me as being what a mixture of water and brown sugar would look like after the water has evaporated.


Two Birman kittens on a cat tower.

Finding a Birman Kitten?Birman cats are also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma" and are well known for their beautiful coats and deep blue eyes. This is a page about finding a Birman kitten.


Litter Box

Cat Peeing Outside Litter BoxThis is a page about cat peeing outside litter box. If your litterbox trained kitty suddenly begins peeing outside the box, it is cause for concern and possibly frustration.


Cat Wants to Sleep With Me At NightI have just acquired a 7 week old kitten and she WILL NOT sleep in her own bed at night. I've had to resort to shutting her out of the bedrooms at night, which results in her walking around yowling for about an hour. Any tips or suggestions would be very helpful.


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How Often to Trim a Cat's Claws?We just took our cat to the vet's a couple weeks ago and had her claws trimmed. How long does it take for them to grow long again and need to be trimmed?


A cute kitten tilting it's head.

Black Build Up in a Kitten's EarThe black waxy buildup in your kitten or cat's ears is not wax by rather a sign of an ear mite infestation. This is a page about black build up in a kitten's ear.


A sick cat being checked out by a veterinarian.

Caring for Sick Stray CatsThis is a page about caring for sick stray cats. Stray cats are a common site in many neighborhoods. Trying to care for a sick feral cat can be tricky.


A large cat hissing.

Dealing With Cats That Don't Get AlongThis is a page about dealing with cats that don't get along. Many cat owners will try to add additional cats to their home, only to find out that the felines don't always get along. It can be difficult to smooth out the squabbling.


Rubbermaid bin to cover litter box

Making a Litter Box CoverThis is a page about making a litter box cover. Making a cover for your kitty box may help keep the litter scatter down.


Using Nail Caps on Pets

Using Nail Caps on CatsThis is a page to using nail caps on cats. Many cat owners prefer to not have their pets declawed, however, those pointy, sharp claws do need some type of attention. One option is using nail caps.


Maine Coon

Maine Coon Mix PhotosThis page contains Maine Coon mix photos. Many mixed breed cats exhibit the appearance and loving, gentle behavior of the Maine Coon cat.


Adult cat walking away from newborn kitten

Mother Cat Ignoring Her Kittens?This is a page about mother cat ignoring her kittens. Owner's of cats with a new litter worry if the mom doesn't seem to be caring for them.


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Cat Peeing on Baby Seats?My 7 week old kitten keeps peeing on my grandchild's seats. i know she uses the litter pan, but don't know why she started this habit. is there some natural deterent that i can use? Pam


Two cats being introduced to one another.

Tips for Introducing CatsThis is a page about tips for introducing cats. Introducing a new cat into your home with a resident cat(s) should be taken slowly.


The new cat scratching post.

Building a Cat Scratching PostThis is a page about building a cat scratching post. Cats love to scratch on things especially furniture. Prevent them from ruining your furniture by giving then an alternative place to sharpen their claws.


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Russian Blue Mix PhotosThis page contains Russian blue mixed breed photos. Cats mixed with this breed can have silvery blue/gray coat and be an intelligent, playful companion.


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Why is My Cat Stealing My Socks?We have a cat who is constantly finding our socks and putting them around the house in the hallways. What does this mean?


Litter Box Training a Cat, Tabby in litter box.

Litter Box Training a CatThis is a page about litter box training a cat. Training your cat to use a litter box is well worth the effort. Cats being cats, there can be set backs and varying levels of frustration along the way.


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Cat Peeing In Same SpotAre there any products or a spray that will keep cats from peeing in the same spot?


Cat in Litterbox

Best Cat Litter for Controlling Odor?Cat litters come in different formulas. Some are better clumpers, some are lightweight, and some control odors well. This is a page about best cat litter for controlling odor.


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Cat Doesn't Use Cat Condo?My son has a cat that is only interested in the bottom floor of the cat condo (he climbs, but not the condo). No other pets in the apt. Suggestions to help the cat make full use of the condo, please. Thanks.


