Preventing Your Cat From Peeing in the Kitchen

February 22, 2017

I got a 2 year male cat around a week ago. He was spraying everywhere so I got him neutered. He's seems to have stop spraying, but is peeing on my kitchen counter. He is a very timid cat and most of the time is hiding behind my couch.


I have got the Feliway diffuser and spray and I have used vinager on my kitchen bunkers to prevent him peeing, but he still is. Anyone got any other ideas on how I can stop this?


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Especially male cats - neutered or not - will mark their 'territory' by spraying. Whether or not there may be a female nearby may also be a factor. So, if you can make a particular area, in your home, and if that area is a large cage, the spraying may decrease.

Currently we have a longhair tortoise-shell female (spayed) cat. Which cat really belongs with a baseball player. From sitting position she will spring straight up to the hall ceiling to catch the ball. She also catches the ball on the rebound and returns it at our feet. FUN ! BTW, the hallway is 10 feet long.


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From what I have read, a cat who voids on the kitchen counter wants you to see it. Your cat may have a urinary tract infection. This may be his way of communication. I would call the vet.

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He is nervous about his new territory and marking it.
The higher up he is the safer he'll feel. I cleaned out the cabinet above the fridge, put a small blanket in it and leave one door open, the door next to the wall. I suggest you do this.


Get him also a very tall cat tree with a bed area or cubby at the top, not the bottom.
Fix low areas like the bottom off the sofa somehow so he can't get in, even if you have to store something big under there. The idea is to drive him up high. Cats who hide "under" lack confidence. A cat that can survey its surroundings will generally be at ease.


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This is a sign of insecurity. By making sure that there are no animals threatening his territory, and by providing lots of high places to perch, he should become OK. Check out Jackson Galaxy's ideas on 'catifying' your living space.

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My male neutered cat goes in the litter in front of me but over night pees on the worktop in my kitchen. I've even put a litter tray on top of my old tumble dryer. He's doing my head in x

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He also lays and sleeps in his litter

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September 17, 2017

Our 6 year old neutered male cat has been crazy the past couple weeks! He has started peeing on the stove and counters during the night. He pooped on the kitchen table and hides on top of cabinets. He is also currently under treatment for fleas.

He constantly meows and cries and is only happy when on hubby's shoulders. The only other change is the dog and 2 other cats moved out to live with our adult child. We thought he'd be less stressed. Help!


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When a cat pees and poops in a home you need to determine the reason why. Here are some steps to take to find out the reason your cat is doing this now.


Step 1
Find out if it is a medical reason. The cat could have bladder stones, blockage, urinary track infection or feline interstitial cystitis. You will need to visit a vet if you suspect this to be the problems.

Step 2
Determine what the behavior problem or reason is. If you recently moved, a new person now lives in your home, a new pet, a new cat. Or any other changes in the environment that are negative can affect the cat.

Step 3
If the cat is peeing in one spot they will keep returning to this spot because it smell like the place they have peed before or gotten in the habit of peeing. If they can still smell the scent of their urine there they will go back there and pee again.

Step 4
Your cat feels the need to claim or reclaim their territory.

Step 5
If the cat starts peeing in the house youll need to consider their litter box.


Step 6
Is your cat unhappy with their litter box?

Step 7
Have you moved their litter box?

Step 8
Does the cat have access to the litter box?

Step 9
Did you place the litter box in a cramped area?

Step 10
Does your cat feel like it will be trapped where the litter box is placed?

Step 11
Does the litter box offer your cat privacy?

Step 12
Does your cat have a negative association to their litter box?

Step 13
Does your cat prefer to pee on certain surfaces or materials?

Step 14
Once you determine the reason your cat is peeing outside of the box you need to change your cats behavior. First off, clean all surfaces with enzymatic cleansers. Cover these areas with foil or plastic for several weeks, so the cat cant go back there and use them again.