A cat eating a houseplant.

Keeping Cats From Eating HouseplantsThis is a page about keeping cats from eating houseplants. Many cats seem to view houseplants as a side salad, much to the frustration of their owners. Additionally, many plants are toxic when ingested.


Cat checking out the door

Installing a Cat DoorInstalling a cat door to the garage allows the litter boxes to be kept out there cutting down on the litter scatter in your house. This is a page about installing a cat door.


Cat on a white bed with a window in the background

Keeping Cats from Peeing on a BedThis is a page about keeping cats from peeing on a bed. Having a cat that chooses to pee on the bed rather than in the litterbox is very frustrating and baffling.


Calico Cat

Calico Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Calico breed information and photos. Calico refers to the coloration of these sweet, loving, and loyal cats rather than defining an actual breed. Calico cats are generally accepted into many breeds except, for example, pointed breeds, ie. Siamese.


cat by bowl

Cat Splashes Water Out of BowlThis is a page about when a cat splashes water out of bowl. Some kitties seem to truly enjoy splashing the water out of their bowl. Fun for them, but probably not so much for you.


Adult Cat Nursing on a Male Cat?I have two cats inside. One is a neutered male a few years old and I have a female who is about a year old. When we first got her she was a kitten and my male cat would clean her and stuff.


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Getting an Injured Cat to EatYesterday my son's friends found 2 stray cat. One of the cats had severe injuries. None of our shelters would take the cats. The cat is so scared it won't come out of hiding and it won't eat or drink. Do you think that this cat will be scared for life?


White cat looking up at the camera.

Removing Tear Stains on White Cats?This is a page about removing tear stains on white cats. White pets often exhibit dark streaky stains on their fur below their tear ducts. These stains are not harmful, but look unattractive.


An orange cat sitting on the edge of a bathtub.

Cat is Peeing in the BathtubAssuming that this behavior is not due to an infection there are a number of ways to handle your kitty's new toilet practices. This is a page about cat is peeing in the bathtub.


Buff tabby cat mounting an orange tabby cat mid-back

Sexual Behavior in Fixed Male CatsThis is a page about sexual behavior in fixed male cats. Fixing a male cat does not necessarily mean that your furry friend will no longer exhibit typical male cat behaviors, including sexual ones.


Cat climbing post next to wood

Cat Scratching WoodworkThis is a page about cat scratching woodwork. When cats scratch where you don't want them to, you need to encourage them to use something more appropriate.


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How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Spraying?I have a male cat that is almost a year old. He has been the only household pet until recently. We just got a puppy rottweiler, he is about 13 weeks old. The cat hates him. We are trying to house break the puppy, so he has had a few accidents around the house. I am trying to figure out if the cat has starting spraying the furniture.


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Help Getting Cat With Urinary Infection To Eat?I have a cat that had a urinary infection, I took him to the vet they done the catheter on him,ran some tests and said his kidneys were damaged a little bit.


Sharp Kitten Claws

Protecting Yourself Against Sharp Kitten Claws?Kittens have sharp claws that can easily scratch you as they play and climb up your legs or arms. Clipping their claws or using nail covers are two good ways to keep from getting scratched. This is a page about protecting yourself against sharp kitten claws.


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Cat with Roomba Vacuum

Keeping Your House Clean With Pet CatsThere are several ideas in this page that will help you have a cleaner home, even with pets cats. Start with the kitty box, by cleaning daily and perhaps adding a mat outside the box to help contain the litter. This is a page about keeping your house clean with pet cats.


Raising My New Cat's Dishes -supplies

Raising My New Cat's DishesI recently got a new kitten. I guess someone abandoned him in front of a Dollar Tree about 2 months ago. The people inside were feeding and watering the poor little guy. When I was done shopping one day, I walked out and he was just there. They say you don't choose a cat, a cat chooses you. Well that was day one for Connor and I.


Koneko enjoying her catio.

DIY Window CatioWe recently adopted a stray feral kitten. Koneko. She cannot be allowed outdoors yet but we wanted her to have some access to fresh air and outdoor views. So we built this enclosure for my son's bedroom. I called this an outdoor pet run until I ran into the term "catio" or cat patio.


Cat Porch Sling - lace curtain cat sling on the porch

Cat Porch SlingIf you build it, they will come to the cat porch sling and mini 'cat'stle.


Giving Cats Liquid Meds - cat licking top of front paw

Giving Cats Liquid MedsIt is really hard to give cats meds. If meds can be a cream in a tube or even a liquid, smear or drop the meds on the top of a front paw. Cats hate stuff on their paws and will lick it right off.


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Temporary Crate for My New Cat ConnerI ordered my new cat a stroller. But it's low cost which also means a long wait. So I made something to allow him to get outside while we wait. He took to it in about 20 seconds, as soon as he saw he could watch the squirrels!


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Use Produce Bags for Soiled Cat Litter - filled tied off bag of used litter

Use Produce Bags for Soiled Cat LitterPlastic produce bags make great bags for cleaning out the cat litter box. Usually the bags are damp or wet when empty, so I hang them to dry which does not take long.


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Making a Temporary Cat CrateThis temporary cat crate is made from two milk crates. Until you can order or build a more substantial one, this quick fix allows you to take your kitty outside with you in the yard to enjoy the sun and do some bird watching.


A cat being given liquid medication.

Giving Cats Liquid MedicationGiving your cat liquid medication, while definitely not fun for the kitty, can be done reasonably well using a dropper or syringe from the vet.


A cardboard kitty condo.

Making a Cardboard Kitty CottageUpcycle cardboard boxes to make this adorable kitty cottage. It's a great project for kids with a new and adventuresome kitten.


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Stopping a Cat from Bothering a WoundMy kitten had a bare, sore patch between her shoulder blades. A cone of shame made her hysterical! In desperation, I cut about 15 cm (6 inches) off the bottom leg of a pair of leggings, measured and cut holes for the paws and she wears it like a t-shirt. No more scratching, the wound is healing nicely and she is eating and moving around like normal.


A man looking at an air vent.

Getting Cats Out of Air Vents?An open home air vent can be very tempting to an inquisitive cat. If your kitty goes on a journey and can't get out, there are some things you can do to locate her and provide an exit. Be sure to check the length of the vents to determine if the cat has found its own way out, first.


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What Breed Is My Kitten? - black kitten with hazel eyes

What Breed Is My Kitten?I adopted this cutie at 12 weeks old, but the previous owners didn't inform me of her breed and I'm quite curious:)


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Caring for a Stray Cat and Her Kittens?A couple days ago I found a mother cat and saw she had 4 kittens in my front yard and kept observing them. I found that they hang around the space between my neighbor's house and my house. The mother is very friendly, she allows me to feed her, pet her, she even purrs when I pet her. However since yesterday I no longer see her kittens in their usual place next to my fence.


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New Kitten Trying to Nurse on Older CatI have a 1 year old cat who's never been a mother. She also isn't fixed and I just recently got a kitten from somebody online. The kitten is almost 3 months old. She's also not fixed and today she tried nursing on my older cat. My older cat's reaction was giving the kitten a light bite on the top of her ear which scared the kitten.


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Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge?We have 3 week old kittens and their eyes keep closing back up even though we opened them back up and their mum keeps licking their faces. One of them have pus in their eyes so I'm nervous as I've never dealt with newborn kittens.


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Removing Candle Wax from a Kitten's Fur?Our kitten knocked over my wax melting burner. She's covered in the wax which has hardened. How can I get the wax out? It's in the fur really good so there is no way to chip it out or break it off. I tried a warm towel, but it didn't help.


What Breed Are My Kittens?  - fuzzy white and gray tabby kitten

What Breed Are My Kittens?I recently got these two adorable kittens and couldn't figure out their breeds! My guess is that they could maybe be a cross?


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