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It could be from the flea treatment and the stress from the fleas. I'd see if it goes away after the flea treatment. Otherwise it could be an internal infection on the bladder or so.


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September 18, 20171 found this helpful

Cat peeing and pooping in the house.

Sounds like he may miss the other animals. The cat should be checked for a health problem.Maybe he associates the litter box with pain or he cannot make it in time.


Scoop the litter box twice a day. Don't use scented litter some cats are sensitive and do not like it. Cats are creatures of habit. Abrubt changes can make the cat go outside the litter box. Use an enzymatic cleaner such as Petastic or Anti-icky poo on these sites so that the faint whiff of past deeds no longer entices your cat to pee or poop in that area.

Try using a cat repellent in the areas you don't want him in. Try moving the litter box and changing brands of cat litter.


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September 22, 20171 found this helpful

Cats do not like change and the other animals moving out is a super big change for him.

  • There are several things you might try but this may be a long drawn out process.
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  • Be sure that any place he has used is really clean - usually a vinegar and water (one part white vinegar to 5 or 6 parts water) will usually take the smell/odor away.
  • Is the flea medicine from the vet? If so, it should be helping him, if not then it may not be controlling the fleas.

Since this is happening mostly at night, I would suggest placing him and his litter box in confined area; laundry room, bathroom or anywhere convenient until the areas are clean where he has been going.

Hopefully, a few confined nights and the cycle will be broken and he will continue to use his litter box.

There is a product called Rescue Remedy that really helps in situations like this as it has a calming effect (very safe) and might help him get over this big change in his life. Rescue Remedy is sold at all pet stores and on-line.

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I've tried the foil. But, my cat will still pee on my countrtop. I wake up to ripped foil.


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September 20, 20230 found this helpful

You are absolutely right about fleas. Cats get terrified by fleas. There is a big difference between us and cats about fleas : they can see fleas and it gets them mad. They will go anywhere where there are no fleas yet. Even the litter is a frightful place, especially if the litter is white as fleas are attracted by bright places the white ones being the best. No treatment will help the cat as long as there are fleas on the floor. The eggs of the fleas are not on the cat but fall on the floor and the eggs can resist any chemical treatment. One solution cheap and simple : powerful vacuum cleaning every day everywhere.The way up the tube of the vacuum cleaner kills the fleas and the eggs go into the bag which you through away. To check the result and also finish the killing at night in complete silent. Turn light off in every room and set a bright and large inox plate in the middle of it then fill that plate with white alcool vinegar and put a led candle or a real one in the middle of the plate. The fleas jump to the light and fall in the vinegar where they die in less than a few sec. For your cat you can use the same white alcool vinegar to kill fleas. Set a glass the size of a comb by your side, fill it with the white alcool vinegar. At each stroke through the fur of the cat quickly plunge the comb in the glass full to the top of vinegar quickly hit the comb on the sizes of the glass to make the fleas fall in the vinegar. If possible use a lice comb. It is cheap and safe for you and the cat and together with a daily vacuum cleaning everywhere you will get rid of the fleas in 2 weeks. Why do I say 2 weeks ? Companies come to treat your entire house with very dangerous products for you and the animals. They will come back 2 weeks later to tell you that they have to do the chemical treatment again to be on the safe side. The fleas can be killed by their chemical treatment and maybe every single one but in any case no product can kill the eggs and depending on temperature and dryness egg hatch takes from only one to ten days. That's why the companies know that by coming back within 2 weeks they will find new fleas and just to be on the safe side make you pay for a new chemical treatment. You do not need them you can make the job yourself and safely.

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November 22, 2015

How do you keep a cat from peeing on your stove?


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If your cat is peeing on your stove, something is wrong.

How many cats do you have? Do they get along? Stress may cause this behavior.

Does your cat have access to the whole house, or do you try to keep her confined to the kitchen area? Cats can't be kept confined.

Do you have a litterbox for each cat? Can they get to the litterbox without being "ambushed" by a dog or another cat? Do you scoop it twice a day?

Finally, is the cat spayed or neutered?
Something is wrong with the cat, and more information is needed to figure it out.

If none of these seem like the problem, it's possible the cat has a urinary tract infection.

February 9, 20160 found this helpful

I have the same problem and do have a lot of cats - not by choice - just because of neighborhood people. Can I have 5 cat litter boxes as 5 are in and out cats and 3 are out only cats. The also have a cat door. Seems like he may need to go to the great beyond. All my 8 cats are spayed/neutered.

December 5, 20180 found this helpful

Hi, I have had about 100 cats during my 50 years, (not all at once), and they are all different. The problem cat I have now, is one of 11 and is desexed. She thinks she is the boss but I have news for her. She has access to 52 acres but needs to pee on my stove. Well, you probably know what burned cat pee smells like. My cat , Kiera, now knows all about water pistols and aerosol cans. Now I am the boss, make no mistake.

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June 20, 2019

My car randomly started peeing in our kitchen in the corner. I moved his litter box there and he'd just pee right beside it. It's to the point I have to lock him in a room by himself at night, which I hate to do, but that doesn't even always work. Nothing's really changed. We had to move his litter box once because our landlords were coming over, but we moved it back exactly the way it was, and shortly after that he started peeing in the kitchen.

What can I do to stop this behaviour? I've tried using spray to make him stop peeing there and Calm Away cat diffuser too, but neither of those have done anything. If you have any ideas or word of advice it'd be much appreciated!


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June 20, 20190 found this helpful

Try changing the cat litter. Sometimes they dont like the way it feels on their feet.


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June 21, 20190 found this helpful

Any time animals have changes in bladder habits, I always talk to the vet to make sure there is not a UTI.

If he gets a clean bill of health, you may want to change litter to see if that helps.

Post back with an update.


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June 21, 20190 found this helpful

In 60% to 70% of cases where cats quit using their litter box there is a physical reason for it. It usually a urinary tract infection. But it can be kidney problems or other things. Cats that have been declawed often develop severe arthritis in their backs as they age that makes it hard to step up and into the litter box. They may need a box with lower sides. You really need to see your Vet to figure it out.

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April 11, 2016

All of a sudden my female cat that turns 1 yr this mo has decided to start peeing on our stove and and occasionally on our kitchen table. It's not all the time and it's not just a dribble, it's a huge puddle. I've taken her to the litter box after pointing out what she did was bad.

She still continues to do it. She only does it at night when we're sleeping. I've had her since late May of 2015 and she just started this about 2 wks ago. She's not spayed yet BTW. Also nothing has changed to make her do this. Please any advice would be appreciated.


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April 13, 20160 found this helpful

Get her spayed ASAP. I had a cat who peed in the toaster - stopped after she was spayed. We never did work out why she did that, btw. She killed three toasters before I smartened up and asked the vet about it. He said 'Spay her NOW', we did, and she went on to live another 20 years.


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April 13, 20160 found this helpful

Well, actually a lot has changed. She is sexually mature, and that changes everything. Other cats outside have new meaning, and she is dealing with a lot of new feelings and urges. You need to have her checked out by your Vet for the usual, bladder infections etc. but I think spaying her will help a lot.

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March 9, 2017

If your cat is peeing on your counter, you will want to prevent it from doing this any more as soon as possible. This is a page about cat peeing on countertops.

Cat on Countertop

February 9, 2023

I've had my cat for 8 years now, male, neutered and there is only one thing he does that I can't figure out. I raised him from a week old so I've watch his behaviors and have learned what most of them mean, or what he wants, however, this is something I can't quite figure out. Leo jumps on counter tops like most cats. I don't keep many things out on a daily basis, but if any type of baked good; ie bread, cookies. Anything left out wrapped or covered he will pee on it! He doesn't pee on anything else or anywhere other than his litter box. Why?

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